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Paestum, Italy Ancient Greek TemplesJust south of the Amalfi coast
stands a dramatic reminder of the rich history
of this part of Italy. While many travel
all the way to Greece to see Greek ruins, just south of here, you can see
some marvelous Greek temples. Remember,
500 years before Christ, southern Italy was called <i>Magna Grecia,
</i> “greater Greece.” And the wonders of that
western frontier of Greece can be well appreciated
at Paestum. The town was founded by Greeks
in the 6th century B.C.

The Romans conquered it in
the 3rd century B.C. But the final conquerors
of Paestum, malaria-carrying mosquitoes, kept the site
wonderfully deserted for nearly a thousand years. The striking setting includes the remains
of three impressive temples — the lonely Temple of Ceres. The almost delicate
Temple of Hera was dedicated to the Greek goddess
of marriage in 550 B.C.

And the highlight,
the Temple of Neptune, is simply breathtaking. Constructed in 450 B.C., It’s a textbook example
of the Doric style. As well-preserved and beautiful
as the Parthenon in Athens, this huge structure is a tribute to Greek engineering
and aesthetics..

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