Travel To Relax – Beijing to Zhengzhou by Chinese Bullet Train700km in 3.5 hoursEnglish CC

Beijing to Zhengzhou by Chinese Bullet Train700km in 3.5 hoursEnglish CC

Right now iam at Beijing railway station and my train G667
scheduled to arrive at platform#11 Mc Donalds is quite popular here in china The
only place in china where i could get some decent coffee easily – Mc Donalds
Right now, we are departing from Beijing Towards Zhengzhou there was nothing
much to do for me in beijing so i roamed around railways station for 3 hours and
now back to zhengzhou had my lunch at a mc donalds nearby Bought some souvenirs
here in beijing, pretty decent ones although a bit pricey but of good quality My
Personal Advice : Never Buy souvenirs or gifts at airports/railway stations.
Lets see how beijing looks from train i think i got the best seat now, i can now
see highspeed trains passing in opposite direction announcements going on in
chinese the weather was pleasant initially when you are new in china, you get
annoyed with the announcements everywhere but after few days, you get accustomed
and dont notice much. Crawling through a sedate pace, due to city limits 300kmph
i can barely see the tracks i would like to show you the alignment of tracks
giggling out of astonishment looks as if they laid tracks using a scale/ruler
the tolerance for deviation looks, few millimeters per kilometer arriving at a
station cruising at 300kmph+ announcement in chinese sun hitting directly onto
lens, hence the video is dark someone laughing in background notice how quiet
the train is, even at speeds of 300+kmph, barely any noise this is so soothing,
watching the scenery pass by current speed : 306 kmph absolutely blazing speeds
Iam hoping to catch a crossing wwwooooooowwwwwww how amazing coincidence, the
train passed as i said “crossing” :O. That was a full train of 14 coaches, which
passed like lightning ! Another one ! Hahaha beautiful view of sunset still
travelling above 300kmph i can record 20 mins more, due to storage limit in my
mobile current speed : 305kmph every 3 mins i can see a train passby in opposite
direction which means the distance between 2 trains in same direction is roughly
6 to 7 mins lets do some math now 😛 to calculate distance in kms between 2
trains in same directoin distance covered at 300kmph = 85 meters/second 85
meters/sec = 5.1 Kilometers / minute for 6 minutes = 30 kilometers therefore as
per my calculation, the distance between two trains in same direction is 30 to
35 kilometers this is the first time in my life, iam travelling at this high
speed for this long (on ground) between 10.50Am to 8.25Pm (with almost 3 hours
break) i would be covering 1400kms sorry it wasnt 1700kms, but 1400kms hats off
to chinese railways with a network of more than 12,000kms of highspeed trains(i
just googled now its 16,000kms) iam not even counting the regular trains here i
dont know the total network of chinas railways just googled it, says
1,21,000kms(3 times around the earth) sorry wrong facts again, its not 13,000kms
but 16,000kms of highspeed railways in china another one ! I consider chinas
highspeed railways as engineering achivement becuase these are not any normal
railway tracks so in single language, bullet trains are like ferraris of trains
china – 16,000kms spain – 3,100 kms Japan – 2664 kms haha gone in a flash this
video in hyderabadi / the normal way i speak deccani urdu.

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The train ride
was amazing worth every penny train is of worldclass standards there is no
competition to chinas railways whereas, in India….. There was a lot of hype
for new bullet trains in India but after experiencing this iam convinced now
this is not possible in india the amount of investment needed to build these
trains is huge this fencing all the way to prevent people onto tracks that is
not possible in inida also below the tracks, the sleepers(concrete logs) they
are not used here Instead the track is built directly into hard concrete slab
iam not saying its impossible to get this in india, but i believe it wont
happen…Considering the investment i was imagining the speed to be around 250,
but when i saw at speed display information, it was above 300kmph arriving at
some station now, so gonna slow down when a train passes in opposite direction,
the whole train takes a jolt, due to the shockwave had a great experience today
i was lucky to experience 2 bullet trains by now one was shinkansen in Japan,
and now this one CRH – chinas railway highspeed ive been recording at 60fps
since then, my mobile shows more 13 mins recording left takes around 10
kilometers to come to a stop from 300kmph upon braking but the acceleration is
more brutal there were no outstanding views on way but there was alot of
greenary indeed, China are way too ahead compared to india we assume back home
in india, that we are competing against china, but in reality, there is no scope
for competition between china and india dont hate me for saying this 😛 im
sharing my opinion based on my expereinces almost 1.5 Hours journey left hotel
is around 30 mins from railway station in zhengzhou probably will reach hotel
around 9pm slowing down he has been braking for long time now arriving at some
big station here goes another one !!! But i guess it was visible this time :P.
The cabin is so silent, i was whispering into my mobile to record my narration
:P. Arriving into station trying to pronounce the name of station but failed
glad i didnt stop the video :p i would like to show, the amount of vibrations at
this speed lets see how uncomfortable this train is due to vibrations (being
sarcastic) you can imagine now, the amount of vibration you could feel had it
been a indian train 😛 the bottle wouldve fallen down another train passing in
background passing though some station so yeah, These are the vibrations you
would bee feeling at 304kmph im sure not even a ferrari/mercedes would be this
comfortable at these speeds iam speechless and thats me A very famous dialogue
from Bollywood movie :P.

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Running at..No, flying at 300kmph arrived on
time sharply, at 8.24Pm as scheduled. Now, the challenge is to reach hotel
actually not a challenge, i just need to go hotel and call the day off this is
zhengzhou east railway station i did a mistake, of going to other station in
morning, because this turned out to be close to hotel but somehow, it was an
experience to check out the new railway station aswell.

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