Travel To Relax – PARIS Travel- Eiffel Tower, Sidewalk Cafes & Subway Fun

PARIS Travel- Eiffel Tower, Sidewalk Cafes & Subway Fun Bonjour mes ami. Welcome to my video de Paris!  We are gonna explore the Eiffel Tower, duh, as well as some sidewalk cafes  the Lafayette shopping centre, restaurants the louvre and even the Paris subway system Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay tuned for the next video from Paris as well, it’s going to be  a very special one involving a very
special man Jim Morrison there I said it Au revoir!  Paris!  We’re in a beautiful little park, just walk way along the river, the Siene  now the Siene river runs straight through the heart of Paris and is actually  a tres important commercial waterway to the north of France. Here were passing the Muse du quai Branly it features mostly indigenous art but Im highly enjoying this street side installation known as the Green Wall  Like Im seriously enjoying it a bit too much. So Im here at the Eiffel Tower, its right behind me and Im going to head over and go up So were at the park right outside of the Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower did not allow us to go up their stairs because we have a bottle of wine with us So we need to drink that bottle of wine and then return that was their explicit instructions.

I guess the park in Paris is not a bad place to enjoy a bottle of Bordeaux  So we are in the line to take the stairs up to the Eiffel Tower we did not want to take the lift because the line was way too long  so were gonna really cook it on these stairs and were going get to the second floor and see where it goes   Alright, here we go He found our wind opener in the purse- the guy checking us in  and he only wanted to know what kind of wine we had drunk earlier  We told him French Bordeaux of course Use Vie Apres. Life after the Eiffel Tower I suppose. Paris is really starting to remind me of Washington, DC. I mean, this is basically just like the National Mall, and here we have  the Capitol It turns out that most of DC was inspired by French born architect Pierre Charles LEnfant who was inspired by the layout of Paris and Versailles.

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There is a lot of really cool Eiffel Tower history type stuff up here Alright, were in line for the summit. We took the stairs to the second floor which I highly recommend very good calorie burn but I guess there is no walking to the top. I would have been down for it  Beautiful, the whole city  is one white.. Kind of blur And were only on the second floor  Oh look whos first, and another queue Oh wow, my ears are popping And finally we are at the very very very tippy tippy top of the Eiffel Tower overlooking all of Paris.

360 Degree view, beautiful,  totally worth the trip up  But now we must descend, to meet a refreshing reward at the bottom Were in the Lafayette shopping area Printemps, Bonbon, and La Maison du Chocolat Tres magnifique!  So here we are on the Paris metro system It seems to be a really good system Its taking us to the area around the Musee du Louvre where were gonna have some dinner Get behind me the metro.. French food so far has been awesome and beautiful We have some fishes So basically, everything youve ever dreamed about Paris sidewalk cafes is true They are on every corner and they are all packed So whether youre having a cafe au lait, a beer, a croissant, or French vodka cocktails the sidewalk cafes are where people go to hang out   But hey, its Saturday night, were going to the club Just kidding, were hanging out at the sidewalk cafes. Ce tres chic Unless of course youre a teenager, they like to hang out in huge groups on like stairs and monuments and bridges. I saw a lot of this in Italy too It kinda looked fun Or maybe youre of the French Bourgeoisie, then you just might be partying on this amazing yacht.

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I’m jealous. Is that bottle service? Or maybe youre a tourist, then you probably found yourself here The famous pyramid right outside the Louvre And now were back on the subway for a highly entertaining ride home Au Revoir Paris! Well that guy was a real crowd pleaser- hope you enjoyed Dont forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out all my videos from Italy and the European travel series Also check out my blog for some random
travel tips on a bunch of other fun stuff at AMae.TV..

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