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Hi guys after hour in the traffic to arriving in Amalfi and for found parking I'm here in Amalfi! Mamma Mia! I look forward to visit Amalfi Cathedral eat a delicious Artisanal ice cream and take a very italian coffee so first of all:  COFFEE! Bye SO GOOD! OMG! How did they build these houses in there? Awesome! Imagine to wake up every morning with this sea view! I love it Now we're going to do a picnic with a typical naples food: Tortano on the Amalfi beach… See you soon Hy Guys! Let's eat! Mamma mia! Tortano is so good Bye Guys I keep eating Now we're going to the centre we'll see the really suggestive Amalfi Cathedral the Cathedral Front was rebuilt on 1800 A.D. Because of a fall and the tower was build on 1100 A.D. I think Byyyye Here we are! ENGAGED ALERT! Don't go upstairs hand in hand on Amalfi Cathedral Beacause The Legend said that you won't marry! If you are Superstitious, DON'T DO IT! There are a lot of people! Let's go upstairs we're entering with the dog…XD.

DIN DON DAN DIN DON DAN (bells sound) Let's go downstairs I'm falling… That was a wonderful day on the Amalfi alleys so beautiful, so suggestive These alleys with hanging clothes remember me old italian films Upstairs is boring, go down there is the center… Thank you so much But we wanna go on the top…So we're gonna do it this is the view from the top! I did it! Hy Guys I'm in one of the most popular Amalfi bakery Now i'm going to taste one of the best Amalfi dessert : La Delizia al limone! Mamma mia ! Too much delicious desserts! The Delizia al Limone and Ricotta e pera cake Guys if you lIKE my videos SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL. COMMENT.

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