Travel To Relax – Amalfi Coast, Italy A Cliff Top Drive

Amalfi Coast, Italy A Cliff Top Drive

Just south of Naples are some of Italy's
most appreciated attractions. Along a breathtaking coastline,
you'll find trendy resort towns, ancient ruins, and enchanting
island getaways. Long the haunt of celebrities, the allure of Sorrento
and the Amalfi Coast is still a hit
with travelers today. Sorrento is the ideal home base for exploring
the stunning Amalfi Coast.

Tourists line up each morning, packing the buses which make
the memorable day trip. But this is a case
when I hire a cabbie, like Raffaele Monetti,
to be my driver and guide. Time for a trip
on the Amalfi? Yes.
Okay. Steves: But, especially
for a small group, when you factor in
the value of your time and the frustration
of trying to explore a congested and expensive bit of Italian
coastline on your own, a day with your own driver
can be a fine value.

The Amalfi Coast
is chaotic, scenic, in-love-with-life italy
at its best. With its breathtaking scenery, dramatically perched
port towns, and historic ruins, the Amalfi is Italy's coast
with the most. Whether you ride the bus
or a taxi, the trip south from Sorrento is one of
the world's great road trips. You'll gain respect for the Italian engineers
who first built the road, and even more respect for
the bus drivers who drive it.

[ Horn honks ] Cantilevered hotels and villas cling to the vertical terrain, and beautiful, sandy coves
tease from far below. As you hyperventilate, notice how the Mediterranean
really twinkles. Traffic is so heavy
that private tour buses are only allowed
to go southbound. Even so, because of the narrow
roads and tight corners, expect some delays…

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[ Speaking Italian ] And enjoy the show..

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