Travel To Relax – Pros & Cons of 5 Popular Cruise Lines

Pros & Cons of 5 Popular Cruise Lines

Hey cruisers thank you for being so
patient I'm sorry about the delay tonight with a live stream our
microphone totally bit the dust this little guy right here was giving us a
massive amount of interference and so you guys would have just heard this
horrible crackling popping awful sound so my husband had to go and dig for the
backup mic but he couldn't find a cable so we're here thank you guys so much for
your patience we're really excited to be here tonight hope you guys had a good
work week I got out of work a little bit late tonight it was like white knuckles
on the highway to get home so we're all kinda frazzled in my house tonight but
it's Friday so I'm happy and really really glad to see all of you guys here
I saw people an hour early in the live chat tonight so that made me smile made
me really happy and we did not order pizza tonight I know I told you guys on
Wednesday we were gonna order a pizza but we didn't do that because we ended
up going out to pizza last night so we had freshly tonight I don't know if you
guys know what freshly is but it's that meal delivery service that is the food
is already cooked and it's not frozen its refrigerated and comes in a big
insulated box and you just microwave it and it's really really good and we got
some really big special on it so as I'm adjusting to this new work
schedule we wanted to have like easy meals so we're like supplementing it
with salads and stuff and it's really fun so anyway we had freshly really fast
freshly and now we are here we're so excited so what you guys think should we
talk about the pros and cons of every Cruise Line that I've ever been on I
think we should and I want to hear your opinions and I'm gonna read as many
opinions out loud as I can because this is an interactive process
I want to thank I don't know if you're here tonight but Christine Levesque I
see you Christine you are here Christine inspired this episode you guys this was
Christine's idea she said why don't you tell us the pros and cons of every line
you've ever been on and I said yes it's time let's do it this is a vlog Tober
fantasy of mine so disclaimer okay everyone has to sign
on the dotted line that you don't get to judge anybody about their opinions about
their cruise line this is an open forum this is just for fun
and my opinion is just my opinion and everybody thinks differently about every
cruise line and that's what makes us all wonderful right we're all unique and
individual how you doing mr. Cruise tips TV good okay I got the I got the okay
sign from him he's probably sweating from running around the house trying to
find a cable for the mic so yeah happy Friday you guys hey Steve hey Augusta
there's a lot of you here tonight hi Chris hi Jeff Zachary Scott James John
literally hundreds of people in the chat I wish I could say hi to everybody right
now but just a quick hello to all of you sue thank you for the compliment of my
bracelet they're from pura vida the Pierre Evita revealed that I'm gonna do
on our cruise care channel for the October monthly club bracelets is so
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make sure you're subscribed over on cruisegear and you guys let's get this
party started so I'm gonna start by talking about Carnaval
we've cruised a lot with Carnaval and I. Want to tell you some of the pros here's
what I like about Carnaval so now it's your job as I'm saying this to tell me
what you like about Carnaval and what you don't like about carnival so pros
and cons so my pros our carnival is fun they do what they promise they are the
fun ship no matter what they are fun also those ships generally speaking I
would say they are the best value at sea you're probably going to be able to find
it an affordable cruise on Carnival just about anywhere just about any time and
it's possible to take an entire family on a Carnival Cruise or less and that's
one of the things that we love about it all so you guys on Carnival this may
surprise people that their service is absolutely exceptional
the best service I think I have ever had on a cruise was on a little carnival
imagination or Carnival Inspiration four-night Catalina Ensenada cruise the
crew is top rated in the entire fleet and they they fall all over themselves
hand over foot they're friendly they're smiling they're happy they are amazing
my other big Pro with Carnival which is just simply a fact this is not my
opinion guys they have more home ports than any other
cruise line what that means is that they have a port within driving distance to
more places in the continental United States than any other cruise lines so of
course that's not possible good job mr. Cruise tips TV of course
it's not possible to drive to a carnival port from any city in the US but if you
were to compare carnivals home ports to other cruise lines you would simply find
that they have more ships in home ports available than any other now they may
have a small ship or an old ship in that port like maybe out of LA where they
have the the imagination and inspiration maybe Mobile Alabama where they have a
smaller ship the Carolinas smaller ship but they're there and I think that's a
plus my last Pro for Carnival is I.

Actually really like the food on
Carnival I don't know that everyone would agree with me on that but I think
the food is exceptional and of course guys burgers just guys burgers I mean
can you beat guys burgers you cannot so I want to see what you guys think for
the pros for carnival sagasta says I. Love the ice cream on Carnival Steve
says I love the carnival smaller ships they're not like monsters yes Roxanne
Roxanne Roxanne guys burgers thank you so much yes yes yes Cody miles says
carnival food is amazing only con I can think can't win in the casino yeah
that's totally true Rachel's that have only ever cruised on
carnival but you love it yay that's awesome let's find some more
carnival pros here guys let's see oh I'm getting a lot of people saying they like
that 24-hour ice cream okay let's see what else what else okay I'm trying to
find more you guys are moving so fast in the chat that I can hardly keep up but I
do see tons more coming in okay Williams says carnival pro warm chocolate melting
cake yes the chocolate dessert that is life-changing in carnival absolutely I
know everybody's gonna start salivating thanks a lot I know yes night audit food
is always a subjective such subject it is so incredibly true
let's see Cruiser life said Carnival has kids and adult activities alike while
adults are drinking and the casino kids can watch the comedy show or a movie or
even go to the kids club that's a good one okay there's more carnival cons
let's see what we've got here guys oh I'm sorry pros we're still on carnivals
pros yeah Susan said good food I would agree with you on that I like the food
but again it's definitely subjective Roxanna agrees that it's budget-friendly
woo Diane you're you're doing good tonight Diane peacock nailed one that I
forgot guys faster to the fun yes Allison cheeky said I've heard that
carnival is affordable and the staff is great you're absolutely right mom calm
calm mom says carnival pro yep Guys Burgers definitely definitely Edwards
says the ships are a little older but a lot of fun yes okay very cool I know
there's probably more sue said less expensive yes yes yes carnival food
we're getting a lot of people saying they like carnival food nurse Nancy said
love the staff on carnival Susan said good crews to get away steve sang
affordable affordable yeah a lot of people are saying that it's affordable
so yay I love it okay you guys you guys want to talk about some carnival cons we
have a lot more pros coming in though we've got water slides water park
breakfast to the Blue Iguana all of these are carnival pros carnival food a
lot of people like carnival food I. Understand that that is maybe not
something everybody likes uji said free wine the first night in the upcharge
restaurant yes I love that Cruiser life said carnival always has activities
available very very good okay cruisetipstv hubby over there what you
what you looking at me folk did you have something to say okay
can I can I tell them that hey guys we're gonna try to do something
different we're gonna um we're gonna run the chat overlay in the video live right
now so that when people watch this video as a replay they can see what you all
are saying because as you guys know we can't save all of these comments and I
think it's really fun for everyone to see is it working I'm gonna can I see it
oh that's cool okay so you can see the chat overlay now so I'm going to tell
you guys icons for what I consider to be
carnivals maybe not so great points and I want to see if you all agree all right
I think they nickel and dime II a little bit and I think that comes with any
cruise line so obviously when you're going to be paying a little bit less for
your cruise there's going to be up charge opportunities around every corner
because the cruise line wants to recuperate some of that cost now for me
do I consider that an issue I don't and the reason I don't is because I don't
feel like I'm being charged for things I'm not using so if I want to buy
something extra I will just buy it if not I can still completely keep to a
budget on a Carnival Cruise and as you guys know that is a huge factor for us I
think sometimes another con is that maybe Carnival even though it's a really
fun ship I think it could be a little too fun for us sometimes a little too
party you know a lot of drunk people a lot of loud people a lot of falling over
people and that's not all the time but sometimes you just want maybe to have a
quieter environment and that's not always the greatest thing but if that
really bothered me I wouldn't continue to sail on Carnival and obviously I do I
also think Carnival has a little problem with keeping old ships in the fleet you
guys have all you've listened to Tommy and always be booked and his opinion
about carnivals old ships I actually I. Don't have that strong of an opinion but
I understand that a company with that many ships and that much power behind
them come on give us in these tiny little ports give us some beautiful
ships that have a little bit more to offer so I would I would agree with that
one I think that one thing too is that carnivals dining rooms tend to be really
loud you guys saw our vlogs from carnival miracle right and you heard the
activity going on in the dining room we would take you guys with us into the
dining room at night wasn't it a lot like wild and crazy and loud in the
dining rooms constantly people singing birthday songs all that kind of stuff
and also I get really frustrated that they don't always heat their pools and
their hot tubs the pools I can understand that they're pumping in fresh
saltwater but when the hot tubs are cold on Carnival it kind of ticks me off so
those are some of my cons I want to see what everybody says about their cons
let's see here okay I'm coming up moving on up
moving on up let's see okay uh-huh let's see here oh my gosh you guys didn't want
to hear my cons okay I love this one Zachary Joe Farkas interiors and the
pool setups you don't like Joe Farkas interior Zachary do you find them a
little gaudy I kind of I kind of think it stuff is fun I love carnival miracle
because it's wacky and crazy I'm Zachary let us know what you don't like about
the pool let's see here Steve government said carnival Conn the live shows tend
to be too short excellent point I can I can agree with
that definitely all right let's look for some more cons for carnival you guys
don't have very many I can tell you that right now
Steve gue Berman has another one very few specialty restaurants on carnival I
guess on the older ships that's probably true very cool you guys are so funny
saying you don't want the cons I love that you know I'm always an optimist –
Steve Roth said cons a lot of cutbacks with carnival the ships are worn and
tired and it shows yeah I can absolutely agree with that Steve that's so true
Ryan also said on the older ships not as many dining options totally Shannon Lou
Grant said the con on carnival as things closed up too early I love it you guys
you're liking the chat overlay crystal Kong mister cruisetipstv said she'd love
in the chat overlay are you still doing it
awesome that's so fun cool okay Zachary said con a tease Vegas style interiors
and the small pools are overcrowded okay very good
uh-huh let's see here okay keep I'm gonna keep looking I'm kind of getting
behind in the chat again you guys because there's so many of you here
please forgive me if I have missed anything you've said but now that we
have the the overlay going you can check it out later all right what do you guys
think you want to switch to princess let's talk about princess so you all
know that my list of pros for princess is pretty long right so get your your
pros going for princess in the overlay first then we'll switch to cons later if
we stay on track this will be easier for me because I can read your comments guys
ooh heavily and that was a good one back to
a carnival con you guys the dining room tables are too close to each other I
totally agree with that okay let's go princess pros classy ships
classy cruise line in my opinion just feels right to me it feels just the
right amount of sophisticated without stuffy Ainsley
Thomas I love it anslee Thomas Pro on Princess Cruises is the International
Cafe for those of you who do not know about the International Cafe on Princess
it is their atrium cafe that is complimentary for most things you have
to buy certain things like espressos and some gelatos and things but they have a
lot of rotating free food from pastries and beautiful just high-end pastries and
donuts in the morning to panini breakfast sandwiches in the morning to
hot soup and beautiful salads in the afternoon and it is 24 hours I love that
too they also have high tea and you guys know I love it the high tea on princess
is included in your cruise fare it is complimentary it is fabulous and my
favorite thing about Princess absolutely my favorite thing is the mini sweet
cabin category I love mini Suites I do not sail on them very often because
they are a little bit expensive but they have bathtubs they have a sitting area
they have bigger balconies and they are wonderful to spread out in without
spending as much as you would on a full suite I am such a fan of mini Suites if
I could afford one on every cruise I.

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Would probably go on princess mini
suites for the rest of my life they also guys on princess they do a killer job of
keeping their pools and hot tubs heated sufficiently in my opinion that's a big
one for us I love the pool in the hot tub and I want it to be comfortable
that's what I'm paying for I expect that great food on princess as
well very very good excellent service generally speaking really good service I
also like the regional specialties with princess so for example if you're doing
a cruise to Alaska they're gonna do themed things like north to Alaska shows
north to Alaska entertainment north to Alaska food like free crab legs on the
last night of the cruise you guys be still my heart you know how I feel about
crab I like the way they do regional on princess they also have great deals on
photo packages on princess they really do unlimited photo packages 200 bucks on
some cruises a really good deal love it they also have killer itineraries and
you guys know that princess dominates Alaska side-by-side with Hall in America
of course be Hall in America does a beautiful job in
Alaska but they dominate in Alaska okay you guys I'm coming in I'm finding out
what your what your pros are here we go all right Jackie
princess Caribe deck larger balcony Jackie I cannot wait to tell you
something in a few minutes you and Sue need to remind me I have a surprise for
you guys okay yes sue loves the mini sweets Kathy barber Pro for princess
movies under the stars yes love love love
Alison yes princess is an amazing cruise line I love it fantastic okay what do we
have here guys night audit you've got a mini suite booked you lucky dog you are
going to love it it is the best you feel you don't feel like you're in a cruise
ship cabin you feel like you're in a palatial hotel suite it's fabulous okay
sue also loves the tea time Joey derringer loves the coffee card yes they
have a coffee a coffee punch card guys that saves you money and time it's
wonderful Michelle said another pro for princess is the reward program food food
food adult areas like the sanctuary and all amenities that are included to your
cruise fare Michelle that was a lot of good information in one little sentence
very nicely done let's see here ooh Abdullah Raja yeah a
lot of good public places and many dining venues with the best food see
also beautifully articulated thank you so much Kathy agrees that the
international cafe and their beautiful atrium great for music and people
watching and you guys Kathy was one of the winners of our international
giveaway she won one of the pouches Kathy lives in Canada congratulations
Kathy from from me live from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for
following us we appreciate you all right so yeah we've got more people saying
they like the coffee cards yes definitely yeah the loyalty the glue Lt
program is great James says do you guys think it's worth staying with one line
because of the loyalty program James do you want me to give you the short answer
the short answer is no I think you should try different cruise lines and
then when you find one you like maybe lean a little more towards them but I
really think you should get out there and try different lines we really enjoy
doing that I know you guys have seen us on princess and carnival a lot lately
a lot of times that's for convenience price driveability
and things like that okay I want to see if there's any more pros for princess
elegant ships says Kathy yes Mike and Cheryl hi guys
Pro for princess is the outstanding service always felt welcomed con not
enough ships aw you guys are so cute turning a weakness into a strength right
exactly it's so funny um yeah Brandi I like your
con we'll read that one later okay and nurse Nancy I agree with the comedy club
humor see that's totally true okay I. Think we're gonna buzz down here and see
if there's any more pros for let's see here mm-hmm okay I'm not seeing any more
night audit do you and Kathy barber know each other that'd be really funny if you
did I know you guys both live in Canada but that's an awfully that'd be an
awfully big coincidence let's see here ah Mike and Cheryl they have another Pro
for princess you guys the ultimate cruise tour like the ultimate ship tour
that sounds wonderful love it all right okay guys what do you
think we talked about the cons for princess um well I only have two I
really only have two so you guys are gonna have to come to the party on this
one I would say sometimes princess is a little too tranquil for me but I just
told you that Carnival can be a little too wild for me so what I want is I want
both I want a rock and sail away party with great music and some people dancing
not just me dancing with the cruise director the only one on the pool floor
but I you know I like a little bit of energy I like a little bit of like
contemporary music playing around the ship and sometimes I miss out a little
bit when I'm on princess to be honest um but then again it's a trade-off because
I think I probably appreciate the peace and quiet if that brings more get it
it's like the tug pull here um I also would say that princess having just
raised their drink prize package prices is there's too high
I want to say there's something like $69 per day per person certainly not as high
as Norwegian who just raised there so like eighty nine dollars a day which as
Doug Parker eloquently said on cruise Radio once you pay the tip on eighty
nine dollars a day on Norwegian even though you're getting a perk anyway and
you're not really gonna pay that you could buy a cruise for the same amount
of money so anyway that's my only for princess princess excuse me my two
let's see what you guys have Krrish said Khan's princess is not near us let's see
here Denise says they're a little expensive haha Ainsley thank you for
complimentary complimenting my dance moves okay let's see here
alright Ryan said a Khan this is a good one slow response for access office to
see if something that would be accessible for someone with a disability
II's someone that is deaf and needs interpreter I'm sorry to hear that Ryan
hopefully you can find the right person to speak with over there oh my gosh
night audit you and Cathy know each other okay that's really funny did I
know that did I know that that's really funny I can't believe that okay let's
see here Zachary you had bad crew members on your princess cruise I know
you've told me about that you had a really bad experience on princess and I
am so sorry to hear that that's terrible um let's see here I'm looking for a few
more cons Molly said the activities were too laid-back and they lost the fun
factor yeah I can see that sometimes that they're kind of tranquil and with
other cruise lines sometimes you get a little bit more a little more energy I
guess but it depends on what you're looking for
Kaylee said um princess you had long lines Darrell McCray said a con for
princesses the small balconies on the regal class oh good very good specific
information I appreciate that I haven't been on a regal class ship but someday I
will okay okay let's see Ainsley said that they had a bad experience with a
non-refundable cruise on Princess oh that's neat that's not good at all I
don't like that non-refundable deposits are terrible let's see here alright
Jackie said Khan for princess if you want to stay up late
everyone goes to bed early this to have says you could bowl at 12 a.M. On the
promenade deck oh my gosh suji Khan not a lot compared to carnival for kids
activities very true very true okay Donna said I didn't like the bathtub in
the mini suite because my head hit the shower I'm hit the ceiling when I took a
shower yeah I can see that that's it hey Gail welcome alright are we still doing
the overlay my friend yes well let us know how you feel about the overlay guys
and do you like the fact that your comments are being immortalized
you guys have to behave yourselves today don't you I love it okay let's switch
over and talk about Royal Caribbean pros and cons now I have to tell you guys
that I've only been on a couple of Royal Caribbean ships maybe two or three so I
don't have a huge amount of experience with the line but I think I have a feel
for it I think the pros on Royal Caribbean are
that you never get bored that their ships are absolutely huge hubs of
entertainment they are Vegas meets a shopping mall meets the sea meets the
circus and I think that for people who like to stay really busy and who want to
get everything kind of crammed into one vacation that is the way to go Royal
Caribbean is the way to go for you there are also tons of dining choices on Royal
Caribbean also their ships are the finest at sea cutting-edge high-tech
there is just no way that you could tell anybody that Royal Caribbean does not
have the finest innovations at sea am i right
doesn't just because I don't sail with them all the time does not mean that is
not a fact so that's probably not my opinion I'd say that's probably a fact
they are great for teens and kids if any of you guys here are teens and kids have
been on Royal Caribbean please tell me more about that and I think it's just
awesome they're always creating new and hot ships they're spending money you
guys they're spending money to make you happy and I love that I'm sure we have a
ton more pros on Royal Caribbean coming in from you all so let's see here Susan
said on Royal Caribbean love the ice show and Broadway shows Justine love's
Royal Caribbean lots to do con can be that the big ships there's um let's see
here can be a con to big ships good kids programs okay I get it I think that
makes sense charity said pro-family friendly all the
way Carolyn Lucca Pro newest mega ships yes yes Krish your thirteen-year-old son
wants to know the best teen club let's get our subscribers helping Krrish guys
who has the best teen club okay let's see here Susan Pro for Royal Caribbean
hot tubs over the side now that is awesome I love those cantilever tubs
we've got let's see here Natalie said best bed at sea best service ever
let's hear Christine says pro Royal Caribbean discounts buy a face book my
Vegas slots awesome Megan lief Ewing said that the
kids clubs are excellent and have great hours oh that's so cool yeah very true
okay Wi-Fi is fast says Mary awesome Rashida no readin says do all cruise
ships have 24 hour most of them have some kind of a 24 hour option we could
go into that on another episode sometime Susan said the adult areas are adult
only yeah that's definitely a pro being consistent sticking what you promise
right okay Anita Sebastian said pros are that the ships are gorgeous I love it
you guys have a lot of pros Abdullah Raja says the quantum class and the
Oasis class ships are a pro darrell McRae ray I'm sorry Darrell Pro from
Darrell the flow rider is a pro okay all right let's see here Zachary said when
he was a teen none of the cruise lines had teen clubs than any activity
hopefully they've gotten better Zachary let's see here
okay Natalie you got a con let's save the cons for for a few more minutes keep
them there guys for me let's see here Julia says Pro easy to go as a single
adult stuff to do easy to make friends great okay you guys Mrs W W says best
loyalty programs alright haha thanks Mike and Cheryl for the compliment we
appreciate it yeah we're trying to keep up tonight I'm feeling it I've had a
long week I'm really feeling it now let's see here oh yeah Bernie by the sea
this is a good pro on Royal late night venues yeah stuff is actually open late
at night I think that's great okay fantastic it seems like there's some
good ones coming in yeah great zachary said a pro for royal is excellent
customer service clean rooms wonderful ships amazing food Michelle said the
drink package is affordable Michelle have they had a recent change to the
drink package do you have to do both people in the cabin now with it let me
know I heard there's an exception to that though that there's a list of
exceptions you can pick from if you do not want to if two people are sailing in
a cabin and one of them has a genuine exception it would be pregnancy
recovering alcoholic or does not drink for health reasons things like that you
can actually fill out an exception form of some sort contact customer service
and they'll allow the second person to not have to dry by the drink package
okay let's see here very cool I'm glad you guys are liking the overlay
here so do you guys want to talk about some cons for Royal Caribbean I would
say some of the cons are that you have to make reservations and a lot of their
venues shows and dining I don't think I. Would like that I don't I don't like
having to over plan when I cruise that kind of drives me nuts I think that
their ships feel like Vegas to me this is my opinion guys don't get mad at me I
like something a little more mellow I.

Like to feel a little more connected to
the sea I think their ships are a little too big to for me we're gonna be doing a
really cool video in a few days here is is our cruise history video tomorrow mr.
Cruisetipstv is that scheduled for tomorrow the one that we just is it okay
you can so we have we're gonna be doing a video you guys on all the cruises
we've ever been on very very soon it was a subscriber inspired vlog tober fest 1
and we're gonna show some pictures from most of the cruises we've ever been on
and one of the things I observed when I. Was on Liberty the Seas was that the
ship felt so big to me that it was overwhelming and I got lost so to me
that was a lot would I go back on a mega ship of Royals yeah absolutely and I
kind of I want to I'm itching to do that but I don't find it as relaxing I like
to chill on my cruise yeah you like Royal Caribbean yeah what do you like
about Royal Caribbean can I put you on the spot it feels polished to my husband
and what we were talking about earlier with Royal Caribbean one of the pros is
that they're so they're always ahead of the game technically so you know
everything is the best from the from the robotic bars to just it general
technology for their for their passengers and all of the innovations
are always top notch okay back to the cons I think Royal Caribbean is a little
pricey compared to the lines that I sail on the most I think they're expensive
and I think the service is a little bit less personal as well so those are my
opinions let's see what everybody thinks here
alright Joseph said cons for Royal too many unattended kids yep I could see
that totally Bradley said cons indoor balconies are weird yeah I can see that
too there's the indoor balconies are oddly
sized from what people tell me and some people don't like that couch that are in
some of those interior ones let's see what else do you guys think
okay um other cons let's see all right okay $60 a day on the drink package
Penelope huh okay we could Wonder said the ship they were on had visible age
issues rust worn areas etc staff wasn't always the friendliest okay yeah Bernie
by the sea is agreeing agreeing with me ships can be too big Jackie didn't care
for the food yeah I'm not I I did notice the food was a little subpar and some
venues on Royal Caribbean but I've had worse food on a cruise that's for sure
Diane said the con on Royal Caribbean is are kind of hectic and it seems like
there's too many people for the shows and you need reservations for everything
yeah definitely Williams said that one of the cons on Royal is not all of the
older ships have water slides Bradley said it's packed Susan said the food is
boring lots of opinions here and hopefully you guys can see a little more
in the overlay okay so you guys in the I. Want to share something kind of a
personal story about my week with you guys
it's cruise related I promise but I had something really wonderful and exciting
happen do you guys know that we're going on a cruise to the Panama Canal in oh
*** I cannot know how long but it's coming up here in a little bit so we
booked a an interior cabin and we got an email a few months ago for my travel
agent saying that we got upgraded to an outside cabin we were so excited to get
a window so we we didn't pay a whole lot for this cruise I think it was $8.99 Per
person before port fees and taxes which was a good deal but we needed to save
some of the money that we were gonna spend on this cruise for our flight from
California to Fort Lauderdale's so we couldn't spend that much on the cruise
so one thing I was noticing it was happening on this this is caribbean
princess by the way that was happening is that the prices kept falling on the
cruise I kept noticing it but when I. Would go to contact my travel agent
about getting an upgrade she would call the cruise line or check for me and to
upgrade from an outside cabin to a balcony was always between 12 and 16
dollars per cabin and we had set a mental threshold that we would pay
somewhere between seven hundred and a thousand more per cabin so I kept trying
and I kept trying and I kept trying literally you guys three or four times a
week I would get on princess's website and look at the prices two days ago or
maybe even yesterday I got on in the morning I ran through just a regular
booking like I was a new Cruiser and the balcony cabins had gone from 1500 bucks
a person to 899 or $7.99 And I literally took a screenshot of it emailed it to my
travel agent and was like help please get on the phone with princess and see
if you can read book us and she's like you know what I'm gonna try but I want
you to know that they're probably this is for new bookings only that's what it
says very clearly on princess's website and you if they honor an upgrade they're
only gonna honor it for one cabin and I'm like okay alright well you know
that's fine just call them and see what you can do because we would basically be
getting the balcony for the same price we paid for the inside like we had to do
this maybe $200 more 200 bucks more was all it was gonna cost us per cabin which
is nothing to go from an outside to a balcony so she I get an email from her
she's like I were both on the phone one of us is on the film with one person at
princess and you know the others on the phone with the other person at princess
and you could upgrade to a balcony the balconies I wanted for $40 per person
and she's like do you want to do it I'm like heck yes get my credit card out do
what you have to do and I was so excited you guys I had adrenaline coursing
through my veins because do you know how amazing it's gonna be to have a balcony
instead of a window going through the Panama Canal and we make the choice
oftentimes to take more cruises in lesser cabins because we want to go more
so I am so excited thank you guys for celebrating with me we also got my mom
the balcony cabin right next to her so it's just so cool we're gonna be looking
over at each other on the balcony and she wants to be close to us
she likes to be close to us that was one thing that she wanted and we got that
and we're really really excited so we've got some fun things planned for you guys
for that Panama Canal cruise my husband's got some really neat things up
his sleeve for when we're passing through the Panama Canal itself we're
going to be going through the new locks who knows what he's gonna do but I know
it's gonna be cool so we'll we'll keep you we'll keep you in suspense so thanks
for very much for sharing in my joy you guys I really appreciate it
yeah Shanna you need to check those cruise prices and let your travel agent
do the work for you that's one thing I.

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Love about having a travel agent is
she's the one who got on the phone I. Couldn't do it I was at work I had no
way of doing it I had to send her an email that took me ten seconds and I had
to step away and and go do my job and you know she took care of everything for
me she rebooked it she made sure that all my settings saved and everything is
awesome so I'm really excited so thank you you guys okay
so what do you guys say we go over to Norwegian now let's talk about Norwegian
pros are you ready are you ready okay start listing your Norwegian pros in the
comments below Steve Roth get on it I know you and
Shannon are gonna have a lot of pros for me so let's do it
okay here's what we love about Norwegian you guys I love free style dining I love
free style cruising I love the fact that formal nights are optional I love the
fact that dining is not really set times I like the fact that you can you know
walk you could go to dinner in shorts every night and I absolutely love all of
the options in the specialty restaurants I love that relaxed dress code too when
you have that option you know even though we love dressing up on a cruise
and you know we do I just think it's really great to think I don't have to if
I don't want to and I think it's great I. Love seeing guys at dinner in shorts
that look like the kind of guys who want to go to dinner sure you know what I
mean and they'll be wearing their nice and why I'm sure but thank *** those
shorts and their Birkenstocks on and they are rocking it and I like to see
that I think it's great I know a lot of people appreciate that okay don't laugh
at me you guys but another Norwegian Pro that I like I really love is that they
have coffee pots little teeny tiny mini coffee pots in the rooms I drink my
coffee faster than I get of bed to go brush my teeth in the
morning like if I could have my coffee in bed if I didn't have to get up so
darn early I would we had a coffee pot next to our bed for many many years we
are coffee people so I love that they have little coffee pots I don't think
they have them in every tab in category maybe not insides and outsides but once
you get to a balcony you get a coffee pot I love that they have an amazing
variety of dining venues on Norwegian and that food in those in those
specialty dining venues I'll talk about the main dining room later is
exceptional from the Brazilian steakhouse where they have a huge salad
bar and they walk by with unlimited amounts of carved meat to the teppanyaki
to the steak houses to the Italian to the Paris bistros I love them all so
much almost to the point where when we go on a Norwegian cruise that's where
I'm going to put on some weight because you're eating fabulous food all
the time it's like it's like going out for that you know your anniversary
dinner every single night it's crazy they also have pretty darn cutting-edge
ships I think Norwegian a little different
from Royal Caribbean in the way that they're innovating but they're always
trying to innovate and they are on the cutting edge and I love the fact that
they're trying to be different trying new things I think it's wonderful I also
love that they have digital photo galleries and some of their ships now no
more printed out photos you go to a monitor you enter some of your personal
information and all of your photos pop up I think that is the coolest thing
ever I love that waisting photo paper always makes me kind of sad I think they
have killer activities on Norwegian from karaoke to shows to a massive amount of
evening entertainment it's Norwegian just really does a great job and that's
one thing that we very much enjoy also I. Love the fact that they have poolside
barbecues have you guys seen those giant troughs of Paia
that they make poolside and the big chickens they roast out there I think
it's wonderful so let's read about some of your pros okay here we go okay
TP says there's a lot of Norwegian escape vlogs out there some good ones I
don't know if it's loud on the ship yes you should definitely see if we can get
some responses okay Abdullah said pros an amazing varieties
of active from from child friends let's see here
Michelle Michener says great entertainment specialty dining is really
good especially the sushi I agree brandy Crossley said I love the coffee
pots made coffee and sat on the balcony yeah brandy is there anything better
that's makes you feel like you're on vacation when you don't have to go get
your coffee somewhere right yeah yeah totally okay let's see here oh hi Cheryl
you made it good I know you had a busy night good to see you here and Nita I
love this one any miss Sebastian said the white heart pod white hot party not
potty is so much fun you don't want a white hot potty you want a white hot
party do you guys know what you need is talking about everybody dresses in white
and they have like a huge party on the pool deck it looks amazing when
everybody is in their white clothes guys get out their white pants and their
white shirts women are in gorgeous white dresses even little kids are in white we
love it we actually dressed in white on our
Norwegian jewel cruises and we didn't really even go to a party we just walked
around in our white clothes it was really funny but we embraced it it was
really fun um let's see here Bradley Cici says that some of the pros
for Norwegian are that their fleet their fleet interior feels the newest and most
modern to you yes I completely agree okay let's see here haha oh my goodness
there's so many funny ones in here okay looks like wicked Wonder said they love
their cabin the room steward was awesome and you loved your towel out of animals
okay oh yeah Carolyn good one you can get a solo cabin on Norwegian and not
have to pay double rates for a single person that's a big one you guys there's
no other cruise lines that I know of right now they're doing such great
things for solo travelers Roxanne said another Pro from Norwegian
their Hawaii cruises are amazing Bradley Pro The Haven yes new beginnings the
Freestyle atmosphere yes Alicia specialty restaurants Sharon said lots
of things to do let's see here who said no formal nights Kristin said no formal
nights yes agreed okay recon 1a said the number one Pro is
their specialty dining packages off the hook yeah I totally agree the recon 1a
we are doing when we do Norwegian bliss we did get the perk package we paid way
more for the cruise than we should have of course because the perks not really
free but we're getting the dining package and the drink
I'm like oh my gosh what am I gonna do I've never had a drink package I'm
terrified okay let's see here studio cabin studio cabins and more studio
cabins Colin and Judy are saying go for those studio cabins love it lots of
people are commenting on this the solo cabins you guys I totally agree
freestyle cruising yep yep absolutely you guys Wow there's so darn many of you
making comments that I don't think I'm gonna be able to hit all of them but a
couple more that are coming in here for Norwegian great water parks from Colin
let's see here okay Zachary said Norwegian has the comfy
beds and specialty restaurants yes Bradley likes the preper ultimate
beverage package yeah totally if you're gonna do it that's the way to do to wait
to do it okay what do you guys think want to switch over to the cons okay
let's talk about the cons for Norwegian I'm just gonna come out and write right
out and say I do not like their dining room food I don't think it's very good
maybe they've made improvements in the last year and a half but oh we avoided
it it wasn't very good at all and they were the dining rooms are a little
crowded for lunch and breakfast the dinner ones we found little nooks but I
think that they weren't they were a little bit it was a little annoying I
think some of the cabins on Norwegian are smaller too especially on their
older ships and their balconies are smaller so you're you know your average
balcony size cabin is also smaller I.

Think they nickel and dime eeeh a little
bit on Norwegian because of freestyle cruising there's a lot of opportunities
to buy more stuff and I get myself into a little more trouble on Norwegian
because of the fact that there's a lot of ala carte options I think sometimes –
one of the problems I have nor with Norwegian is there's a little too much
to think about those dining reservations that freestyle dining having to always
think about where I'm gonna dine and what time and all of that just kind of
stresses me out a little bit so it's not my favorite thing and again I'm gonna
repeat myself but I don't like that they don't always keep their pools heated and
their hot tubs hot that you know how I. Feel about that I don't need to say
anymore okay let's find out what your cons are oh bishi you hit on something I
forgot about in my list they don't have self-serve laundry guys
that makes me angry because I don't want to pay 30 bucks for my laundry
six and do it myself that $30 for a bag of laundry her and I had to do laundry
on my last cruise so yeah bishi you are so right
very very very annoying okay Sharon said Colin smokey casino which carries out
into other areas yeah that's bad that is bad
let's see here Steve Ross said cons NCL. Does not pay MLB for the rights to
broadcast the World Series missing the Cubs win last year because that that is
redonkulous why don't they do that that is so weird is it that expensive jeepers
how crazy Bradley said bad customer service for him on Norwegian can't
remove mandatory tips well while there is poor service when you get off the
ship yeah we actually tried to shift some tips from one cabin to another it
was not removing them but shifting them and they won't let you take you can't do
anything with tips I never remove tips but there are definitely they they're
very strict about that on Norwegian I. Suppose sometimes that protects their
staff but other times it removes the flexibility so Colin said expensive
Wi-Fi TP said a Colin you have to pay for some of the shows oh yeah good point
Anita said no more lobster nights on NCL.

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okay Molly Manning said cons when booking they're covered in alcove
balconies are not listed clearly same prices in normal balcony this has
happened to many of you and others very crowded pools says Colin Mary says slow
Wi-Fi alight Wi-Fi like dial-up slow how annoying that is not good boy I'm
sounding snobby right okay what other cons do we have here Oh Zachary said the
con is that Norwegians Miami terminal is bad 2.5 Hours in line all to get your
room keys yeah pretty bad apathetic workers in the terminal that kind of
stuff bugs me too I don't like that okay that's that's some good ones you guys
let's move on to Hall in America how many Holland America cruisers do we have
in the house you guys do we have a lot of you here or are there not very many
Holland America cruisers let me know let's see some comments about who likes
to cruise on haul in America thirsty I need a break alright I've got
more people complaining about the smoke on Norwegian huh huh
alright any nerve any Holland America cruisers in the house
sue you alright well let's talk about it okay Ainsley Hall in America all the way
there we go now they're rolling in okay so here's my pros for Hall in America
I love Hall in America and if there were more ships right next to my little
backyard I'd be on them more often I. Think that they are wonderful Ansley
said uro dam and Western AM are her faves is it Euro **** or euro Dom I
think it's **** they call them the **** ships Zachary I don't know if you'd like
all in America I'm not sure yet um let's see here yeah lots of all in America
folks okay good now we're talking you guys very good okay so some of the pros
for you guys leave your pros for all in America okay let me know and I'm going
to tell you mine number one excellent food best best main
dining room food in the business I've never had better main dining room food
than on Hall in America it's exquisite if you guys watch Scott's senior cruises
and you're watching his vlogs from the noir down to Alaska he put it
beautifully when he said that their food is basically main dining room food is
like specialty dining food it's amazing very high-end very consistent very good
and not gourmet weird stuffy food they have a lot of options but you could have
a good variety of comfort food meets American food meets international meets
everything it's wonderful their service on how is fabulous some of the best
service we've ever had has been on haul in America ships it's been a while since
we've been on one but we're anxious to get back on a haul in America ship they
also have really great itineraries to the Caribbean and to Canada and New
England those are some of my favorite places to focus on when I'm looking at
Holland America and those are some of the cruises we have been on with them
really like the way they mix it up a little bit in those two areas I think
they offer something really cool I love that how is traditional I love that they
offer the quintessential ship borderline sometimes small ship
experience one of the most beautiful cruises we ever went on was that maasdam
cruise on the camp to Canada a New England mm that I think we showed you a
few pictures of in our last video fantastic
love the fact that they have some exciting new ships out to howl is
definitely on a cutting edge their entertainment their technology and their
larger ships are cutting edge and I. Really think they're doing wonderful
things and last but not least I don't know if you can beat halt in America for
their exotic itineraries they really have a lot to offer in the exotics so if
that's something you're looking for go for it let's see what you guys have to
say Bradley said that Holland America's rooms are bigger yeah you guys are
talking about sports now you're so funny Eric John said great service on haul in
America yes exactly Amy Rogers you're going on the
koningsdam March 5th oh yeah Holland America is your fav that sounds
wonderful Ainsley said when you were a kid the service was amazing the staff
noticed you loved to chocolate milks with breakfast and after two days they'd
have them ready for you every day you felt like a queen yeah exactly it's so
true Mike and Cheryl you guys already move into the cons oh my gosh you guys
are so cute okay let's see so let's talk about the cons you guys I'm seeing a lot
of people who are ready to go there I. Think that the cons with Holland America
sometimes they're a little pricey I.

Think they're a little outside of budget
compared to princess and carnival in my opinion and I think my second con is
that they have kind of gaudy interiors on some of their older ships just wacky
weird ugly weird stuff so let's see what you guys think the cons are I actually
agree with Mike and Cheryl's that they're a little bit of an a little
older demographic now I have to say though that we enjoy cruising with older
people and we generally gravitate towards cruise lines where the average
passenger is literally over 60 but I. Think on Holland America sometimes the
vibe can be a little too chill you guys have heard me tell this story a few
times before but I was listening to somebody on a message board some time
tell a story about different cruise lines and they said
that you know they said you know how royal caribbean's tagline is oh my gosh
what is it it was um oh no I can't remember their tagline you guys can you
tell them a little bit tired tonight Royal Caribbean's tagline is get out
there okay and the Holland America fan fan people responded with I'm fine right
here Thanks and that's exactly how it feels to be on a hall in America ship
although that's not a bad thing so yeah I can I can say that they're a little
bit of an older demographic okay let's see what you guys think
let's see mom calm said house older ships are Warren Bradley said they're
very stuffy and they're better for older people
Zachary said that their parents sailed on Holland America recently and said the
food and service was on par with celebrity but the average age was 70 to
80 and they felt like the kids yeah that's exactly that's very true that's
not necessarily a bad thing but it is true you're not gonna have a lot of
crazy screaming kids on Holland America cruise yeah Ryan I would agree with you
a little more expensive maybe not ideal for kids and families we've actually
done we did have an extended family cruise on Holland America but it was a
seven night Mexican Riviera and it was a very mainstream and there were loads of
families on it but for the more long and exotic itinerary is not quite so much
Joe Steen it's good to know that you got a good deal on Holland America that's
very cool Christine said smaller ships with Hal equals smaller boutique ports
yes definitely any definitely you guys okay hi Paula welcome glad you made it I
can't believe you guys have switched over to sports this is amazing so funny
oh okay let's see let's see here Mike and Cheryl said Cherie I think if you
ever did a cruise with everyone here it would be an awesome party behind yeah
exactly I know I would never sleep right Oobi
hilarious Abdullah Raja says Khan's feels really old-fashioned and not
modern enough Joseph said Khan's everyone goes to bed
way too early the nightclub is empty at 10 p.M. Yeah totally
Anita said the price is a little bit of a major con
yeah definitely Elaine I would say best quality food I'm gonna give Hall in
America the win and/or Norwegian specialty restaurants okay all right you
guys so yes Ryan Hall in America does have a
Kids program yeah they do they do they do they do okay you guys so we're gonna
wrap up in five more minutes we're sticking with our hour here I hope you
guys enjoyed this I think it was really fun to talk about the pros and cons I
think one of the reasons I've waited so long to do this is because I feel like
it's an opinion topic it's not facts by any means and I was I don't want to
Antley and hate anyone by giving you my opinions so you know just kind of
throwing that out there so you guys want to hear what's in the future for us and
what's going on so if log tober Fest is going great
where we have a lot of fun episode's coming up you're gonna be seeing that
your cruise history one where we tell you finally we counted how many cruises
we've been on and we reveal that even though I did some bad math and we make
fun of that in the video and we're gonna show you some pictures that
never-before-seen cruise tips TV. Pictures coming up soon my son and I are
going on a train trip together soon and we're gonna be filming on the train if
it's stable and if there's not a noise problem I feel like I always have to
give that disclaimer because the train is very rocky so I love train trips and
I'm really looking forward to unwinding a little bit and snuggling my little boy
and maybe even taking my adult coloring book and zoning out a little bit you
guys know I'm a bad relaxer but one of the few places that I do really a really
good job of relaxing is on the train so I'm looking forward to that and I hope
to bring you guys some episodes from from my little Amtrak experience I'll
let you know and we have gotten literally hundreds of episode ideas from
you guys because we asked you for them and so I want to thank everyone so much
for all about for that Bradlee I didn't talk about celebrity because I've never
been on a celebrity cruise and I didn't feel like that would be right so I want
to just let you know that I'm sorry but the moment I go on a celebrity cruise I
promise to give you my opinion Jacob I.

Didn't know Holland America had Fried
Chicken best fried chicken at sea I. Loved it
Sharon's weighing in on her celebrity pro since we didn't talk about celebrity
today why don't we say we'll collect Sharon have the floor here celebrity Pro
clean chips okay food Conn boring not enough
to do but gamble eat and shop yeah and I. Guess that could probably be said of any
cruise line – okay you guys so I think we're wrapping it up now Meghan I'm
sorry you just got here and now we're signing off but enjoy the replay we had
a lot of fun tonight I feel like I'm forgetting something oh I know what I'm
forgetting I'm forgetting to tell you guys about our livestream that's coming
up on October 21st which most of you who have already heard about so Saturday
October 21st my son and I will be back from our road trip and our train trip
and we're gonna talk about holiday cruising we're gonna talk about
Christmas we're gonna talk about New Year's Thanksgiving and also Halloween
I'm really really excited to to share what I know about about holiday cruising
but I'm also really excited to hear from others who have been on holiday cruises
that have something to share thank you very much Joseph for the
awesome shout out to mr. Cruisetipstv he does very quietly work hard behind the
scenes he is definitely the engine in this little family so we appreciate him
all right you guys I don't want to leave but thank you so much for hanging out
with us on this Friday night go enjoy your weekends will probably pop up with
some surprise live streams next week I.

Don't know when but I really liked our
Wednesday night livestream that was amazing we had over 245 of you in the
chat as a night audit so wonderfully pointed out to us which was amazing
thank you guys for your loyalty and support we always have a lot of fun with
you and we really appreciate when you bring information to the live streams
too because we do not have all the knowledge in the world and we really
need you guys and we love learning new things I learned something new every
single time that we we join you guys so for those of you like Zachary who have
been on Christmas cruises please if you can join us for that live stream on the
21st of October if you'd like to leave me some comments here on this particular
video when it saves to replay about your holiday cruising tips I'd love to
incorporate them into that live stream so we're signing off you guys thank you
so much bye-bye good night have a wonderful weekend
time we'll see on the high seas Hey click me to subscribe.

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