This Woman Explores Abandoned Places In Russia, And Her Latest Trek Is So Unsettling

Urban exploration is becoming more popular by the day. With no shortage of abandoned places to explore, Russia tops the list of countries frequented by these adventurers. Following the end of the Soviet Union, vast tracts of industrial areas were left abandoned and neglected. While some might consider these areas urban blights, explorers see them as new frontiers.

One of Russia’s greatest urban explorers is a woman by the name of Lana Sator. Sator and her crew travel far and wide in their home country to find the most obscure places to scour. In the following photo set, Sator takes us on a journey through a flooded backup room of the St. Petersburg power system.

Located in the basement of an old military building, Sator and her team found this abandoned backup station.

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They ventured down there in the winter, so you can imagine just how cold this water must have been.

However, judging from the water lines on these walls, the flooding used to be much worse.

On her blog, Sator speculates that levels rise during the warmer months.

They’re pretty brave for trudging through this sludge.

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Just imagine all the work that must have gone into constructing this place, only to have it end up succumbing to decay.

Sator and her team had to dress in special clothing to keep warm and avoid hypothermia.

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Lana Sator

Strangely enough, though, most of the water was not actually frozen, despite the temperature.

The sight of this place is actually kind of heartbreaking.

Here’s one of the backup generators that was lost to rust and water damage.

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While it’s clear that this facility has a flooding problem, it’s unclear exactly what caused it.

In the comments, folks from different walks of life in Russia argue about what led to such high water levels.

Likely, the answer has something to do with groundwater in the area and improper construction techniques.

This is a final shot of Sator all geared up to resist the deadly chill of the water. Even with all those protective layers, she and her crew weren’t able to hang around very long.

(source: Lana Sator)

If this photo set blew you away, you need to see the rest of her work. Check out Sator’s blog here.

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