Travel to Relax – How To Use Barcelona Metro & Getting Around the City

How To Use Barcelona Metro & Getting Around the City

How do you get around in Barcelona? Well,
other than using your legs, the name of the game in Barcelona is the Metro. We like the
buses too but more on that later. We definitely recommend the Metro. Its
cheap, its safe; youll get to see loads of the city and if youre familiar with
using the London Underground, the Metro will feel pretty similar.

So here goes A single ticket costs 2.15 And this is
good for one, single journey. But, if you plan on travelling a lot over the course of
your holiday, consider buying a T-10 ticket. Its really useful because it allows you
ten journeys and each journey can take up to an hour and fifteen minutes and I think
it allows you on the bus as well as the Metro. And you can use it between two people so I
can go through the barriers and then pass it back to Sin-Amy and she can go through

Whats also great about the T-10 ticket
it that you dont have to use all of your ten journeys in one day, because that would
be pretty tough to do. In fact, no matter when you buy your ticket, it will still be
valid until the end of January the following year. If for some reason you dont like the idea of those, you can buy tickets that are for two-day travel, three-day travel, that sort
of thing. But we have spoken with locals out there, weve done it for ourselves and,
sorry, but the T-10 just wins hands down.

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And we realise thats a lot of information
to take in, but what it comes down to is The T-10 will be great for you if youre
going to be in Barcelona for a few days and if you plan on going around the city and seeing
a tonne of sights. T-10 is the way forward. T-10 FTW. T-10! Thats the Metro in Barcelona.

Its open
until midnight Sunday to Thursday and then 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. Next up, seeing the city from buses. Sightseeing
tours work on a hop-on, hop-off basis. There are two main bus tour companies in Barcelona.
Youve got Barcelona Bus Turistic and Barcelona City Tour.

Barcelona Bus Turistic claim to
be the official Barcelona bus tour company and they have three major routes: red, green
and blue. The red route includes some of the Gaud
attractions, Port Olympic – where as the blue route takes you to some of the most popular
tourist attractions like Sagrada Famlia; youll go up to Park Gell and FC Camp
Nou. The green route is a seasonal route. It runs from April to November and includes
the coastal views.

You can buy your tickets on the bus, although
I think youre less likely to get them if its going to be really busy. You can buy
them in the tourist office or you can even buy them online before you go, if you want
to be super organised, and then when you get on the bus theyll swap them for real tickets. You can do a walking tour of the city if you
want to use your feet. Some of them you do have to pay for and some of them are free.
They include tours of the Gaudi attractions; a tour of the old city; a tour of Barcelona
at night time.

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Yeah, its really cool. Obviously, if you dont want to pay though, you can
just wander around yourself and find your own way around. Were going to recommend using your feet
to keep it cheap or going on the Metro. Obviously both these things are affordable and easy
and just great ways to see the city.

Yep and now you know how to get around the city, have
a look at our video on the top things to do while youre here. Thanks for watching. Bye! Bye!.

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