Travel To Relax – America’s Oldest City StAugustine, Florida

America's Oldest City StAugustine, Florida

You're watching Vagabrothers, and this place is rad. What's going on, ladies and gentlemen? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. It's day two of our Florida road trip. We've left Orlando, and we are heading up Florida's historic coast.

Without further ado, let's go to the oldest city in the United States. All right ladies and gentlemen, we have just arrived in St Augustine, Florida, which is the oldest, continuously inhabited European settlement in the United States of America. It's a beautiful place with a crazy story that goes something like this….. As we all know, in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

But on his second voyage, he came with a conquistator named Ponce de Leon. Ponce de Leon became the governor of Puerto Rico. The problem was that position was promised to Columbus' son. So he set off on a quest for new lands in the name of glory, gold, and ***, and supposedly the fountain of youth.

But instead of the fountain of youth, he discovered this land, which he called La Florida and well as the gulf stream, an ocean current that cut two weeks off the return voyage to Spain, making Florida crucial in protecting Spanish gold and treasure from pirates. But St Augustine wasn't founded until 1565 when the Spanish returned only to find other Europeans, French protestants known as Heugonots. When they refused to convert or kneel to the Catholic king of Spain, they were slaughtered, making the blue waters run red, giving the name to the bay in front of St Augustine, La Bahia de las Matanzas, or the Bay of Slaughter. St Augustine became the capital of Spanish Florida for 200 years, during which time it was raided by the feared pirate, Sir Francis Drake, before being seceded to the English, then the Americans, making it the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the United States of America.

This castle is seriously awesome. It's a citadel, which means it's like a star-shaped formation. This would have been important to protect from pirates, like I said. Sir Francis Drake did come here, raiding all the gold ships that came from Mexico and Panama from Peru.

This would have been a really important spot pinching off those shipments of gold treasure as they were headed to the Old World. What a view. It's so cool, honestly. As an historian and a history nerd, pretty incredible.

It's a little bit late for coffee, but, honestly, this could be the cutest coffee shop I've ever seen in my life. Behold. In a little cabin with its own garden with garden seating. We are from San Diego, California which also has an Old Town, but this one is totally killin' our home town Old Town This is  really well preserved buildings.

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It's got tons of ambience, and you feel like you're in a pirate town, or something. Especially because we just bumped into a guy who's dressed as a pirate. That really made it feel like a pirate town. Walking down to the port is Treasury Street.

This is the narrowest street in the United States. It's wide enough to carry gold from the ships to the treasury, but not wide enough for a horse drawn cart, which was basically designed to prevent piracy. This town was sacked twice, burnt down twice, so you know, call it a mixed record. That guy just tried to dab in the back round.

This could be my favorite, favorite historical area in the United States. I really like New Orleans. St Augustine is giving it a run for the money. We've wandered our way through the old town, and we've ended up at a place called Michaels that does tapas and "racciones," all Spanish inspired.

We're going to have a little tasting course that's going to be paired with different wines, and we're sitting outside, under the sky, and I cannot wait to eat. I'm starving. Ladies and gentlemen, this meal has just taken a turn towards the epic. I don't even know what's going on with the plate in front of me, but it looks so good.

They are braised short ribs on top of a yucca mofongo. Mofongo is a Puerto Rican dish. We're having it with a garnacha, {grenache}, which is usually a blending grape. It's mixed with syrah and montestrella.

It's from Valencia, and this is just an awesome way to celebrate Spanish heritage in the USA. Supposedly, this city is haunted. Is this city haunted?  Yes.  It is? It's the oldest city in the nation with a lot of bad stuff happening..

It's haunted. We are going to go on a ghost tour, and see if we can't find some spooky friends. Okay.  They failed to mention that this is a wax museum.

Johann Sebastian Bach. Papa Hemingway Bach and Marko.  Yes, my son…. Papa Hemingway want-to-be.

[Screaming, pleading] With the first turn of the rope Branson  could be seen fumbling with something in his hands, and what was it? What's an English pirate doing Catholic rosary beads? Branson began to gasp for air. With the fourth turn of the rope, blood could be seen trickling down his neck. With the fifth turn of the rope, his face began to turn purple. With the sixth turn of the rope….

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The rope broke.  Branson gasped. The crowd gasped. The priest fell to Branson's knees.

[Be a priest]  Oh, my ***. High sanctuary. Please save him. And carry him off into the safety of the church.

{You are done, Marko} Last night was scary. I'm usually a skeptic of ghosts, and I do not believe that we're going to see anything, but then today……. I followed their directions. It said to take a bunch of photos with the flash on, and I took one of the gallows last night, and when I looked at it, oh my gosh…

A ghost. Cleary visible. There he is.  Zoom in.

Oh wow. He's definitely a ghost. Cool, man. Great job, Bro.

Ghost hunting. You ready to go to Jackson? Non believers… You've got to see the evidence right there, right in front of the wall. Anyway, let's go to Jacksonville.

Non believers. We are at Jacksonville Beaches at the pier. I know Florida isn't really known for surfing, so my hopes are not super high. It's definitely hot, and it seems like a nice beach.

Let's go get a look. Tony, the owner of the surf shop, also shapes, and he shapes in the back of the surf shop. The long board that I just rode was his; he shaped it, and it was perfect for out there. Nice little switch-up.

Wasn't expecting to surf today. It's always a pleasant surprise to get in the ocean. And Marko, thank you for filming me. That's what bros are for.

Now we're going to see where liquid meets land at the Jackonsville Ale Trail All right, Marko.  What is the plan? Right now we are in the Five Points neighborhood of Jacksonville. A lot of these  houses here are from the turpentine barons who made their money making mattresses.  Crazy story…

The moss, Spanish moss here, used to be used to make mattresses. One of the factories caught on fire and burnt down most of the city. But a few houses remain, and this neighborhood has the best preserved ones. We're going to get some dinner around the corner at the Black Sheep Restaurant and then hit the bars.

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Good cheese.  Good charcuterie. Great beer.  I'm having a flash back.

Friends of Ham in Leeds, Northern England We tried some good local beers, and now we're going to go to the source, Hard Wolf Brewery in San Marcos. One of the cool things about Jacksonville is that there is this thing called the Jacksonville Ale Trail. Basically, there's a lot of craft breweries in this city, and they've linked them all together so you get a little passport. You can go from one brewery to another and sample as many beers as you can handle.

Number 1: Stormageddon… Black IPA. First up, I got the Nonchalant. It's a session IPA, 5% EBS..Early Bird Special breakfast stout because, apparently, that's a thing.

Next up, I got the Dungeons and Dunkle Let's see what's going on in here. Cinco de Maize for Cinco de Mayo. The BPA, Belgian style pale ale, super smooth. Lastly, the Eater of Dreams sour ale.

I might not dream, but I will sleep soundly. We have followed our intuition to Intuition Ale Works. Florida Time to reflect on the whole trip. Is it?  Yeah, it's time.

Honestly, we've been to Florida two or three times before, only really Miami and Orlando. To come back to Orlando and then hit up the historic coast…. It's just been such an eye opening experience for us. Short road trip.

I guarantee you, there's way more for us to see here. I've been really pleasantly surprised. Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the United States.  Amazing.

All the charm, the food….The food. Food alone is worth the trip. The ghosts. Saw a ghost.

I'll tell you this……. The beer in Florida , coming from someone from San Diego…… "Chapeaux" Florida.  You guys have got a good beer.

Nice craft beers. Overall, it's been a great trip. I hope you enjoyed watching us wander. And if you did, make sure you give this video a thumbs-up, share it with your travel buddies, and add any more travel tips below in the comment section.

In the meantime, remember to stay curious, keep exploring,  and will will see you guys and girls on the road very, very soon. I don't know who's in that car back there, but they just got in the vlog. Peace..

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