Travel To Relax – Patriot Group Travel Insurance – How do I use it

Patriot Group Travel Insurance - How do I use it

Hello, this is Troy Gonzales with Good Neighbor Insurance. We're going to talk about the Patriot group travel insurance, and on this international team insurance, I'm going to talk about how you could use this plan. So, let's say you have a team of people overseas, or you're on a team and you're on the Patriot group travel insurance. Its actually quite easy to use.

So let's go a little bit into the details of how to do that. Claims: of course with insurance, if something happens there's a claim. So there's a claim form that you have when you secure a policy. All the policy documents are sent to your email, & there's also a link to your claim forms.

You can download the claim form. We can send it to you. The insurance company can send it to you. It's very accessible.

So, if anything were to happen, it's very important to include the receipts, include medical records, and send all of that in with the claim form. Typically how it works outside of the U.S. And Canada, if something happens, you pay out-of-pocket, you submit a claim, and you'll be reimbursed for all the covered expenses minus the deductible. So, make sure you send in the claim form with all of the receipts and records and they'll reimburse you.

But let's give an example. So let's say you're in Germany, and you slipped in the mountains. You were doing a little bit of trekking, and you break your leg and you need medical evactuation. So let's say the leg break is really really bad, and for some reason the hospital can't treat you there.

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So the insurance company can arrange to take you to the nearest adequate medical facility, using the medical evacuation insurance. Or, let's say the medical facility can treat you, the hospital there can treat your legs. They treat you, they operate on you and the insurance company arranges a direct pay with them. All sorts of situations, but the insurance company is there to help.

So whether it's my claim, or whether it's a larger emergency, like an evacuation, the insurance company is there to help. You just need to call them using the number on your ID card. I don't have one with me, but each person will have an ID card. So actually when you secure a policy, the ID cards will come as PDFs for each person, and you can just print it out and cut it out, put it in your wallet, and there's emergency numbers there.

They're available 24/7 to help you, and if you have any claims in the U.S., There is co-insurance to go with the deductible. So in the U.S. And Canada, there is a co-insurance, which is a little bit extra out-of-pocket, but there's details of that in the brochure. If you have any questions about any of that, you can definitely ask us.

We'll be able to help you out, and we'll be able to help you understand, help you be comfortable with whatever you want to know. We have other videos about different aspects of the Patriot group travel international team insurance And we also have more information online and that's all in the description below. I hope this helps and let me know if you have questions..

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