I Knew These Wild Animals Could Be Elusive And Dangerous. But When They’re Left Alone… Wow.

When Spanish photographer Marina Cano heads out into the wild, she’s going out to hunt rare and exotic animals. The sometimes dangerous, always elusive kind. She’ll often have to spend hours in the brush, endlessly searching for her prey. When she does turn up lucky, after sometimes a dozen hours of waiting, she’ll see her patience pay off in a BIG way. Just as the animal finally comes into sight. The result? Magic.

When she’s not at home or teaching photography workshops in Cantabria, Spain, Marina can be found scouting the world’s best locations to capture amazing wildlife images.

Often waking at 5am, Marnia spends countless hours searching for her subjects.

And even then, she must wait for the perfect shot.

Frequently traveling too far off exotic locales including South Africa and Kenya, the results are staggering.

While Cano manages to capture some gorgeous images of wildlife, she is extremely modest.

“I always say that if my photographs are beautiful, it’s because my subject—Nature—is awesome.”

Despite the humble ego, we’ll say what she won’t admit…

… these photos prove that even the most dangerous and exotic animals in the world are truly amazing when we leave them alone.

(via Traversing the plains of Africa and other remote wild spots around the world, we can only hope Marina continues to bring more amazing footage to us in the years to come. If you’d like to see a little right now though, head over to her page at 500px.  

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