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Once upon a time there was a daisy
and her name was exactly that "Daisy". Daisy was an explorer. She liked discovering new places
and meeting new people. One day she went on a journey: She looked at her compass
and decided to go south: the south represented the sun,
creativity and spirit.

Daisy said:"I might find love in the south! Oh! Love!" The thought made her so excited that she travelled across a peninsula
which was long like a boot. One day she stopped
on the edge of a cliff: below, the open sea and on the horizon
some islands to be discovered. Further away, the ruins of old civilizations
and the sound of the bells. She stopped, she dropped her compass,
her watch and time passed her by.

She said: "Here I can finally rest
and feel free!" From that day she met many new friends: her friends started calling her Lazy-Daisy And love?
Did she find her true love? We will tell you
when you come and see us! Yes, but…Where? At the Hotel Magherita
of Praiano! On the Amalfi coast!.

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