Classmates Cheer As A Boy Gets Up Out Of His Wheelchair And Walks For The First Time

Dreams really can come true, just not without a lot of hard work.

When David Matos de Souzay was born, he had trouble moving and was diagnosed with poliomyelitis. The disease focuses on the spinal cord, which can cause muscle deterioration and paralysis. David, who is now six years old, recently began physical therapy, and his mother says that he is determined to eventually stop using a wheelchair. Urged by his classmates to walk, David stood and held onto desks to move through his classroom one day.

You can heard them yelling “David, David, David, go!” in the background as he takes steps in front of them for the first time.

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David’s mother, who had also never seen him walk, said she was moved to tears by the video. With this kind of determination, there’s no doubt in my mind that this little guy will reach his goal.

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