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Capri, Pompeii and The Amalfi Coast - Newmarket Holidays

Welcome to the celebrated Neapolitan
Riviera, one of the Mediterranean's most alluring holiday destinations. Spend your
first two days settling into your hotel in your chosen location, either famous
Sorrento or it's quieter hillside neighbour Sant'Agata. Explore your
surroundings at your leisure, relax in your hotel, wonder the shop filled
alleyways or visit one of Sorrento's two atmospheric ports. "We walk down to
Sorrento it was a lovely walk because you weren't on any roads at all you were just on
this little path and ended up in the middle of Sorrento." On our third day we'll visit
the eerie ruins of Pompeii and continue on to lively Naples, the colourful capital
of Campania.

"It is staggering to find the way the town was planned centuries ago"
"Stunning. Beautifully preserved. We got a real sense of what must have gone on
there" "Pompeii was the highlight for me I was lost for words I thought it was amazing."
On day four we have an optional countryside tour through Campania for an
insight into the region's traditional farming and food. On our fifth day we
journey along the scenic Amalfi drive.

Marvel at its sheer cliffs, seemingly
bottomless gorges and network of bridges. "I was taken aback with it, it was lovely, very beautiful." "You look down and you see into the bottom of the sea it's so clear" "It
was exhilarating to be quite honest, didn't expect the scenery to be anywhere
near as good as it was." On day 6, you'll board the Jetboil
and crossed from Sorrento to the idyllic island of Capri where Ana Capri's Villa
San Michele offers visitors beautiful architecture and spectacular views. "The
island of Capri is a world apart from the rest of the mainland." "The scenery
there and the way they've done everything is superb." "Everywhere we've
been people are just lovely." "Just to have the balance of the organised trips which
were really well organised and then to have that free time as well
is perfect." "We've been to Rome but not here
it's just completely different but it's delightful" "A friend of ours recommended
it and I would recommend it to anybody".

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