Travel To Relax – Amalfi CoastPositano, Ravello, SorrentoItaly Travel Vlog

Amalfi CoastPositano, Ravello, SorrentoItaly Travel Vlog

We are enjoying one of the great road
trips in the world the Amalfi Coast here in southern Italy and let me tell you it
is beautiful we are driving along the Amalfi Coast and let me tell you here
this is the most spectacular coast I. Think I've ever seen I had heard that it was beautiful but wow it is really beautiful it puts on the coastlines to
shame I'm not joking check this out everyone come on up and take a look the
Amalfi Coast of Italy. We got out of Sorrento, it was way too busy and now
we're going to go look for another hotel and I think it's much quiet over here in
Amalfi Town and Positano. Or Posatino, I don't know what the town is that's where we're on our way to see you there the town is pronounced Positano
and if you go to the Amalfi Coast splurge on a room with a view here for
a night or two it's the most stunning town on the entire coast okay so as you can see it's a little
crazy driving along the Amalfi Coast it's really narrow roads people are just turning out in front of you bikes are passing you big buses are
going by.

It's a single lane but it is so much fun get yourself a little tiny car we
rented a Fiat 500 I can fit anywhere I. Can zip around anything and if you're used
to driving standard it's only 75 bucks for the week. Ha amazing in Ravello here there are a bunch of
foot paths and it looks like you can walk all of the adjoining cities there are signs
to Amalfi one way and signs to Minori the other I think we'll drive yeah you got to have
a car it allows you to get out there and to explore the coastline a little bit more
rather than doing it from a bus you can stop and take photos or just admire the view grab a coffee lots of more freedom if you're driving Woop Dave's decided he's
going to stop here alright we're going to the lookout this
is what happens you just go to flow luckily we have a really small car so
we think we can park somewhere in here we don't know if we're supposed to be
going down here or not but we have a car so we're saying let's go for it we have
a wee little car getting we're getting We're getting offly close to Capri, I can almost swim there now. Oh yeah we come to a parking lot it's not really a parking spot we're
just going to go look and see what's out there let's go Dave got a tripod he's
expecting something beautiful never know This is beautiful well there it ladies and gentlement I
said I would get you look out for Capri and there it is
That's where all the movie stars drop their anchor when they go on their yachts come
to the Mediterranean in Italy the road trip continues on the Amalfi Coast and
behind me is a Amalfi Town it's much more beautiful than I thought Gosh.

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What a drive should do it at least once in your life And that was the Amalfi Coast.

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