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Amalfi Coast Tour Review6

Viator tour on the coast and it was awesome. (Uhm) Romolo and Maria were the best. We've
been on many tours so far, and this is by far the best tour. Not only did they not rush us
from spot to spot, they're willing to take pictures and pose for pictures.

it was just a great day, and thank you both. Thank you. (Whoohoo) So we took the party buss, to the amalfi coast and it was magical. Maria's dance moves in the buss were great and Romolo was the perfect gentleman.

(Whoohoo) Thats all I have. We just spent the perfect day on the amalfi coast with Romolo and Maria. Great tour guides, unbelievable views,
great food, great company. You gotta check it out.

It's awesome! (Whoohoo) So we just finished the tour with Romolo and Maria. They were the best tour guides ever and definitely the most fun most personal and we had party buss and it was the best day ever and it was the best vacation ever and they rock (whoohoo). So we just were on the Viator tours everyone said. With Romolo and Maria and, Romolo we start with him, gut us everywhere in a timely fashion,
never rushed us and with all the limoncello and wine non of us got carsick.

And Maria was able to feel us in with
some great historical information from the coast
and show us the greatest scenic views we've seen this whole trip we've been on in Italy. So thank you. Cia cia, for now..

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