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China Bullet Train Full Journey Vlog700km in 3.5 hoursZhengzhou to Beijing video guideYou might be thinking looking at this car Land Rover Evoque…..BUT. You are also fooled like me This is not Evoque This is some chinese car, called land wind Specifications are 2L engine, 140HP. Ive just checked with railway staff and they informed me that, I have to go to Gate B9, which is here infornt of me now Hard to believe that a railway station can be this good Because the stations ive been to in  japan(shinagawa stn.) They were nothing in comparison with this one This feels exactly like an airport, with all these outlets for shopping, waiting areas has these boarding gates which resemble more like an airport B12, B13, B14……………… Some Announcements going on in background Boarding counters just like at airports 15 mins prior train departure, these boarding gates open and you are allowed to head towards train platorm Only travelers/passengers are allowed inside railway station Here iam at my gate B9 Its not yet open you need to insert the ticket in this machine and collect it back Ive got time for my train, which departs at 10.50Am and ive got almost 30 mins left I’m done with my boarding and got my ticket checked in Now heading towards platform I can already see platform from here This is so clean :P.

Speaking in weird accent out of excitement :P. Trying to talk in Bhojpuri style english :P. Speaking in Bihari Style hindi : Iam Very excited Im gonna travel at 300kmph in this train in sometime and this is my platform Here they dont have those sliding gates like in japan to avoid people getting too close with a moving train By the way, the train is arriving now making all sorts of noises out of excitement 15 coaches in total i need to get into coach 8 look at this, look at this, look at thiissss There is a restaurant inside looks quite packed, hoping i would get a window seat Finally im seated, and even got a window seat 5 mins to depart from zhengzhou i will try to go around other coaches to have a look at them talking about seats, i think shinkansen(japan) was more comfortable acceleration from stand-still feels similar to shinkansen pretty decent acceleration accelerating quite strongly ballast is red over here and we are out of zhengzhou station heading for beijing i think the cabin feels similar to shinkansen for noise inside announcement in chinese seems now he is starting to accelerate hard announcement in english some parellel action with another bullet train but the other train feels stationary gathering speed even till this point, acceleration is similar to shinkansen somehow i feel, this is more silent in comparison to japans bullet train(shinkansen) also feels much smoother in acceleration I think we are doing around 150kmph only after the train crosses 250kmph, you can conclude the comfort of train(ride, noise etc) stilll accelerating hard In shinkansen, the accelerationfelt more brutal exactly how you feel in an aircraft once it hits the runway for takeoff and how you get planted inside a seat, sort off used to feel similar in shinkansen but this train is totally different, acceelration is very gradual and smooth still accelerating hard i can sense the cabin noise has increased a bit now due to increase in speed even this train is tilting towards side on bends there is a left curve and i can feel the coach tilted on left Notice the speed on display : says 307kmph(i didnt notice that yet) i hope you can sense the speed here i could barely see those electric poles passing by i apologize for my lack of sense of speed :P. But the train was so good, it masked away its speed so well its gonna be quite a long journey,  3.5 Hours one way and the distance is almost 700kms this means, i would be travelling 1400kms in less than 12 hours today to and fro i dont know if these are paddy(rice)  fields, but they look beautiful crossing some river train hostess bought this orange juice(minute maid) the weather is quite foggy today and it rained in morning still accelerating :O.

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By the time i pointed my camera to other side, a train passed by Leg space is superior and also the seat reclines more than shinkansen best part is this hand rest arriving into some station now called “Xinxiandong” During my japan visit, i was thinking this is the best train i will ever experience but this train is proving me wrong there is no sensation of speed in this train the amount of noise/vibrations i felt at 250kmph in shinkansen japan, i cant feel half of that even at 300kmph in this train. Just brilliant you cannot guess the speeds train is doing from inside i was guessing the train might be doing around 250kmph but, when i saw the speed at the information board, it read 307kmph !!! Accelerating out of xinxiandong and heading towards beijing after a brief stop for 2 mins My fastest speed ever on land – 311 kmph cruising speed for this train is 306-307kmph there is no slowing down for turns and curves, taking turns at full speed of 300+kmph Greenary everywhere…Endless greenary people talking in chinese in background Current speed : 305kmph crossing some small town Feels as if the cars are stationary Sssspppppeeeeeddddddd Chinese ghost town…. If you dont know about chinese ghost towns, then google it having bullet train network in india is literally impossible because the fencing you are seeing on side it has been laid continously all along the tracks for full length to avoid tresspassers having high speed tracks laid down itself is a major issue in india forget about these side protections and all P.S : this is my opinion, although i would love to see high speed trains in india as proposed but i do feel this is not economical aswell, interms of infrastructure costs and ticket costs still maintaining cruising speeds of 306 to 308 kmph more ghost towns? So many clusters of high rise buildings everywhere wonder how much they are occupied with people approaching some station and its gone…. This is what i call as “Sssspppeeeeddd” the train crosses end to end of a city within a minute still cruising at 308kmph the fastest i saw today was 311kmph during acceleration Now im able to sense the speed difference from 310kmph to 300kmph even that speed difference of 10kmph at those speeds makes alot of difference in noise levels should race this train with a Veyron 😛 would be a great shot then :P.

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(P.S : this part of video dedicated to razzu bhaiyya 😛 ) Speed seems like a joke ! Even the vehicles travelling in same direction as of train are looking as if they are travelling in the other direction these trucks might be doing atleast 80kmph, but feels stationary china is huge ! Another train passed in opposite direction, but by the time turend the camera, it was gone in a flash these seems to be normal trains here There was a interesting in backdrop, but the train-buildings came in between yeah here it is ! Eiffel towers replica ??? Notice how the front coaches of a train are more dirty than the later ones. The connection in middle, joining two trains Departing out of station entering some tunnel i had paused the video for couple of minutes, the tunnel was too long…May be around 4 to 5 kms long i think we crossed the city through that underground tunnel Garbage/litter around the tracks People wont change, irrespective of country some beautiful river.. Apologize for shaky camera right from zhengzhou till here, ive seen agricultural fields almost all the way… Whereas in india, now a days agricultural fields have been becoming so scarce and rare sight.

Wheras here in china they do have very strong agriculture Current speed 170kmph approaching some station, so decelerating now. 160Kmph now, this is the maximum speed of shatabdi express in india that too on limited section. And indian railways are now planning to travel at this speed on certain sections infact struggling to even achive this :P. And here this same 160kmph feels as if standstill 150kmph now 139kmph, now we are below the max speed limit allowed in UAE :P.

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I wish so badly to visit Great wall of china but unfortunately i have to return back to zhengzhou within 3 hours after i reach beijing so i would not be able to make it to great wall 🙁 This looks like Metro/subway station to me i think i have spotted the great wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is great wall of china i dont have interent in mobile and i dont know anything about beijing i dont know what im gonna do, because my train back to zhengzhou is at around 5pm, and now its 2.30Pm just spotted some tall building in backdrop, dont know what it is Ive got no idea about beijing city 😛 probably i will roam around railway station for some places announcement in chinese, and people talking in background i guess this train is going beyond beijing you can notice the train taking curve First diesel loco i could spot in china i better head to the door now and there goes bullet trainnnnnn…….. :P. This is Beijing West train station Finallllyyyyyyyyyy….. And this is Beijing West Railway Station.

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