Travel To Relax – Applying for a U.S. Visa in New Delhi

Applying for a U.S. Visa in New Delhi

Music music So, you want to visit the United States?
That's great. The United States welcomes nearly a million Indians for tourism and
business every year. But first you need a visa In this video we will show you three
easy steps to apply for a visa at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi   Step 1: Apply online.

Go to www.Ustraveldocs.Com/in Now you're ready to start
filling out your application also known as the DS-160. Once you have
filled out the application remember to print the confirmation page.
It will have a barcode on the top right hand corner Then pay the visa fee according to the visa category you're
applying for You can pay the fee be by electronic funds
transfer mobile phone or in cash at Axis in
Citibank branches Next schedule to separate appointments 1at the Visa Application Center to have your
photo and fingerprints taken and another for a visa interview at the
embassy. We make it easy for groups to schedule appointments together by
clicking on "group scheduling request". If you're applying to renew your visa,
you may qualify for our interview waver program Children and senior citizens also often do not need an interview.

P lease
check our website to see if you qualify   Step 2: Go to the visa application
centre to take your photo and fingerprints Remember to bring your valid passport,
appointment confirmation page and the DS-160 barcode confirmation
page. Security regulations prohibit electronic devices, mobile phones, large bags or backpacks, knives and food or drinks. Inside the visa application centre, you
will be called to a window to have your fingerprints and your photo
taken.      Step 3: Go to the US Embassy in Delhi for your
visa interview.

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Please arrive nor more than 15 minutes
before your scheduled appointment Also, only the applicant should come to
the embassy as family and friends who accompany you
but do not have interview appointment will not be allowed in. For families
traveling together children under age 14 do not need to
come for an interview. Remember to bring your valid passport, the bar code confirmation page of the
DS-160 and your appointment confirmation page. At the U.S.

Embassy, the same security
restrictions apply. So please leave prohibited items at home After you've gone through security you'll be asked to sit in an out door
waiting area until your row is  called. Once inside the
embassy, our friendly staff will verify your
fingerprints and you will wait in line for your interview with the consular officer. Applicants
usually move through the line in a brisk twenty to forty minutes.

it's your turn for the interview At this point we do not need any
documents. If we need any supporting documents
we'll ask for them during the interview. Please hand the
officer only your passport. During the interview an American officer will ask you
questions about your ties to India and the purpose of your travel to the U.S.
That's it! The officer will tell you at the end of
the interview whether or not your visa is approved If you visa is approved, you will get an
e-mail or SMS message telling you when and
where you can pick it up.

Thanks for visiting our embassy and we
hope you have a nice trip. Music  .

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