Travel To Relax – Maine and Boston Travel The End of our BFF Girls’ Trip

Maine and Boston Travel The End of our BFF Girls' TripVoice over: On our last full day in Maine, we went to
Acadia National Park, where we strolled along Sand Beach and watched as children braved
the cold to play in the surf.  (Music) (sound of waves and people talking in the background) Voice over: As we drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain, the fog lifted, revealing the most beautiful
sunny day.  We’re at the top of Cadillac Mountain! And we are getting a beautiful view.  (Music) Voice over: Our next stop was Bar Harbor, where we shopped and meandered and ate more lobster rolls,
while watching the pretty blue water.

We finished our day with ice cream at CJ’s Big Dipper…
And so ended our last full day in Maine.  (Music) Okay, we are going to Boston!  Voice over: We stopped at Young’s Lobster Pound for lunch–our last lobster rolls of the trip.  (Music) Voice over:
In Cambridge, we checked in at Kimpton’s Marlowe Hotel and hopped in a cab for dinner in Boston’s
North End.  Erin: Okay, after a very, very  interesting cab ride, where our cab driver
was a little bit lost– Simona: Um, not a little bit.

Severely lost. For forty minutes.
Erin: Forty minutes, yeah.  Simona: It was a forty-minute cab ride. Erin: It was a forty-minute cab ride.

To a nine-minute–it was a nine-minute drive. Erin: Yeah. So, so now we’re here at Giacomo’s
Restaurant. Simona: Is that the line for the restaurant? Erin: Oh my goodness…

let’s… Simona: Let’s find out.  Erin: So, Simona. Simona: Yes? Erin: Are you getting hungry? Simona: Starving.

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Erin: Are you looking forward to some Italian food? Simona: I am.
Very much so. Erin: Good. And how long have we been waiting? Simona: How long have we
been waiting, Erin? Erin: Forty minutes? Thirty-five? Simona: Forty-five? Erin: Forty-five?  Voice over: The wait was worth it: the food was amazing.  Erin: Now we’re here to get cannolis
from Mike’s Pastry.

Simona: And, we are gonna have maybe a hazelnut cannoli… Or– Erin:
Espresso. Simona: Espresso, or chocolate chip– Erin: Chocolate chip! Simona: Or chocolate
dipped. Erin: Chocolate chip.

Chocolate–everything. Simona: Or, chocolate ricotta. Erin: Oh my
gosh. This is becoming a problem.

Simona: This place is unbelievable.  (Laughter) Erin: Oh my gosh… All right, we’ve got our cannolis, we’re happy– Simona: Okay, we’ve got to get a cab. Erin: We’ve got our cannolis, we’re gonna get a cab and go back to our hotel.
Oh happy day.

Voice over: I couldn’t have asked for this trip to be any more wonderful
than it was. There’s nothing better than seeing beautiful places and eating beautiful food
with people you love more than anything in the world.  (Music).

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