Here Are 12 Things That Only Flight Attendants Know

If you fly often, you need to check out these secrets that only flight attendants know before buying your next plane ticket.

Recently, flight attendants chimed in on Reddit to share secrets of their trade that most passengers do not know. While a few of their hints could save your life, others are downright disgusting. If you’ve ever checked a bag, taken off your shoes on a plane, or been nasty to a flight attendant, get ready for a rude awakening.

1. That might not be water on the floor — it could be blood, vomit, or urine.

In the words of a former flight attendant, “The floor is so filthy it’s ridiculous. And that isn’t water you are feeling.” Especially for short flights, crews have about an hour to clean before passengers board. At best, they do a quick vacuum and a once-over with a mop.

2. Sometimes fluid from dead bodies leaks on luggage.

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