Thought The Snow Was Bad Near You? Check Out What These Folks Are Dealing With.

Over the holiday break, you were probably delighted by the snowfall in your area. But for residents of Erie, Pennsylvania, it presented quite a problem in the days following Christmas.

A record 34 inches of snow fell that day in Erie. Between December 23 and 26, over five feet hit the city, prompting officials to declare a snow emergency. Residents have been warned to avoid unnecessary travel, as the roads have become a nightmare to traverse. Forecasters say cold air passing over the Great Lakes is to blame, and that it’s not over yet.

Check out what the people of Erie are currently dealing with in their extreme winter wonderland.

(via Daily Mail)

Well, this definitely seems like the perfect time for residents to call in sick to work. I would not want to drive in those conditions if I could help it!

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