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10 Reasons to Visit Australia10 Reasons to Visit Australia Australia. The land down under. The great outback. The lucky country.

Oz. It gets called by so many names yet one thing
is certain: it is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. While Australia is easily associated with
its icons, such as kangaroos, koalas, and the Sydney Opera House, these are just a very
small percentage of what Australia has to offer. Its not surprising that many travelers
rate it as one of their favourite destinations.

But what exactly makes Australia so appealing? Number one: Sydney and its world-famous harbour. Sydney is one of the most recognizable cities
in the world, thanks to the Sydney Opera House and the view of the entire harbour, including
its Harbour Bridge. Sydney is so big and interesting that even
a week may not be enough to fully explore and do everything. Its the best place to learn about the country
and the Australian culture if you have limited time, as it has a snippet of everything Australia
has to offer.

Number two: The Australian icons, the koala
and the kangaroo. A trip to Australia is incomplete if you dont
see for yourself the most recognizable animals in the whole country: the kangaroo and the
koala. Endemic to Australia, these two are the unofficial
mascots of the country. And its hard to resist them when you finally
see them up close.

The best place to go to if you want to see
them is at Kangaroo Island because youll get to observe them on their natural habitat. Number three: Among the best diving spots
in the world. The Asia Pacific region, especially within
the Pacific Ocean area, is the most diverse when we talk about marine life. This is the reason why Australia is a haven
for those who love deep sea diving.

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Of course, the famed Great Barrier Reef tops
the list, but there are also other amazing dive spots here, such as the Yongala Shipwreck,
Ningaloo Reef, Byron Bay, Lord Howe Island, Cairns, Port Douglas, and so many others. Number four: Fun under the sun. Australians are often stereotyped as flip-flop-wearing
surfers, and while not all of them actually know how to surf, they do enjoy activities
where they stay under the sun. And who wouldnt when the country is blessed
with so many wonderful beaches? Bondi Beach is probably the most familiar
name to many, but dont limit yourself to just that; go visit other beaches like the
Whitehaven Beach, considered as the most beautiful beach in Australia, or the Cable Beach where
you can even ride a camel along the shores, and the surfer-favourite Bells Beach.

Number five: The various wine regions. You dont need to go to Napa Valley to take
a sip of some of the best wines in the world, as Australia has plenty of wine regions all
over the country. In fact, Adelaide is actually considered one
of the wine capitals of the world. You can explore the numerous vineyards as
many of them conduct tours and wine-tasting events.

Some of the best places for anything wine-related
are the Barossa Valley, Margaret River, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, and Hunter Valley. Number six: The famed Australian outback. For those who love to rough it out, the Australian
outback is the perfect place for you. Exploring the outback is one of the most popular
activities of travelers and locals alike.

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While some may think its similar to an
African safari, seeing it for yourself will prove just how wrong that is. The Australian outback has its own charm,
and the vast wildlife is always a sight to behold. Make sure to keep an eye out as they are often
hard to spot since they tend to hide during the daytime. Number seven: Its natural landmarks.

Where else can you find a pink lake? Or rock formations named after the Twelve
Apostles or Three Sisters? Or a so-called London Bridge not found in
London? Theres even a mountain range called Blue
Mountains that are not actually blue. Thats right, only in Australia! Number eight: The exotic food. Australian cuisine is known not only for its
taste but how exotic it is. Aussies love their dishes made out of kangaroo,
emu, flathead fish, and so many other unique ingredients.

While you may consider these to be exotic
already, for Australians, it is as common as eating pork or beef. If youre feeling even more adventurous
in terms of food, try out their local delicacies made out of bugs. Yes, bugs. And dont forget to taste Vegemite.

Number nine: Extreme sports. The Aussies are known to be an adventurous
bunch and its common for them to engage in various sports. Surfing is the most popular, but you can also
try sky diving, hiking (locally known as bushwalking), going on a hot air balloon ride, water rafting,
shark cage diving, and so many others. Number ten: The indigenous cultures.

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Australia is the home of many indigenous peoples. Divided into two general groups, namely the
Aboriginal Australians and the Torres Strait Islanders, a visit to any of these indigenous
groups is always memorable and definitely an eye-opener. If you want to learn more about them, there
are many organized tours for cultural immersions. Joining a tour is the preferred route, as
there are many Aboriginal Australians who are not that welcoming to foreigners.

To wrap up, yes, Australia is definitely an
exciting place to travel to. It comes highly recommended, especially by
backpackers and wanderlusts alike, not to mention its such a tourist-friendly country. No matter what you are interested in, you
will surely have a great and unforgettable time here. It is definitely more than just the kangaroos,
koalas, and the Opera House..

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