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How to Ride the Paris MetroOpened in nineteen hundred the Paris
Metro is one the most extensive subway systems in the world with this 303 stations 16 Metro lines, the Paris Metro is the second busiest
subway system in Europe after Moscow the Paris Metro is relatively easy to
get the hang of if you come armed with the right information.
Here are some tips to help you navigate the Metro like a local and avoid unnecessary frustration
claustrophobia. The trains start about 5:30 a.M. And run
until 1:15am 2 a.M. On the weekends.

Trains come
every few minutes so you rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes for the next train. The Metro moves about 6.75 Million riders
each day but is usually only crowded during rush
hour 8 to 10 am. 5 To 8 pm. Here are  step-by-step instructions on how to
use the Metro.

Step #1 Locate a Metro station Metro stations normally have a sign
“Metro” or big yellow “M” Some stations are located inside
buildings while others are out in the open. Step #2  Refer to a Metro Map. Decide where you want to go and try to
locate the appropriate stop on the map.  Check what line it is on
then locate your current position see what
direction (what is the last station).

This will
determine where you need to follow. The
Paris Metro has a total of 16 lines identifiable by number, color, and end of line names. For instance, line 1 is yellow, currently has 25 stations, and is called “La Defense/Chateau de Vincennes” ” because it runs
from the La Defense  station west of the city to Chateau de Vincennes in the
east. Step #3 Buy a ticket.

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Buy a ticket at a ticket desk or a self service
ticket machine which are green. Step #4 Once you have your ticket proceed to the turnstile.
Take your ticket insert it into the slot in front of the
machine, magnetic . Side up.

Continue through the turnstile
take your ticket as it emerges from the slot on top of the machine. Keep the ticket with you. You’ll need it if an inspector asks to see your ticket. If you have a Navigo card, briefly place the card  about a half inch above the purple area of the machine as you proceed, a chime will sound and a green arrow light up indicating go through.

Step  number 5 Follow the signs to your platform Once you’re past the turnstiles, follow the signs to the platform for the
direction in which you want to travel There will be signs showing the number and
color the line and the terminus where it stops. Make sure you get the correct Terminus direction. You may walk through a lot of intersections, corridors and stairs, that is okay, just make sure to carefully follow the signs to your platform. If you ever get lost or confused, stop and look around for sign,  they are there get reoriented.

As long as
you know which train you need to take you should be able to find the signs
showing you the way. Step number 6. Once on the platform.
There are signs on the platform iindicating which Metro line you are now at, double check to make sure you are on the line you wish to be at. There will also be message boards indicating how long you will have to wait before the next train comes.

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When the train arrives, keep behind the white line. Let people leave the train first, and then you can get on it. On most lines, you will have to open the doors of the train if no-one else does. You either have to push a button or pull up the handle.

Step number 7 On the train. Find somewhere to sit or
stand. When crowded do not be tempted to sit on the fold down seats. You will be making a nuisance of yourself You can check on the line maps above each door to see how many stations are left before you need to exit.

Step number 8. Arriving at your
destination When you reached your destination, look for the Blue Sortie sign which will lead you to the platform exit. If you are transferring to another line look for a sign reading correspondence . Follow the Blue Sortie signs through doors and or turnstiles to exit into the main part of the station.

There will be maps
of the neighborhood , plan du Quarter, on the walls. Review the map to determine which exit you will want. Congratulations you have arrived at your
destination the I’m.

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