Travel To Relax – 25 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan (Watch This Before You Go)

25 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan (Watch This Before You Go)

Its Mark Wiens here, Im in Tokyo, Japan,
which is one of the worlds largest cities, and there are so many things to see and do,
of course, this is one of the best cities in the world for food, so many awesome restaurants
and delicious things to eat. Im cruising around Tokyo, and Im going to show you
what I think are twenty five of the top things to do when youre in Tokyo. So keep watching
this video, lets explore Tokyo together right now. I am at the Ameya Yokocho market, just next
to Ueno station and park.

Theres almost everything in this market that you can imagine,
from cosmetics, Ive seen big piles of shoes, jackets, clothes, golf stores, like army fatigue
stores, and also its very famous for buying snacks, so giant snack stores. You can pick
yourself up some green tea kit kats. You can spend a few hours here wandering around and
exploring for sure. We just took a walk through the park, and
now we are about to enter the Meiji shinto shrine.

So this is one of the most famous
places to visit when youre in Tokyo. Located in the center of Tokyo, yet in the midst of
a quiet forested area, Meiji Jingu is one of the landmarks and most important religious
shinto monuments in Tokyo. When I visited, I got lucky to see a wedding ceremony taking
place. I am at the sumo stadium.

Pretty cool place
to visit, Im pretty bummed right now that Im not here during a fight time. You can
come here when its not fight season. Theres a little museum at the stadium, its pretty
small, but theres a bunch of photographs of the different famous sumo wrestlers, as
well as little three d models of basically every kind of winning technique or position.
After going to the museum, no visit to Tokyos sumo town would be complete without a proper
sumo feast, and a dish known as chankonabe. This hearty stew tastes absolutely amazing,
and it will fill your belly with extreme satisfaction.

We just entered the Shinjuku Gyoen National
Garden, this is one of the famous gardens in Tokyo, central Tokyo, and you actually
pay a fee of two hundred yen to enter. At first I wasnt so sure about paying entrance
to visit a park at first, but after walking around, and seeing a few of the amazing gardens,
I thought it was well worth it. Theres an impressive green house, Japanese gardens,
formal French gardens, and a traditional tea house. Ginza is one of Tokyos most prestigious
upscale districts, there are plenty of malls, food courts, high end restaurants, and boutiques.

And just a short walk from Ginza is Yurakucho
train station. Tucked under the railroad tracks youll discovers dozens of izakaya bars
and restaurants, each with unique character. I went to a place called Yakitori Ton Ton
for a quick beverage and plate of succulent grilled meat. I am at the Tokyo metropolitan government
offices, and there is an observatory, I think its on the forty fifth floor, offering
a three sixty panoramic view of Tokyo, and the view is just unbelievable actually.

the good thing is, you can come here for free, theres a couple of gift shops it looks
like. At the Tsukiji fish market, walk in, and when
they see you are a tourist youll get a map. Basically you can only visit the wholesale
area and then theres a bunch of, a few restaurants, and a vegetable area. If you
come at five am, you can get in to the fish auction, the tuna auction, but they only allow,
I think one hundred and twenty people per day I think to see the auction.

It can be pretty tough to get a spot to see
the early morning tuna auction, plus you have to wake up early and make the trip there.
So if you decide to skip the auction, just head to the wholesale area around nine am
when it opens for tourists – I was amazed at the quantity and diversity of seafood available
– some things I had never even seen before. When you visit the Tsukiji fish market, eating
sushi for breakfast is basically a rite of passage. There are famous restaurants across
the street from the wholesale market, and also some great places in the outer market. Sashimi over rice and you can see it has the
fatty tuna plus the fish roe, salmon fish roe, and this is sea urchin.

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Here I am at the Shibuya crossing, which is
basically a sea of humanity crossing the street at one time. Its like fifty meters of solid
people. Shibuya is not only famous for its massive
street crossing, but its also one of the most well known areas in Tokyo when it comes
to shopping and fashion. There are some nice department stores, shops, and some good food
as well.

I am at Sumida river and the park, its
a good place to come if you want to do some exercise, nice place to take a relaxing stroll.
You can choose to do the Tokyo Cruise, and its a little pricey, but you get to cruise
along the river and see lots of sights, and its a nice leisure experience. I am at the Imperial Palace and going to take
a walk around and especially see the stone bridge, which is one of the famous things
to see, as well as try to get a view of the palace. Tokyos Imperial Palace is the residence
of the emperor of Japan. You cant walk into the palace grounds by yourself, but you
can apply for a free tour on the official website, and when your booking is accepted
youll have the opportunity to take a tour inside the gates.

Ueno Park is a huge public park in Tokyo,
surrounded by temples and shrines, cafes and restaurants, the Tokyo zoo, and a few noteworthy
museums. Throughout the day youll find people walking and jogging, others performing
dances and playing music, and others just enjoying the outdoors. The Tokyo Museum, at the far north side of
Ueno Park, is one of Tokyos most renowned museum, preserving art and artifacts from
Japan and throughout Asia. The modern Tokyo Skytree is a six hundred
and thirty four meter high communications tower.

Within the mega tower are a number
of viewing decks and galleries – and they claim that you can see a view of up to seventy
kilometers in distance. At the base of the Tokyo Skytree is a huge mall. Im on a street right now which is known
as Tekshita Dori which is a walking street, and its especially famous for people dressed
up in animation characters, cartoons, all sorts of costumes, cartoon characters, and
just a very interesting place, and its especially popular with teens and young people. Along with the unique atmosphere and cosplay
that takes place, Takeshita Dori street is also extremely famous for the Harajuku crepes
and you can choose from dozens of different types.

The crepe is fried thin, wrapped into
a cone shape, and stuffed with whatever you choose. Im about to go into Sensoji temple, which
is one of the main places to see when youre in Tokyo. I think this is sort of the entrance
gate, and then well walk around in there and check it out. Everyday big crowds of both religious pilgrims
and countless tourists visit Sensoji temple, one of the most important religious sites
in Tokyo.

The temple dates back to six twenty eight, making it the oldest temple in the
city and a historical treasure. Surrounding the temple youll find little shops and
a few places to sample some snacks. I decided to tried a Japanese sweet bread, which was
extremely fluffly and quite sweet. I am at the Edo Tokyo museum, its quite
a structure.

The real price is six hundred yen, but if you have this Tokyo handy guide,
I got this from the tourist center, you get a one hundred twenty yen discount. So that
is just four hundred and eighty yen for the ticket, and thats a good little discount.
Make sure you have this handy guide. Made to look like a warehouse on stilts, though
I sort of think it looks like a UFO, the Edo Tokyo Museum is dedicated to preserving the
history of Tokyo, Edo being the former name of the city. As soon as you enter, youll
cross a wooden replica of the famous Nihonbashi bridge, and you can then walk through the
many exhibitions to gain an education of how Tokyo became the city it is today.

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As you know, I normally like to stick to street
food when I travel, but theres something about Tokyo that makes you want to experience
the elegant luxurious side of the dining scene. Food in Tokyo is so incredibly elaborate and
so aesthetically pleasing – not only to the taste buds, but to all of your senses. At
fancy restaurants in Japan they pay acute attention to every minute detail of the atmosphere
and presentation – the food will undoubtedly be outstanding – but the entire experience
is what really makes the fine dining in Tokyo so remarkable. If you have the budget to splurge on a nice
meal in Tokyo, whether it be international or Japanese cuisine, the experience you have
will be unforgettable.

I am in the area of Tokyo known as Akihabara.
And this is also known as the electronics town, gamers town, geek town, so if you are
looking for electronics or if you are a crazy gamer, this is the spot youre going to
want to come when you visit Tokyo. Akihabara is home to electronic stores, game
stores, arcades, the animation center and those infamous maid cafes. It even has its
own temple, where you can often see business men seeking luck for their latest modern ventures. One of the free things you can do here in
Tokyo is visit the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

So you walk in and youll get a visitors pass,
and then you can go through the small Tokyo Stock Exchange Museum, but then you can walk
around the whole edge of the floor, edge of the trading floor, and you can pick up these
phones and it will give you an education about whats going on and what theyre doing
in these different parts of the exchange. I am at Roppongi, which is a famous area in
Tokyo. You can go to the Mori Art Museum, which is a modern art museum, as well as the
sky view observatory, which is at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo,
offering a spectacular view of the city. But you got to go to the art museum and then you
can also go to the observatory at the same time.

Roppongi is also a famous area in Tokyo
for its nightlife, lots of bars and clubs here, especially on the weekend nights. I am on the monorail right now heading to
Odaiba city. The monorail is really cool, some pretty awesome views. The next station
is Odaiba.

Made it to Odaiba city, and here at Decks.
Theres a couple of things to do here including Legoland. A bunch of different restaurants
and cafes, actually I saw a couple of Hawaiian restaurants. You have a beautiful view of
Tokyo Bay, and Tokyo skyline. So yah, Odaiba city, kind of an entertainment island.

Odaiba is also home to the famous Fuji TV
headquarters building and the mega ferris wheel at Palette Town. I am walking around Yoyogi Park which is one
of the main central big parks in Tokyo. This is a favorite spot for people doing dances,
exercising, walking dogs, and it also seems to be one of the favorite spots for these
giant sized, chicken sized crows. Which, yah, theyre like dinosaurs.

Its a nice place
to walk around, and a place to people watch, especially on the weekends. Im here on
Tuesday, so there arent that many people doing their like dressed up and doing their
dances and costumes and stuff like that, but on the weekends, youll see a lot of that. Another very cool area of Tokyo to explore
is called Nezu and also Yanaka, which is kind of an old historical area of town. Its
a really quiet area, right now Im at the Nezu shrine.

Its a really peaceful place,
feels like youre far removed from Tokyo. Nezu and Yanaka, two neighborhoods located
next to each other, make a great area of Tokyo to just walk around and explore. Its an
area of town that has retained a lot of its traditional charm and Japanese culture. Dont
forget to walk down snake road, a small neighborhood alley that weaves back and forth to earn its

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Walking around Yanaka, youll find little
stores as well as restaurants selling meals and little Japanese street food snacks. Thats
kind of interesting, I dont know if its sweet or salty. Its a cold and rainy day here in Tokyo,
so it looks like my perfect opportunity to try out my very first onsen, or a Japanese
public bath. That was quite an interesting experience.

Basically you walk in there, and
you pay your fee with a vending mating, and it costs four hundred and fifty yen entrance.
And from there you get a locker, and you strip down completely *****, and then you can go
into the the series of jacuzzis. There was one indoor jacuzzi with a view of Mount Fuji
painted on the wall, there were another couple of baths outide. Today were taking a little day trip to
Mount Takao, which is about fifty kilometers outside of central Tokyo, but it feels like
youre far removed from the city. Were going to climb the mountain and will be great
to get some fresh air and get a little exercise.

Located just about fifty kilometers from the
center of Tokyo, mount takao is an extremely popular destination for hiking and exercising,
and it also doubles as a sacred religious mountain with a number of shrines and temples.
If you go on a weekend or holiday, the amount of people can get a little crazy, but I went
on weekday morning when it wasnt too bad at all. The air was fresh, and we got good
views of the mountains on one side and Tokyo on the other side. There are a number of different trails you
can take, one of them that takes you by the Biwa waterfall. Eating food and exploring the everlasting
supply of delicious edible things, is without doubt one of the best things to do when youre
in Tokyo, and for myself I can safely say that food was the reason I visited Tokyo.

Navigate your way to the bottom of a department
store for a culinary frenzy that might will make your head spin from the variety of food
at hand. Not only does it taste amazing, but Japanese food is easily some of the most beautiful
looking food Ive ever seen on the planet. So much care and thought are put into each
morsel of cuisine. With over one hundred and sixty thousand official
restaurants in Tokyo alone, you essentially have a never ending choice of delicious dining
spots that will never run out.

You could easily spend your entire life discovering Japanese
food in Tokyo, and that would be an awesome life too, but just do your best to eat as
much as you can during your stay. From the moment you step foot in Japan, your mouth
will begin to water, and Im here to tell you, your taste buds wont be let down. So that wraps up twenty five of the best things
to do in Tokyo when you visit, its a city that never gets boring and theres literally
always something to do, see, and eat. Your next step is to get yourself to Tokyo and
start to discover it for yourself.

Hey its Mark Wiens here, just want to say
thank you for watching this video, Im glad you enjoyed it, and I hope it will inspire
you to not only visit Tokyo, but also to travel more. Make sure you click thumbs up on this video,
and also subscribe to my youtube channel for more food and travel videos. Lastly, check out my free Tokyo travel
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