Travel To Relax – BEST Dim Sum in Hong Kong World’s Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant Tim Ho Wan

BEST Dim Sum in Hong Kong World's Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant Tim Ho Wan

Hey, good morning guys today Is dim-sum day and that I've been researching a lot about where to go and this place always come up. I'm at Tim Ho wan or intent [Ru] which means add good luck this is a one Michelin Star restaurant In Kowloon, and it's supposed to be the cheapest more Michelin star restaurant in the world and this place It's just open it, and it's already packed Actually there was a line out the door I thought they've been open for a while, but nope it just opened It was a line out the door either squeezed into like a metal gate And here. We are I'm sitting with a bunch of people over here guys Shy people and if you see here on our table. There's a big Bowl and there's some tea this is for I think drinking and also to rinse out your Utensils and cups then you rinse it out and dump it into that Big Bowl I read this somewhere, so I don't know if that's accurate but Yeah, I think I see other people doing it so don't forget to do that if you come here rinse it out and dump into That bowl apparently maybe this isn't clean enough.

I think I just moved it enough for about 4 people for myself I got the shrimp dumpling it's gotta try that I got the shu mai the Chouchou ***** is supposed to be insane here can't wait to have that and I got fried milk which I had some in Taiwan. I can't wait to try it here They brought out my bill already and each item averages to be around 20 to 25 Hong Kong dollars So that's about three dollars per item which is pretty much the same as New York Dim sum and my total bill comes to about 200 Hong Kong dollars which is about $30 u.S.. Which is About what I pay in New York, because I eat a lot of dim sum And this is not one of those old-style pushkar places you put everything onto a piece of paper and they bring out your order I just asked them for some hot oil and the waitress told me they're hot oil is the best we'll see oh It's pretty good. This is not your typical cantonese.

Hot sauce this is legit hot oil, oh my *** as a bight that's really spice hot oil. I just took it a little dip of my chopstick, and that thing is burning me right now. I love it Rarely would you place such spicy hot oil in this region because they're not known to be a lot of spicy food So far what came out is my beef with rice and an egg on top and my Chouchou chumphon or rice noodles with roast pork inside then my favorite tofu skin wrap and We got some ribs here Let's try out this beef dish the beef looks like it's a beef patty And when they first brought it out it kind of looked gooey to me, but it's not it's actually very sausagy And there's an egg here. There's some rice I don't know exactly how to eat this maybe I'm supposed to mix it all up together.

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I'm gonna have to use a spoon here Well, thats delicious. Wow i'll tell you this they're hot oil, that's legit..That's legit, the beef patty is really really tender and the rice It's on the dry side which I like. I don't like it all mushy. This is kind of like a ***** I find that I had yesterday Without the crisp, but the flavors soaked into the rice some soy sauce special soy sauce in the rice really good There's my Chouchou – let's try this That is by Far The best chumphon i have ever had.

The best. I don't know if it's the Chouchou on the inside It makes it so good, but the texture I]don't like my chumphon too soft the texture is very chewy Wow, and the sauce they paired with it is delicious. And even on its own the chumphon has such good flavor oh my ***. I eat a lot of this in New York a lot nothing comes close to this I don't think I ever finish a order of this stuff faster in my life I'll tell you guys this every time I go to Dim sum I ordered this because it's something you order, right? I never even really liked it and this time I never finished order of chumphon faster in my life And now I crave more because usually this thing is pretty filling but for some reason here is really light [it's] really delicate so after a minute This is what's left of my chumphon, and they try to take this plate away from me And there's still a couple of morsels  on here So I saved the plate because I can't have anything left on this plate.

I love it Im about to lick this plate clean can I get some bread so I can just like Wipe this plate clean and not look like a total maniac I'm gonna dump the rest of this onto my rice here next. I got some pickle vegetables beef dumplings dip that in some hot oil Wow, oh, I really like this. Oh, this is nice Hmm. I'll tell you what's really different about this dumpling here This is not greasy usually when you get fried dumplings super hard on the outside very oily, but this this is really light the outside Slightly crispy, the inside is very Tender, got a nice beefy flavor I don't feel like this is [very] filling.

I feel like the dumpling wrapper is very thin. Then we're typical fried dumplings. I can't eat Maybe order a five, and I'm good because it's just too oily too much for me, but this this is light This is delicious. This is almost like a boiled dumpling now.

Let's move on to the shu mai Dip in a little hot oil? It's good again fairly light much lighter than the typical shu mai – got good flavor I mean nothing spectacular is pretty good as a solid shu mai  mine alright the star attraction has arrived the roast pork bun. I've read so many good things about this just at first glance. It doesn't look like a typical roast pork bun It looks like kind of like a one of those coconut buns that you get at the Chinese Bakeries Cheers, oh, thats good. Oh, that's one of the best things I ever had.

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Oh, That's so full of porky deliciousness. My ***, this is awesome Sorry I gotta I gotta just finish this me and this thing we've got a special bond right now if you eat it too quickly you might burn yourself, but you know what it's worth it This is by far the best cha Siu bun I've ever had in my life Usually I don't like Cha Siu buns because the Cha Sui is kind of soft when you chew it There's not much substance there here the Cha Siu is delicious first of all also the sweet [glaze] inside this bun It's not overly sweet look at all the big pieces of Cha Siu in here Good there Cha Siu is so good Maybe I should get an order of just their Cha Siu, this thing is crusty flaky on the outside and basically the crust falls apart is So soft this crust is so soft And you would think it might be a little overly sweet because it's sweet on the outside sweet on the inside No, this is perfect guys best Cha Siu bun ever, all right let me pay my other food some attention now because I just been obsessing over that roast pork bun for the last five minutes This is one of my favorite food items ever This is tofu skin wrapped with pork filling and some veggies on the inside always love this item You know what everything tastes a lot lighter here I feel like flavor-wise the flavor is not as strong as the ones in New York pork ribs with fermented black Bean always a classic This place has some special relationship with pork where as long as it's pork and they touch it It becomes delicious. This is redonkulous The meat is so tender usually they don't put enough black beans on to the pork. I feel like but this time every bite nice black Bean Flavor love it I've been here so long my table mates changed so a Little more space to set up my tripod for at least a little bit I wanted to try [this] item before he gets cold This is the fried milk kind of look like a little mozzarella stick or a little chicken stick.

Let's see. What's inside here Basically it looks like the same thing as I got in Taiwan yep, I. Can't go wrong with this. Oh my ***.

This is so decadent Do not attempt to eat it without something to drink milky goodness with a lot of grease exploding in your mouth. That's what it is final savory item the Xia jiao shrimp dumpling When I was researching places people were knocking on the Xia jiao They were like oh its just regular, I would argue this is awesome Hmm The skin is uber thin the whole thing is very bouncy and that's like a characteristic You're supposed to look for in Xia jiao. The flavor is solid. This is really good again.

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This is another item I don't typically love I get it because usually you that's what you're doing you get it, but just this is really really good This is my last one. I'm finishing all this This is really good. Yeah Guys really really awesome say hi Now I know a place as popular as this usually comes with a lot of hype and typically the food is not nearly as good as you think and Let's be honest I haven't really tried other dim sum places in hong kong so I don't know but at least From what I can compare with the ones back in New York This place blows the New York places out of the water I don't think I could go eat Dim sum anymore in New York City Because it's just not gonna be as good my favorites items so far. It's got to be the roast pork bun That's the signature.

I was reading about it everyone loves it I love it as well, then I gotta say it's the rice noodles the chumphon that's Amazing if you can make something that I don't typically like at all And then have me finish it in record speed and even wanted me to lick the plate that you're doing something, right? Then I gotta say the pork ribs with the a fermented black beans I love this the beef rice with the egg on top solid I think the only couple items that are Pedestrian [um] are the Shamans [the] [Shauna] is it's good. It's not you know mind-blowing and then I feel like the tofu wrap It's good but I feel like it's not as flavorful as The ones in New York and guys you cannot go wrong with fried milk you gotta at least try it know as funny is that This is probably one of the few ways asians will eat milk We won't drink it raw, but if you can chill it and deep-fry it. Yeah, we're going to eat it I got to finish up my meal, but this has been an awesome Dim sum experience if you guys watch my videos you'll know that Cantonese food is not some of my favorites because the flavor is much lighter than what I'm used to But I love ***** I find one rice clay pots, and I love dim sum and so far at least on those two fronts [it] has been amazing if you guys are ever in this area I'll put the information for this place in the description box you guys got to try this for yourself and for me I loved it alright guys. Thanks so much for watching see you.

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