Travel To Relax – Hong Kong Vlog #1Hotel Room Tour, TVB Event, & FOOD!

Hong Kong Vlog #1Hotel Room Tour, TVB Event, & FOOD!Good morning, everyone from HONGKONG. Oh my gosh. I am so excited to be here It was a long long flight 14 hours and 50 minutes and our flight got a little delayed So it was kind of miserable because my flight was at 2 a.M.. But I’m here It’s still really early in the morning, so I’m going to go get brunch before Sunny comes.

She’s on her way This is not actually our room. We have two twin beds, but they didn’t have any rooms right now So they gave me this one for me to like just rest and wash up, and I really wanted to just Like get rid of all the travel germs I don’t think Sunny and I would have minded sharing the king-size bed, but it was very nice Oh, they’re calling me so let’s go eat Music We are now in our room I know Joan: Know I miss you, too. What my gosh this room is so nice. Sunny: We have our own beds, that’s the best thing.

I know, so there are two twin sized beds There’s a TV and many many couches We should try to film like a get ready with me S: Yes. Tomorrow Morning? J: If we’re like not too tired (Yea) And then there’s like a little space where we can just enjoy fruit, and then I like the bathroom oh Um…..My gosh yes. Sunny: You know, i  brought us a bubble bath for a sleepover Sunny: yeah, one for you and one for me Joan:Oh my Gosh, you’re the best Sunny: I knew we were going to have a bathtub here Joan: oh okay, perfect Joan:Oohh senssee Sunny: Girl, i’m so Korean these days And then this is so nice because we could both get ready next to each other because there are two sinks Yea This is really nice We’ll just put out our makeup and stuff Wow this is actually really nice I know I need to put my face on so let’s go Going to take a look at the dresses that they picked out for me, so let’s go check it out Sunny (yeah?) Did you lose your shoes? (Yeah.) It’s 12 o’ clock. I have to go home.

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Here is Sunny’s final outfit yeah, and I’m wearing a pink dress for the first time in my life It feels weird No guys it’s pretty! Very busy day. We had schedule after another and we’re finally home. It’s currently I think 11:30 when I last checked, so it might be almost 12 I wanted to Wash off my makeup and end the vlog there today, so first I’m going to use the Cosrx 1 step moisture up pads This is actually Sunny’s. I finished using mine in America, and when I saw them I just asked if I can use them and she says yes And I like to use this as a makeup remover, a toner, a mask, a great exfoliator This is one of my favorite Korean beauty products of all time like get how gross that is Next let’s take off these eyelashes.

I don’t normally wear Mascara or fake eyelashes because it’s just like such a hassle to remove at the end of the day but it does make a difference, so Remove those two. I’m sorry if I grossed you out Where is my eye makeup remover? So next we have the simple eye Makeup remover pads and a lot of you guys commented saying don’t be so harsh but these have dried out so I feel like I need to keep pressing really hard into that but Today, I will add some of the Acsen oil cut cleansing. Sonny brought lush bath bombs So that we can relax tonight, but we are too tired, and we just want to go straight to bed So we’re going to skip out on the lush bath bombs But yes, remove my eye makeup and now I’m going to remove my face makeup using the Acsen oil cut cleansing whenever I travel I don’t like to switch off my skincare Routine because I. Tend to break out depending the climate and I like to just stick with skincare products that I know I can trust and Cosrx and Troiareuke are my favorites I actually finished using my huxley oil essence.

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So I don’t have it with me, but that would also be here with me I’m going to double cleanse today using the o2 cleanser, and this is part of the GPS map and I think I’m going to go for step one, two, and three today and This is basically a mask that bubbles up, and it’s supposed to clear your face looks like a clear gel But it foams This is kind of like a leave in face wash so as I wait for it to fall I’m going to brush my teeth Now I’m going to tone my face and then go ahead with the GPS mask and I’ll be using this Kiehl’s Cactus flower mist All right, finally we’re going to go with the GPS mask. This is one of my favorites. I sheet masked every day when I was in America and this is actually the last one left So I counted properly That’s it for my nighttime skincare routine while I travel I will try my best to vlog a little more of Hong Kong before I leave. Here’s the shout out of today for those of you guys who translated and transcribe my vlogs and I know a lot of you guys in hong Kong or from hong Kong have been asking if I will be having a meet and greet and the answer to that is no because my schedule is just packed and this is for business and very Short and sweet trip, but I hope to come back in the future to meet you guys then all right um see tomorrow song: And july by Heize ft.

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