Travel To Relax – Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach, SydneyTravel To Relax – Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach is a world famous beachside locality
of Sydney. The closest ocean beach to the centre of Sydney, Bondi Beach has become synonymous
with Sydney’s beach lifestyle and is very popular with tourists, daytrippers, backpackers,
residents and all Sydneysiders. Bondi Beach is famous for its glistening ocean,
pristine sands, reliable surf and seaside spirit. It’s laid back coastal lifestyle,
cafe culture, boutique shops and thriving, eclectic community is equally enticing.

Bondi has become a favourite of the “barmy
army” of British tourists, who annually gather on its sands for a Southern Hemisphere Christmas
in the sun. Bondi is home to numerous youth hostels with backpackers who congregate mainly
in the summer months. Bondi Beach is a very welcoming and tolerant community; topless
sunbathing is acceptable and gay and lesbian couples displaying affection can be seen. See the crowds, the waves, the water, the
sand, the sunbathers, the teenagers showing off, the tourists with long socks and shoes
straight off the tour coach next to the skimpily clad sunbathers.

It is all part of the Bondi
Beach Scene. If you see past the crowds, the beach itself is actually naturally scenic,
and there is an esplanade running along the beach front and along to the rocks either
side. There are often displays in the historic Bondi
Pavilion. Usually free, it is worth a quick look around.

Bondi is a food lover’s delight.
There are countless cafes and restaurants on the streets around the beach, many with
great views. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, there are kiosks on the beach,
and a cafe in the pavilion with plenty of tables on the wide promenade. Unless you are
planning a Saturday or Friday night out, there is usually no need to book in advance. Just
walk around and find somewhere you like, or grab fish and chips and eat on the beach.

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Don’t confuse Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach.
Getting to Bondi Junction may be the closest rail station to the beach but is still 3 km
from it. Although there are direct buses from the city centre to the beach, you will save
about 30 minutes by taking the train and bus as opposed to bus only. Unless you have a
MyMulti period ticket (which is recommended), there are rail tickets  to “Bondi Beach” which include the bus..

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