Travel To Relax – Dream Travel Job Team North America Bon Voyage

Dream Travel Job Team North America Bon Voyage

>>Brock: Hi! I'm Brock >>Jules: And I'm Jules, and we're team North America for Viator's Dream Travel Job >>Brock: We're here in San Francisco getting ready for our big adventure. We have so much to see and do in the city so Jules shall we get started? >>Jules: Let'***** it! We are so excited to head off on Viator's Dream Travel Job, Cheers!  So we're here in San Francisco to learn all the secrets about filmmaking and especially travel filmmaking. Oh no, another hill! It's been kind of a challenge to host like on the fly, right then. We're leaving the sea lions behind and hoping on the San Francisco bay sailing cruise, come on let's go!  >>Brock: I'm here in Golden Gate Park one of the largest urban parks, in all of the United States of America.

I'm learning a lot during our two weeks of training, I really think I've been improving the framing of my shots. There's no second chances, it's kind of like, people are hoping on the helicopter one time and you have one time to get it. >>Brock: Also how to shoot faster you're on a tour, you're traveling you know, you have to keep up with everyone and get all of the shots. >>Jules: Luckaly I'm from America, and he's from Canada so we have experts from both places.

He has a backpack, I have a pink suitcase >>Both: We're ready to go. >>Brock: As long as I don't have to pull around the big pink suitcase, I'm good to go >>Jules: Do you love my suitcase? >>Brock: I do love your suitcase, do you love my backpack? >>Jules: No. What's the exchange rate for Canada money? >>Teller: One dollar ten. Jules: So it's 1.10 US dollars for one dollar Canadian? That sounds like a rip-off.

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So you ready for this? >>Brock: Yea, I think so. >>Jules: We're about ready to start our sixty-day adventure! >>Brock: This is the first flight, we are going to Vancouver Canada, >>Jules: I'm really nervious I'm going to buy too much stuff. >>Brock: Jules are you ready for this? >>Jules: I'm ready for this, let's do it. >>Brock: It's time to board out plane.

>>Both: Let's go..

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