Travel To Relax – Patriot International Travel Medical Insurance – Non-Medical Benefits

Patriot International Travel Medical Insurance - Non-Medical Benefits

This is Troy Gonzales with Good Neighbor Insurance. Today I'm going to talk about the Patriot international travel insurance. On this Patriot international travel insurance there are medical insurance benefits and there's also travel insurance benefits. So I'm gonna talk about those travel insurance benefits on this video.

All right, so there's a lot of strong coverage provided on this IMG Patriot international travel insurance. I'm just gonna go over a few. So if you have questions, you can definitely ask us. We have information online.

Click on the link in the description below and go to our webpage. Here is the brochure. A lot of what I'm gonna cover is directly off this brochure. That's how you can know the plan & make sure that you are getting what you're looking for.

So some of the travel insurance benefits: one of the biggest concerns is political evacuation. So political evacuation insurance is included, covered up to $10,000. But it's not available in every country. So if before you leave, there's a country on the travel state warning list for the U.S.

Government, that benefit is not gonna be available. Also the terrorism benefit, but that's medical insurance. Moving on. There's accidental death and dismemberment.

You can also enhance the accidental death and dismemberment insurance. So that's going to be covered up to $25,000 as is, and you can increase that if you'd like. Some of the other ones: there's natural disaster, which is $100 a day, up to 5 days. Included with that is lost luggage.

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There's trip interruption, return of minor children. There's also return of mortal remains. So if you should die overseas, they pay to get your body back, which can be very troublesome for family & friends if that has happened. So it's good that that's there.

Some of the other things that are thrown in this: the Patriot international travel insurance has identity theft assistance. There's also multi-lingual customer service, & for claims, you don't have to worry about translation because the insurance company's all prepared to handle that. They do a lot more, too, but that's more of the medical benefit side. So if you want to see and learn about the medical benefits, I've made another video with more information on medical benefits, as well as different aspects of the Patriot international insurance.

You can see that all in the description below. Like I said, if you have questions, definitely let us know. I hope this has been helpful. This is Troy, signing off..

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