Madrid with Children, 7 Plans for Free.

Madrid with Children, 7 Plans for Free.

Madrid is a city with a wide array of activities for a lovely day out with your kids, and most of them totally free. If you live in Madrid or you are there for a walk, do not miss these free plans with children to enjoy with the family. Would you like to know more about these plans with children in Madrid? If so, check it out!

Madrid Ro

The burial of the M-13 in the river area has generated a unique green space, which extends from El Pardo to Getafe. On this area, you will find a large number of leisure activities, cultural and sporting proposals. Amongst its attractions include, cycling tracks, an urban beach, playgrounds, football field, skate rinks, climbing wall and much more. Undoubtedly, Madrid Rio is perfect for a lovely day out and the best part of it is that you will save a bunch of money, which is always great.

El Retiro Puppet Theater

El Retiro Puppet Theater is an open-air theatre located on Paseo de Mxico, within El Retiro Park. Puppet Theater offers numerous free shows throughout the year, with schedules that vary according to the time of year. For further information visit Cultural Association Titirilandia.

Museum of Science and Technology of Madrid

This museum is entirely dedicated to science and technology, trying to explain a large number of experiments in a fun way. The museum is perfect for a fabulous day out with the family. Many of these workshops are free; we invite you to take a look at the calendar of activities on the museum webpage.

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Museo Reina Sofa and Museo del Prado

In Madrid, visitors will find 2 world-class museums some of the most visited museums in the world: Prado Museum and Reina Sofia Museum. In El Prado, the entrance is free from Monday to Saturday from 6-8 pm and on Sundays and holidays in the afternoon. The Reina Sofia is free from Monday to Friday from 7-9 am, on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays.

Templo Debod

The Debod temple was donated to Spain by Egypt in 1968. From the garden, you can see the most beautiful sunsets in Madrid, with the Manzanares, the Royal Palace, and the Casa de Campo as a backdrop and this is certainly a great plan. But the garden has a fabulous playground perfect for kids. From Tuesday to Sunday the visit to its interior is free.

Espacio Fundacin Telefnica

Espacio Fundacin Telefnica organizes activities for families with children between 6 and 12 years of age. These activities take place on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., please note that reservation is necessary. Being a free activity, the seats are sold out quickly, so we advise you to check the schedule and book in advance.

CaixaForum Madrid

CaixaForum Madrid is a cultural space that doesnt have a permanent collection, where exhibitions change continuously, as well as its activities, in many cases, aimed at a children and family audience. Its located in a unique building, which seems to be floating in the air. What is most striking is the vertical garden (by Patrick Blanc) that fills its facade, the only living painting in Spain, where you can see more than 15,000 plants with 250 different species. The building is located in an old factory. In 1900 began the construction of the Central Elctrica del Medioda that would illuminate the Madrid of the coffee gatherings, the artists and the great political and social crossroads.

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So here are fabulous plans for Madrid with children. Madrid is a kid-friendly city home to a large number of family friendly hotels, so dont miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful capital of Spain. Tell us what you think about Madrid. Comment!

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