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Southern Italy Travel Skills Naples' Urban JungleI always like to say, “if you
like Italy as far south as Rome, go further south because
Italy gets better. If Italy is getting on your nerves by the time you
get down to Rome, don’t go further south because it gets worse,” okay. Italy intensifies as you plunge
deeper. Let’s take a few minutes and look at Italy, south of Rome.

You know
when you go down to Naples you find an urban jungle of Italy. It is Italy in the
extreme, and for a lot of people it’s just too much, but I
absolutely love Naples. It’s a wonderful
place to enjoy, it’s the birthplace of pizza, it’s the
birthplace, I believe, of Sophia Loren, it’s a place where you’ve got incredible
street markets, and it’s a place where, if you have good information, you can enjoy
it and you can enjoy it safely, in spite of its rough-and-tumble reputation. Here’s
a couple I met with ripped out pages from my cruise guide, I want to remind you
that the cruise ships park right there, a 10 minute walk from all the
rough-and-tumble you’d imagine in Naples, and you can get out, if
you’re well-organized, and enjoy Naples, either as a side trip, you can settle in, and you can
do it as a day from your cruise ship.

There’s something called “life in the
street” that people even with a lot of money choose to have. They want to live
right downtown. In Naples, people like the noise at night, they want to be close to
it, they live in the streets. There’s a lot of problems.

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I’m routinely in Naples
when there’s a strike and they’re not emptying the garbage. And the garbage is
stacking up in the streets, and it starts to smell a little bit ripe.
I’m not gonna sweet, you know, sugar
coat it, Italy is rough- and-tumble, but in that package is some
of the most rewarding travel you can enjoy in Italy and in all of Europe..

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