Travel To Relax – Costa Rican Vacations 100% Local Travel Experts

Costa Rican Vacations 100% Local Travel Experts

I'm Casey Halloran, and I'm here to tell you
that there's a better way to travel to Costa Rica. 40 Hours, thats the Average time, people spend
planning their vacation and it's hard worlk Why? There's so much information out there,
often conflicting, sometimes inaccurate. Spending SO much time and energy planning
a vacation can be stressful. You worry about making mistakes.

Ones that prevent you from
maximizing your vacation time or even ruin your trip. But Wait! Isn't a holiday supposed to be RELAXING!? At Costa Rican Vacations – we plan, so you
can relax. Why spend hours planning a trip yourself,
when you can just ask an EXPERT? Our travel planners are based here in Costa
Rica and have insider knowledge that only comes from years of local experience.
Such As: which resorts are ideal for families? Which rainforests have the most abundant wildlife?
Where are the most pristine beaches? Which hotels have the best beds?
And which bartenders make the serve the best drinks?
Gracias Carlos. So – how does it work?
Well we believe the one-size-fits-all approach – NEVER works.
Instead one of our experts will get to know your unique travel personality, and tailor
a vacation that's perfect for you.

You can book from anywhere!
So when you are ready, our team will make all the hotel, tour, and transfer reservations
for you. When you arrive we'll greet you at the airport,
whisk you through customs and escort you to your friendly, bi-lingual driver. While your in country our service team is
on call, 24-7 throughout your stay. If you need a restaurant tip or run into a snag,
just call us.

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We're always happy to help. So why Us?
We've been planning incredible vacations since 1999. What began as a two man start-up, has
grown into one of the largest Travel Agency in Central America. Our Experience and knowledge is unsurpassed.
Just check out some of our client testimonials, there is a reason we are number one after
more than a decade in business.

Want a stress-free vacation to Costa Rica?
Call or email us today for a free quote. Remember. We Plan, You Relax!.

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