Travel To Relax – HOW TO TRAVEL PARIS ON A BUDGETTravel Goal #11

HOW TO TRAVEL PARIS ON A BUDGETTravel Goal #11Hey guys, we are Yosh and Vins from the Poor Traveler. Years ago, we didn’t have the time and money to travel, but now that we’re working online, we get to make our dreams come true one travel goal at a time. In this episode, we are exploring the City
of Love, Paris. Paris is the first stop on our 2-month Euro trip, and it is also the first European city we have set foot in.

And just like many other destinations on this side of the continent, Paris is expensive, especially by ASEAN standards. But here are 5 ways to travel on a budget
in Paris! Number 1. Free Attractions Many of Paris’s key spots can be enjoyed for free. This view of the Eiffel Tower at Trocadero, FREE.

Walking down Champs-Elysees, FREE. Notre Dame Cathedral, FREE. This, this and this, ALSO FREE. Even some museums can be accessed for FREE
if your timing is right.

For example, the Louvre is FREE on the first
Sunday of every month from October to March. But expect to see bigger crowds. Number 2. Navigo Week Pass If youre arriving in Paris by plane or
planning on also visiting Versailles, get a NAVIGO Dcouverte aka Navigo Week Pass,
a card that will allow you unlimited rides to the metro, RER trains, trams, and buses
for a week.

Number 3. Walk when you can! Paris is a very walkable city and there ars a lot
of interesting things to see along the way. Roadside cafes lace almost every corner historic monuments adorn its roundabouts, and the smell of freshly baked bread coming from local boulangerie fills the air. In a single day, you can visit many tourist attractions on foot.

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For example, this this this and this all stand
next to to each other. It’s just a matter of building your itinerary
well! Number 4. Save on Food. The price of a meal outside plays within the 10 to 12 euro range.

Drinks not yet included. At mid-scale restaurants, youll find set
meals for 16 to 22 euro. Although we encourage you to try the city’s
restaurant scene, if you’re traveling on a shoestring a great way to save on food is
to buy from the grocery, supermarket, or cheap food stalls and just eat it in your hotel. For example, we stumbled upon a store selling
a WHOLE CHICKEN for only EUR 5.

At the grocery store, we found a 5-piece barbeque
chicken for EUR 3.5. Tap water in Paris is perfectly safe to drink. When eating out and the server asks you if
you want flat or sparkling, just say you want tap water. Number 5.

Watch out for scams! The worst way to waste money is to lose it to scammers. And Paris has more than its share of them. Pickpockets are common especially in touristy
areas so make sure you always keep an eye on your valuables. For more information about these scams and
other tips on Paris check out the link in the description.

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