Travel To Relax – A Guide to Booking Train Travel TicketsHow to Book Train Travel in the United States

A Guide to Booking Train Travel TicketsHow to Book Train Travel in the United States

Hi everyone. I'm Russ Handler. Did you know
booking travel in the United States, via Rail is a great way to travel? It's a scenic, wonderful
way to see ***'s country. Now, here's what I'm going to recommend.

If you want to book
train travel in the United States. Of course, there's some local commuter lines, but the
big monster, of course, is going to be found on-line, that's Amtrak. You can reach them,
of course, at 1-800USARail, but I recommend that you go to their very interactive and
easy-to-use website for several reasons. Number one, you get to see the different departure
times, and the different routes that are likely to take you to your destination.

In some cases,
if you're going from New York to Boston, you might see that there are several routes or
from DC to New York, again, in the case where there could be several routes. So, here's
how you book travel, domestically, on Amtrak. Go to their website, buy the ticket after
you've researched what you want to do, and I recommend that you then, purchase the ticket
because you'll get the best rate, on-line and in advance, and then once you get to the
terminal to get on your train, you'll be able to retrieve your ticket via easy-to-use automated
kios or through one of their command ticket booths. I'm Russ Handler, and that's how you
do it..

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