Travel To Relax – Amalfi Coast in Italy Iconic Medieval Cliffside Fishing Villages

Amalfi Coast in Italy Iconic Medieval Cliffside Fishing Villages

The Amalfi Coast lies in the southwestern
region of Campania, Italy. For its extraordinary beauty and its iconic medieval cliffside Mediterranean
fishing villages, it is recognized as a UNESCO. World Heritage Site. The Amalfi Coast is a stunning beauty with
its steep sloped lemon tree gardens and coloured terrace houses and stunning views and azure

It is south east of Naples starting from Sorrento stretching almost to Salerno. Along
the coast line you will find places like Amalfi or Ravello, each of them stunning beauties
with their own flair. The Amalfi Coast is a well known secret to German and American
tourists and prices are high compared to nearby Naples. During the 10th-11th centuries, the Duchy
of Amalfi existed on the territory of the Amalfi Coast, centered in the town of Amalfi.
The Amalfi coast was later controlled by the Principality of Salerno, until Amalfi was
sacked by the Republic of Pisa in 1137.

Since then the Amalfi coast has experienced a crisis.
But after the unification of Italy the Amalfi coast has enjoyed a huge economic revival,
prompted even by the international tourism. Like the rest of the region, the Amalfi Coast
lies in a Mediterranean climate, featuring warm summers and mild winters. It is located
on the relatively steep southern shore of the Sorrentine Peninsula, leaving little room
for rural and agricultural territories. The Amalfi Coast is known for its production
of limoncello liqueur as the area is a known cultivator of lemons which are grown in terraced
gardens along the entire coast between February and October.

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Amalfi is also a known maker
of a hand-made thick paper which is called bambagina. Other renowned local products are
a particular kind of anchovies from Cetara, and the colorful handmade ceramics from Vietri..

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