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How to buy a Paris Metro TicketWalking is the most unique way to explore Paris
for longer journeys the Metro the preferred mode of
transport. With fourteen lines, 380 stations and more than 131 miles a track, the Paris Metro is Europe’s second
largest subway system. To get started, look for a Metro sign and
enter the station. You can buy your tickets from the ticket
office or from a green-colored self service ticket machine.

Metro tickets can also be used on buses,
tramways, and on  the funicular up to Montmartre. A single ticket is valid for one and a
half hours on the Metro and buses, once it is validated. Don’t make the mistake a lot of people do, of  using  another
ticket when changing trains and or buses.  Tickets and  Ticket
Machines You can use Euro notes, coins or
debit/credit cards depending on the machine.

Some of the newer
machines have instructions in multiple languages, and have a touch screen the will prompt
you when buying tickets. Older machines have a large silver
sausage shape, scroll device, below the screen. Glide your fingers on
this and you will notice it scroll up and down the screen. On either side of the scroll device are a
“Yes” button, which is green and no which is red.
What ticket should one get? A single ticket will cost, 1 euro 80 There are multiple types of tickets you can

I recommend purchasing a zone 1&2 Carnet
(a book have 10 single-use tickets) The book of 10 tickets currently
costing 14.40, Thus saving you money over the individual
ticket. If you plan to use public transportation
extensively, you may find it worthwhile to bypass but
generally makes more sense financially to purchase the Carnet. Buying Tickets When you approach the ticket machine
you’ll see on the screen: Acheter des tickets – ( buy
tickets) Tournez le rouleau, pui appuvez sur valider (turn the rolling device then validate your
selection) Recharger un passe Navigo (Add more money to a Navigo  Travel Card)
this is for Parisians Residents only who generally are the people with a Navigo Travel Card. Here are step-by-step instructions to
buy tickets on the Metro Using the silver scroll device – Scroll up
to: Acheter des tickets Select by pressing the green button.

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Next a
series a ticket selections will come up. Scroll to what you want and press the
green button. The next screen will ask
you how many tickets you want. Once you have decided, press select.

The next screen is asking if you like a
receipt. Yes or No, press select. This screen will tell you how much you
need to put in the machine and you will see  money and card symbols come up. Put your card or money into the slots
provide, note the Euro symbol, the sign says to put the note and slowly.

Your ticket will dispense in the tray
below. Entering the Metro System.Once you have
you ticket, proceed to the turnstiles. Slip the
ticket in the slot, move towards a turnstile, wait for the
ticket to pop out at the top, retrieve it, move through the turnstile and hang on to your ticket. Sometimes when making several changes you may
need to put it in again, or if an inspector wants to view it  .

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