Travel To Relax – My China Travel Tips after 47 Days of Traveling ChinaThis is China

My China Travel Tips after 47 Days of Traveling ChinaThis is ChinaTravel To Relax – My China Travel Tips after 47 Days of Traveling ChinaThis is China

Well, I’m back in Chengdu came home a little bit early from our travels around, Western China We actually cut down our travel time Just because I was so burnt out, and I wasn’t feeling that well We we came home about five days earlier And then I’m sitting there on my computer And somebody sends a message like are you in Jiuzhaigou? No we came home early? We’re supposed to be there today, and they’re like a giant earthquake hit, there About 20 people died you know tons of people injured you know the roads were closed down because of landslides we would have literally been in the park or Probably in a hotel. I think it hit around 9 p.M.. On that day So we could have been I mean We would have probably been stranded could have been injured We could have been killed If we didn’t come back Four or five days earlier than we had planned So I wanted to make the video about traveling in China Some tips what I learned what to expect I was traveling for 47 days in total along the yangtze from Chengdu to Shanghai and then flew to Gansu traveled around there and Qing hai province as well, so Let’s get into it first of all I’ve been all over the world I’ve been in South America all over Europe Southeast Asia North America and China is definitely one of the more difficult places to travel and a big big part of that is the language barrier There’s so many domestic travelers in China. There’s just so many people in China that Most of the people traveling around are chinese people so they don’t really have to set up for international tourism which means people barely Speak English I.

Went to I mean 47 days worth of hotels and I would say maybe three three hotel workers Spoke English that whole time You know compare that to say Vietnam where I would say 80% of the time somebody speaks English at the hotel So let’s start with hotels in China. There are usually some decent hotel options for maybe $20 of course it varies from City to city it mainly depends on how many options there are in the city. I think Shanghai up is more money. You know the bigger cities obviously will cost more.

I’d say 15 to 20 dollars is a good starting point and then you get up to It could be like $200 like the fancy hotels are actually more money. I find in China than they are in North America But I think a $20 hotel is fine I found that in most cases if you booked ahead, you’re going to save a little bit of money hostels are actually a pretty good option as Well if you’re younger, I don’t stay in hostels too much anymore But I did stay in one and it was one of the places where people spoke English But for most of the hotels that you stay and you’re going to want to be able to speak some Chinese If you want to do anything complicated at least like if you’re just checking in It’s not too difficult there were some times where we struggled and I can speak some Chinese but any like oddball instructions if you want if you’re looking for a place of recommendation or something don’t expect any English be spoken and sometimes is Frustrating because they won’t even try to communicate with you The good places would bring out a translator on their phone or whatever and they would translate messages And you could communicate a little bit But sometimes people would just refuse to even try they wouldn’t even try to like do hand actions They were just repeated in Chinese over and over again and other places there would just be some young girls And they were just giggle behind the counter and that gets a little frustrating you know you’re trying to communicate you’re maybe you’re Just got off a long bus ride you want to check into a hotel and just relax for a minute And there’s people like giggling behind the counter at you, but we spend a lot of time off the beaten path Which is great because it gives you a better glimpse into everyday China life You can really tell the difference between the tourist towns and the places that aren’t really Like touristy not just the way that the travel industry set up They’re like it’s harder to find a hotel in a small town with no tourism But also, just the vibe of it all It’s just not like busloads of people coming in it’s quieter, and more laid-back the people that I find you’re friendlier They’re not looking to just make money off you But it is sometimes hard to find a hotel there because the hotel has to register you with the police **** it another hotel turned us down? So sometimes we would show up at a hotel and the desk clerk would be like oh, no, you can’t stay here You’re a foreigner, and you know the same in Chinese So it’s awfully confusing and it gets frustrating if you do that three or four times, you can’t find a place to stay Sometimes we would try to book ahead, but there would be no options on C trips You can’t find any hotels that are on an english site So you don’t really know if if you’re going to be able to stay at these places in Gui De I kind of documented it a little bit in a video basically we went to a hotel they said no We can’t do it our computers are down Okay, so we go to another hotel. They say oh, it’s dirty the rooms are dirty You’ve got to go stay somewhere else place after place is saying no, and I read afterwards that a lot of times It’s because they have these computer systems that hooked up to the police station. They have it.

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It’s available But maybe the person who’s working at that time doesn’t know how to use it so they make up an excuse and you have to Go somewhere else if you are struggling to find a place you can usually rely on the places that are called international hotels But often those places are more expensive bigger fancier places AirBnb is also available in China, and it’s pretty good option. We actually stayed in a place in Shanghai it was in this old building And it’s an apartment on the top floor with a nice it had like a little rooftop patio, and it was really beautiful But the other apartments in the building as you walk up you can kind of see Glimpse into people’s lives because they would leave their doors open Just because it was hot and they wanted air circulation there was this one old lady. She was Probably like 80 or 90 years old. She would always be sitting in her chair in front of the TV like Surrounded by junk and garbage and in her apartment kind of smelled But it was interesting because we probably walked by her door 20 times it was always open and there she was sitting in her chair and It was just it was a glimpse into a life that I would ever get if I would have stayed in a hotel Like it’s just this is one of the only Possibilities of me seeing like a 90 year old lady how she lives in China? I’m so hungry, so I’m gonna go for breakfast all right.

This is a good segue into food in China Food and China to me. It’s super important because I love the food here, and it’s a big part of why we travel So we can start off with Street food Obviously, it’s super cheap. It’s often delicious Sometimes it’s a little hard to find A lot of the street food vendors will gather in one area if you don’t know where that area is You know maybe you’re not going to find anything or at least not that much you also have to worry about getting sick You know sometimes they don’t have places to wash their hands and stuff and spread germs Rather quickly, and then I guess a step up from that would be kind of tinier places they often serve noodles so many noodles if you Or I should say when you get sick of noodles while traveling you should watch for this symbol here I’m not going to actually drop it. It’s now.

It’s in front of me that means noodles and there’s just so many noodle shops they could see that all over the place those like noodle places are smaller the cheap and Good food good food But you’ll probably get sick of noodles and then Step up from that or like bigger restaurants, and more just a traditional style restaurant that you’d know in whatever country you’re from But they usually have big tables, and they’re more for people Gathering like families and friends sitting down to a dinner So if you’re by yourself, and you’ve taken a whole big table It’s just not that common to do that even a couple people It’s not that many people for a place like that But at the same time that’s where you’re going to get a lot of different dishes Because the smaller places will probably only serve one or two different things And half the time it’s noodles of course no one speaks English in any of the restaurants So it’s good to find a place that pictures on the wall or a picture menu the fancy places usually have picture menus or get an app such as Bing bing translator bing translator now has a feature where you can take a photo of the text and it will Automatically translate it for you that really helps a lot Also, another app is called dian ping. I recommend you guys get this I. Should do a separate video on how to use it because it’s all in Chinese, so it’s a little bit difficult, but you can Basically it’s like the yelp I guess of China, and you can do a proximity search find a restaurant close to you and then Look through the photos and find a place that you want to eat it find a dish you want to eat even and then to order you can just show the picture to the people in the restaurant a Lot of the restaurants will have the whole menu listed out with a picture next to it prices everything So you can order ahead of time and you show up to the restaurant just show them what you want? That helps a lot if you don’t speak any Chinese Before they do some research in the areas that you go because a lot of the dishes are very Regional they you know China has a thousand million different types of food you take you years to eat it all But one region will pretty much stick to a certain dish or queue different dishes Like you know all these restaurants in here. They’re going to serve the same same thing so there’s not a lot of variety if you’re in specially if you’re in like a small town But if it’s worth it to do the research figure out what they have in the area And then when you walk into a restaurant if you know the name of it You can probably just say it and there’s a really good chance that they’ll have it great breakfast First of all the hotel breakfast skip it It’s terrible awful.

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I would go for Baozi That’s what I usually these team trays here are symbol or symbol a good Way to recognize whether they have Baozi Baozi? No Baozi left, they are sold out Out of Baozi. I’m late. Man. You guys take so much time for me now.

I’m missing out on my breakfast jerks Do you have Baozi here? Yes Okay, they got some How many do you want? We have little Baozi This one Five How about six? The price is 1.5 Rmb for 2 six? Ok Take away? Yes, take away 4.5 Rmb for 6 Baozi 3.5 Rmb for change. The food is there Alright. I think that’s about it for food other than you watching me eat Baozi Okay, the last thing I want to talk about is transportation in China It kicks *** China’s got figured out they have more high-speed trains and all the other countries in the world combined We have to take out the chance to ride the Maglev train if I guess it’s called Maglev because it’s magnetic and levitate It actually rides a couple inches off the track and it’s super fast right through Shanghai so cool It’s just a experience. I’ve never had before just traveling and like kind of floating on air Turn corners you could feel it.

I don’t know it. Just it’s really trippy So if you get a chance to do that I would do that. It’s a little expensive but We took it to the airport saved a bunch of time And it’s really neat but once you’re off the train lines things get a bit more difficult We were in tourist towns where it’d have tons of hotels Even like Western own coffee shops would be in this town and there would be no transportation out other than the private car Maybe a few bucks or going somewhere, but even then it was difficult not they weren’t going in any places We would want to go and that’s because most people in China. They travel through tours I’ll start in a city the bus will take them there They’ll take a mirror look in there in the back of the city the locals and people like us who want to travel independently? It’s a lot harder to find a way to get from one town to another This is just in certain smaller areas like up on the mountain But we would basically just hire a car sometimes that could be cheap sometimes.

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It’d be more money. It was kind of expensive You know you have vans that that they’ll take like six or seven people the problem is you got to find the people? Who are going to the same places you actually the main way that Chinese people are doing this nowadays is through affleck who Brr? They have DiDi here and basically what they do is order a car there they even just stay where they want to go if it’s long distance and Then a guy will reply and say I can do it for this much And he’ll try to get much people and it’s just it’s easier, and you can get it for really cheap. We took a seven-hour seven or eight hour ride from in the mountains all the way back to Chengdu and The ended up costing us about 400 RMB. I believe it was which is 60 bucks, maybe it was a private car for just the two of us If we would have been on the app, we might have been able to share the ride if more people were going that way And it would have been even cheaper but Other times we would go and try to book a thing and the guys would clearly be trying to rip us off Not a bad idea to kind of walk away from the first one and we’ll try another one and just compare the prices a little Bit I’m sure we got ripped off a few times Most places you travel to we went to five bucks which wasn’t too bad, but it is hard to find information That’s accurate.

I remember we were in Xining and there was a Place we wanted to go we went to the bus station that lonely planet actually recommended Get there. No the bus doesn’t leave from here go back to the hotel. Oh Go about go to this station Okay, so they write it down for us in the next day we go head out and Give it to the taxi driver because no no no if you’re going there you don’t want that station one this one He took us to the right station, but you know when the planet was wrong and the hotel was wrong Maybe the taxi drivers are the best people to ask I don’t know We did meet some taxi drivers that didn’t really have any idea where places were big hotels where in the town? So maybe they’re not you could try chinabusguide.Com Type in where you starting where you’re going? They’ll give you times and stuff, but it’s not great Not always accurate drop the beaten path and might be Different some buses that we took we’re just like you show up you get on the bus and when it’s full they leave Sometimes we had to wait like an hour For buses we bought our tickets usually on the day And it didn’t really look at a problem at all for trains. You definitely want to book ahead though leave the day ahead Mmm.

I think that’s it Stay tuned subscribe Comment I’m going to be doing a video about these bikes sharing bicycle sharing just just blowing up in China. It’s absolutely insane It’s pretty cool actually Make sure you guys stay tuned for that and some food videos coming up as well Yeah, exciting stuff. We’ll see you in the next one.

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