Travel To Relax – America, Our America

Travel To Relax – America, Our America

America the Beautiful, America the Brave, America the crucible, America has been described as all these things, but what epitaph best describes this great country? Ask any immigrant who has made his way here, greeting the Statue of Liberty with shouts of joy, and they will probably tell you that the United States is the land of the free, the most courageous homeland, brave ones. beautiful site that they have never seen, simply because it is the Great Melting Pot.

How many immigrants have struggled to reach the shores of the United States, to regain their American dream, snuggled on the deck of a ship, packaged like sardines with so much of it. Others like them? Different people and different families from disparate regions and different countries, all with a common goal, one thought in mind. Let me reach the shores of the United States where I will find the opportunity, where I can build a better life for myself and my family, where I can pursue freedom and freedom. Although every immigrant has a different story and takes a different path to America, there is a reason why so many people have struggled to reach these sacred shores for so long, and that’s what makes that this country is so unique and so wonderful.

The United States is and always has existed for millions of people who have suffered all over the world, in the hands of their own governments, in the hands of oppressors and in the hands of cruel fate and ordeal. It is appropriate that the United States welcome so many immigrants to Ellis Island in New York with the grand sight of the Statue of Liberty waiting in the entrance to New York Harbor, a welcome sight for the tired eyes, because America itself has always been refuge in an endless storm of global uncertainty.

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But why are they coming HERE and how does that make America so beautiful? James Truslow Adams coined the phrase “The American Dream” in the 1931 novel, Epic of America. This term now symbolizes the ideals of freedom, democracy, opportunity and material comfort potential. While we, Native Americans, take our freedoms and opportunities for granted, even with the sense of law right now, to many people in the world who have suffered from tyranny, they offer everything they could hope, a chance. America has come to represent hope for many who just want to have a chance to succeed. Through great effort and often under duress, millions of people have found their way to the shores of America, perhaps less to realize the American dream, but simply to have a chance to achieve it. They come here not so much in search of an easy street, but looking for a just opportunity to make a better living, and this has been the key to the greatness of America over the years. years.

We are not a perfect nation, and we have had many hardships and tribulations over the years, but as a nation we persevere and carry on, for the sake of simple reason that we attract so many people, because we are free to be who we are, so we are diverse. It is our diversity and our desire to be ourselves that unites us with a strong common bond. We are now a nation made of many great cultures, many great ideals and religions, and it is this diversity and this sense of acquired freedom, which were provided to us by our ancestors and all the immigrants who have united here to build this great nation, it gives us the strength to prosper and grow. That’s why I believe we, as a nation, can go through any crisis we’ve always done before, and we’re going through the current financial crisis that we’re facing now. .

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We are the land of the free, the homeland of the brave, and we are the Melting Pot, when we lose sight of this fact over time, all we need to do is look at this tall lady standing at above the port of New York, as so many of our ancestors did before us and like so many new Americans do it again today. She is always a spectacle for sore eyes, always the embodiment of hope and freedom, always the symbol of the American dream, and she will remain strong and remind the world this fact for many years to come. .

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