Travel To Relax – Incredible Crispy Roast Goose and Claypot Rice in Hong KongHK Travel Food Guide!

Incredible Crispy Roast Goose and Claypot Rice in Hong KongHK Travel Food Guide!– It is an absolute trophy, come to get a close up look of that! It also comes with a
plum sauce, but I’m just gonna taste it just
like this, on it’s own. (Cheery music) Really quickly, before you continue watching this video, I
wanted to let you know, that I published a full Hong Kong travel guide over on my blog, migrationology.Com. It includes all the details
of everything we did. Especially all of the
food and the restaurants, and all the details, you’ll find all of that in the travel guide.

So I will link it below
in the description box. And also, maybe try to
link it somewhere here. But go check that out for all the details from all these videos. Good morning everyone, it’s Mark Weins from migrationology.Com, in Hong Kong.

It is a down pouring morning! It’s raining really hard and so the only logical thing to do this morning, is to go eat dim sum! (Raining) (mumbling) (clanking) This restaurant is called, Sam Hui Yat, and this is just the neighborhood, kind of, hole in the wall family run dim sum restaurant, in Hong Kong. They have all of the dim sum within the bamboo trees, steaming right at the front of the restaurant. And so you just pick and
choose the ones you want. I really love this place.

This one is the shumai, and then also this one, I’m not sure what this one is exactly called, but my mom always called this phu jute,
which is the bean curd. And then I think there’s minced pork in the middle, this one is the classic chicken feet, had to go with the chicken feet. Also got some shrimp har gau, and then also some meatballs, and then my personal favorite, I had this yesterday as well, lo mai gai, which is the treasured, sweet sticky rice. Okay, I’m gonna begin
with one of the shumai.

And I think these are, I’m not sure there’s shrimp in this one, or mostly just minced pork. That’s salty and porky, and oily. Oh that’s delightful! Let me follow that with a swig of tea. Okay I’m gonna grab some of this chili sauce, put some in my bowl.

Alright, while the har gau is hot and fresh, I’m gonna have one of these, these are little shrimp dumplings. Dip this into the chili sauce, that is just a good, classic, har gau, the sticky glutinous wrapper. And then just filled with
shrimp on the inside. Next up for the bean curd rolls.

And this has been one of my
favorites since I was a kid. I love that bean curd, and it may not be the prettiest, that like crinkly bean curd, but
it tastes fantastic. Oh I love it so much, I think it’s stuffed with, minced pork,
mushrooms and carrots. And then that skin has a little bit of a chewiness to it, a quick dip.

Let me open up my package next. Oh I get excited every time
I unravel one of these. Oh, I love how it just glistens! And you can immediately smell that aroma. Of the lotus leaf.

Peel that back. Okay. And you can see all of those insides just oozing already, how sticky and hot and wonderful that is. It’s so good, it’s so comforting.

The rice is just glutinous, and sticky and then it’s gooey on the inside. With minced meat and maybe some sausage in there as well. So awesome and followed by tea! Actually now that I taste more of that, I think it’s chicken in there. I don’t know if there’s minced pork, maybe minced pork as
well, but mostly chicken.

Meatball time! Oh yes, these are some, whoa, these are some stuck together meatballs! That’s gonna take a little bit of prying. Alright, here we go! Oh and I think there’s bean
curd on the bottom of it too. A meatball definitely needs
to be dipped into the sauce. I’ve got a hanging piece of bean curd on this meatball as well.

That’s just solid minced pork. But it has a little bit
of a spongy texture to it. And then I also had to
go for the chicken feet. Look at these big wrinkly feet! Oh yeah, that has a lot of skin! And a lot of little bones as well! It’s pretty good, it’s
very, very, gelatinous.

It’s very, very, kind of squishy, and a little bit leathery, it taste like very soft leather. And you can actually feel like that grip. On the bottom of the chicken feet. It’s like goosebumps.

There’s actually a lot to
eat on these chicken feet. (Sighing) Pure satisfaction, I love this place. It’s small, it has a
neighborhood feel to it. I think a lot of the people that come here live in the area, and have been coming here for many, many, years.

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And this is a great place to have a real hole in the wall style dim sum experience in Hong Kong. Well I guess you can see it, but it stopped raining while we had dim sum. So perfect, it’s still
drizzling just a little bit. But nice that it’s not
down pouring anymore.

Some of you may already know this, but my mother is Chinese, but from Hawaii. And so I grew up eating a lot of Chinese food, and I grew up especially loving dim sum when I was a kid. And so every time I eat dim sum, it reminds me of my family, it reminds me of my childhood, yeah dim sum holds a special place in my heart. And almost as soon as I said the rain has stopped, it has started raining again.

We are back at the metro station, on our way to central
station, and hopefully we are gonna have goose for lunch today. (Bright music) Oh it is raining pretty hard, I. Need to take out the umbrella. (Bright music) The last time I was in Hong Kong I ate roast goose at a place called, Yat Lok, but some people say that the roast goose at Yung Kee is even better.

Say that it is the best roast
goose in the entire world. It’s a little bit of an upscale restaurant I think, but
I think it’s gonna be worth it, I cannot wait
to try the roast goose. This restaurant has a lot
of history in Hong Kong. It started off as just a very, very, small local family run restaurant, and it has turned into a goose empire! It is such a tough decision.

I’m trying to debate
right now, if I should order the steamed chicken, definitely ordering the goose of course, but I’m not sure if I should order the steamed chicken, or the soy marinated chicken. Right now I’m leaning towards
the soy marinated chicken. I made my order for the main dishes, but I also got an appetizer. And they are very well
known for this appetizer as well, which is thousand year old egg.

I got a half and also
served with pickled ginger. It almost looks like a jello, I’m gonna take some of the pickled ginger. Stick that on top, or maybe all of it. No, maybe two slices,
and let me begin with the egg white, which is actually like, whoa that is slippery! That does have the texture of jello.

It’s really quite mild, oh, maybe not! You can taste that it
does have some age to it! Let me re-add that ginger, and all that yolk is spilling out, oh-no. I’m losing it now. Okay, I’m gonna have to break and tear it together with that ginger. The egg does have a bitter taste to it.

But then paired with that
ginger, the ginger is sweet. I wouldn’t say that’s
my absolute favorite. But it’s not bad. The chicken and the
choy sum have just come.

And we’re still waiting on the goose. But I should just mention
that I ordered tea. And they have a number of different teas you could choose from, I went with some pu-erh tea, which
is a black fermented tea. And I really like it.

It indeed does have a little
bit of a dirt flavor to it. But it’s very earthy,
just slightly bitter. But very, very smooth. I ordered the soy sauce marinated chicken.

In order to get a real appreciation for this you need have to
see it really up close. You can see how the skin is separated completely from the meat and just that golden, soy sauce,
glaze on top of it. For this piece, right here on the top. I think this is a combination of garlic and maybe green
onions, and maybe ginger.

I’m not totally sure, and then oil. Which I will apply,
generously to my first bite. Oh that’s a bite to savor! Oh that texture, and that
flavor, that explosion! Of salty, garlicky, green onion flavor. You can really taste
the different textures of the chicken, and the skin.

The chicken meat is like, it’s tender, and juicy, and then the skin has a very jelly texture to it, but they’re like completely separate. And then that sauce, wow,
is just packed with flavor. Oh it’s salty, it’s oily, fragrant, it’s garlicky and green onion packed. And also, our waiter
said that choy sum, is in season and I got the
version with oyster sauce.

It’s crisp and very juicy! That entire stem is very juicy, and I need some rice with that. Oh, even the rice is really good here! I think the grand arrival
of the goose has come. Let’s welcome him to our table. – Thank you! – Thank you.

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And on the menu, you can
order a couple of different portion sizes, and I ordered the section of course, with the drumstick. She brought it over, and as soon as she brought it over, she topped it, anointed it with a sauce, and I think there’s some peanuts in the sauce. I’m not sure what else, there’s types of juices are within that sauce. But that skin of that goose, is insane! It’s golden-bronze! Roasted perfectly, and you can actually smell the aroma of that goose oil and fat.

It is an absolute trophy. I’m gonna start with
this piece right here. On the top. Oh let me pull that off real fast.

Come to get a close up look of that. It also comes with a
plum sauce, but I’m just gonna taste it just
like this, on it’s own. Oh. That is ridiculous, that skin! It’s just completely juicy, with fats and oils from that goose.

And that meat is so succulent, and it has a little bit of a
muscular texture to it. And with every bite, you
can taste that goose. Wow. Okay let me reach down here for a piece of the leg, right there.

And I’m gonna dip it more in
that sauce that came with it. What I like about it,
is it’s not too salty. And you can really taste the flavor of the goose and the succulent meat. The quality of that goose.

And for this piece, I’m gonna dip it into the sweet plum sauce. I think that’s a back bone! Wow, that skin is juicing
right now in my mouth. Okay that was an incredibly fatty piece. Maybe pure fat, we’re
about half way through the plate of goose, and this is gonna be my next bite here, you just have to fully examine this bite.

Look at that skin, it’s like a full circle of skin, and I’m not sure, at first I thought it was from the drumstick. But maybe it’s from the
wing, ’cause the drumstick is over here on the other side. But there is some meat under here, I think this is gonna be a pure, boneless bite. With just a little bit of meat.

And look at that ratio, that entire, like sleeve of skin, you need to just see this as close as
possible, to just fully appreciate and just gaze into that skin. And that bronze shimmer. What I would like to mention, is that, within the skin, not only is it just juicy and crispy, but it has such a complex flavor, you can taste
all of that, marinade. I’m sure they use a mix of
ingredients to marinate it.

And then also, you can actually taste the charcoal, roasted, flavor to it. It’s like caramelized skin,
it’s just an absolute treat. That was just the perfect amount of goose. I feel fantastic, and slightly giddy, after eating that, that skin is just it’s a remarkable thing,
it’s just unbelievable when you are eating it.

And I savored every single bite of that. Our total bill came to
654 Hong Kong dollars. Just stepping outside after that meal, that goose has nearly
put me into a slumber. (Bright music) It’s starting to drizzle again.

So I think it’s just gonna
be a rainy, drizzly day. All day long. So we are heading back to the subway, we’re gonna go back to the
hotel for a little while. (Bright music) I’m not sure if I’m suffering right now from a case of jet lag,
or a case of goose lag.

(Dripping) I decided to detour the nap, by coming down to the club lounge. And having a cup of coffee. (Loud exhale) And this view behind me, the harbor, the streets of Hong Kong. (Beeping) We are taking the subway on our way to Temple Street Night Market.

(Loud incoherent chatter) Oh wow, it is rush hour
right now in Hong Kong. (Loud incoherent chatter) At least we’re getting closer. Luckily the trains come
like, every 30 seconds, at just rush hour time, but it is packed! (Beep) We got off the subway
at Yau Ma Tei Station, and we’re gonna go to a
restaurant first for dinner, before going to Temple
Street Night Market. (Bright music) (loud chatter) In this area there are
a number of restaurants, that specialize in clay pot rice.

And I chose to come to Four Seasons. This is a great like,
open room restaurant. And they mainly have a
huge selection of clay pots of rice, with all
sorts of different toppings. I got the one with Chinese
mushroom and chicken.

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And they also specialize
in oyster omelets here. But I think I’ve had my quota for oil for the day, so I decided
not to order that. But just got the clay pot
rice, and a order of vegetable. This restaurant has an atmosphere that’s similar between, a food
court, and a garage.

For vegetable I ordered
water morning glory bowl. That’s quite a pile of
water morning glory. And then fermented bean sauce on the side. Okay, I’ll get some of this.

And get a little bit of that,
I bet that’s really salty. Yeah, it has almost a cheesy taste to it. Very salty and then, the water morning glory is still crisp
and a little bit slimy. But the vegetable is very plain, maybe just plain steamed or boiled.

Because it’s meant to eat with this sauce. For flavoring. It only took about five minutes and the clay pot has
arrived, hot and fresh. As soon as he brings over the clay pot they you pay for your meal.

And they have the orders written on these little pieces of paper. Which are kinda like half
stuck to your dishes. Oh, that steam smells awesome. Oh it’s so fragrant! It’s like a soothing fragrance.

The rice you can smell that fresh steamed rice with a little bit
of a roasted aroma to it. You can smell that chicken
and those mushrooms. And you can see how the chicken is almost like melted onto the rice. What you have to immediately do is give it a squirt of the sauce.

I think this is dark
soy sauce of some sort. Alright I’ll just go for
a little bit at first. Okay what I’ll do is I’ll dish some of it out into my little bowl. Get that piece of chicken.

Oh it does smell incredibly good. That mushroom. Let me go in with my spoon. Get a bit more of that rice.

Let me just taste some of that rice first. That is really, really, smokey tasting. And I think I got a
little piece of the crust. From the clay pot on that bite.

It tastes like the chicken has been marinated maybe in some oyster sauce. Before it was tossed on top of the rice. And yeah the chicken almost
has a melt-y feel to it. This is just straight comfort food.

Chicken and rice, and a
smokey clay pot fragrance. The rice almost has a nutty flavor. Next I’ll try some of this chili sauce. Oh yeah.

Oh, that’s very salty. You gotta use just a tiny
bit of that chili sauce. Really, really, salty. You gotta really splash on the sauce.

You gotta like coat your whole rice in it. It tastes so good. I think it’s soy sauce but maybe with a little bit of sweetness in it. And I’m just going with that rice right out of the pot, on that crusty edge.

Yeah, with that sauce all over it, and that crusty, smokey, nutty edge. That was good, fragrant, a simple taste. But I like that sauce! That soy sauce, just a little bit of a sweet tinge, but it’s not like the thick dark soy sauce. But it tasted really good with that rice.

And the, like melting pieces of chicken. Hello! (Laughing) And that is right, just one lane over from Temple Street, so now we’re walking over to Temple Street, we’re gonna walk around the night
market for a little while. At the Temple Street Night Market, you will find all sorts of random things. From electronics and batteries, to flashlights, and clothes,
and cell phone cases.

Bracelets, antiques,
clothes, CD’s and DVD’s, all sorts of random things. (Bright pop music) I’m gonna go ahead and end the video for today, right now, Ying and I. Are gonna leisurely stroll around for a little while, and then take the metro back to our hotel. Thank you all very much for watching today’s video, please remember to give it a thumbs up, if you enjoyed it.

Also, if you are new watching this video, be sure to click subscribe for lot’s more food and travel videos. Thank you for watching today’s video, and I will see you on the next video! We are on our way, we just took the subway, whoa, I almost ran into a parking meter, we took the subway. That just slid out of my chopsticks! Wait one more time!.

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