Travel to Relax – Spain Food in Barcelona,Grilled Shrimp and Sardines

Spain Food in Barcelona - Grilled Shrimp and Sardines + FC Barcelona Camp Nou Tour!

– Saved the plate of just
gorgeous prawns, for the last. Oh, the head oil! Oh, all the shrimp juices! (Upbeat instrumental music) Good morning everyone, it's Mark Wiens with migrationology.Com,
in Barcelona, Spain, just took the metro to
Barceloneta station, and we are taking a little
walk into the neighborhood on our way to go eat. (Lively electronic music) Have some bad news. The restaurant, which is
called La Cova Fumada, and it's a restaurant that
many of you recommended, and I was really looking
forward to eating here in Barcelona, they are on vacation, looks like for the entire
month of August, so, that's alright, no
problem, I'm a little bit disappointed, though, the
food here looks amazing.

If you come to Barcelona, even though I won't have a chance to eat here, it will probably be an
amazing place to eat. Trying to figure out
now where to eat next. Found another place, on our way there now, should be just a little short walk away. (Upbeat electronic music) (people speaking in foreign language) I'm at a restaurant called Can Mano, and this is just a little restaurant, sort of a hole-in-the-wall,
but this is an amazing little place, we are very
close to the beach here, and it feels like you're on the beach, this is like a beach type of restaurant, they specialize in many
different seafood dishes, I've just ordered a few different plates, but I'm starting off with a coffee, and I ordered a cafe Americano.

I'm loving the ambiance in here, though, it is a friendly, kinda local spot, people come here to
socialize, to hang out, and especially, to eat the seafood. Gracias. He just brought out a
plate of fried eggplant, and it's so hot and fresh that
I can actually feel the heat coming off of it. Okay.

Gracias. Gracias. Oh, wow! All the other dishes
have all just arrived. Oh, this is overwhelmingly beautiful, but I still have to
start with that eggplant.

Yeah, I can actually feel the
heat of the fried eggplant coming onto my face,
radiating onto my face. Gracias! That's hot and fresh. It's creamy on the inside,
and crispy on the outside, just the right amount of
batter so it's not too heavy, but it gives it a nice crispiness. I am overwhelmed with joy right now.

Everything is hot and
fresh, right out of the oil, or right off the grill. This one is the fried eggplant. I think these ones are anchovies, and these little fish, I'm not
totally sure what they are, but they're little fish, and then also I got some grilled
sardines, and then also, this is just an insanely
beautiful plate of prawns, which I think they are grilled, I think they're grilled and
then topped with this beautiful oil sauce, looks like with parsley, and looks like a lot of
garlic in that sauce as well. Oh, this is just such pretty, delicious, amazing-looking seafood.

I'll start with some of these little fish. Actually, let me just grab a little guy. You don't even feel the
bones in that, at all! Oh, those are like little fish chips. They're just soft all the way through, and then crispy with that batter.

Let me take a forkful. A forkful of these little guys. Next, let me go in for these sardines, and I will turn the face
over towards you guys. Let me grab that lemon.

Okay. Oh, I'm going for this
middle guy right here. That is beautiful. All sardines.

I wonder, these are kinda big, so, yeah, I think I can eat the whole thing. I'm going head-first. Oh, that sauce! Oh, that garlicky, like
garlicky herb sauce. Is it parsley? That is just awesomely
simple, and wonderful, and refreshing.

The fish, you can just bite
through the entire face and everything. And then, they're just
cooked perfectly, they are light and creamy on the
inside, and then with that, that topping of garlic
and herbs, it's fantastic, and then just with that
squeeze of lemon juice. And I may as well finish off
that tail while I'm at it. And I think these are the anchovies.

Little bit of lemon. Let me pick up my… And that's nice and salty. The sardines are not too salty, this is one more of a,
like fried, salty snack.

Equally as delicious. And again, I love eating little fish, because they're slightly
dry, but then you can taste the oils that are in them,
you can taste the fleshiness of them, and what I
love is that you can eat the entire thing. The bones, the tail, these are headless, but they are fantastically good. And finally, I saved the
plate of just gorgeous prawns for the last, and I love
how they've arranged them in a circular, they're
like spokes, on the plate.

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I'm gonna, oh, that's pretty. Aw, all of their heads
are meeting in the middle. I'm gonna go in with
a little bit of lemon. The lemon on everything is just fantastic.

Take one of these guys. Then break off his head, and I, oh! Oh, the head oil! Oh, all the shrimp juices,
okay I'm gonna eat that first! This is the best part of the prawn. Wow! That is insane! That is so buttery! And it has a sweet flavor to it. Wow.

That's remarkable. Oh, and that sauce that is on it has a wonderful, garlicky taste, and also, again, that same parsley herb, some kind of herb flavor. But that shrimp butter is just remarkable. It's an amazing thing in the world.

Wow. These are just insane, look
at that vein running down it. I'm so excited that I'm
fumbling with the peeling. Wow.

This is one of the best things
I've eaten in Barcelona. Wow, those are impressively,
insanely delicious. I am loving everything about this meal. But the two dishes that
I just can't get over, number one, are those sardines, and number two, are those prawns, just absolutely sensational.

These prawns are just gems. Just get a really close-up look at what is inside of this head. I'm gonna squeeze it, and
what's gonna come out, be careful for this! Oh! That sort of reminds
me of a runny egg yolk, except it's richer and creamier, with a little bit of a sweetness, and a hint of a bitterness,
and then with that garlicky oily sauce on it. Yeah, you can eat the shell
and all, it's so soft.

That was a remarkable meal
in Barcelona, I loved it, I especially love those
prawns, the sardines were good, the anchovies were good,
the eggplant was good, the little fish were good,
amazing food, amazing place, a family-run restaurant,
and actually, they just, they closed as I was eating in here, so, many people have left,
and we are one of the last people remaining, but I
just finished, so we're about to get out of here, this
was just a meal experience in Barcelona that I would
not trade for anything. (Lively electronic music) We are walking over to the metro, and we are heading to Camp Nou, which is the home of
Barcelona Football Club. Actually, change of plans, I looked it up and it will be more
direct to take the bus, so we're at the bus stop now. That took about 30 minutes,
but we are right at the base of the stadium.

And unfortunately, I'm in Barcelona, and it is not the football season, I would have really loved
to watch a match live at the stadium, but instead,
we're gonna just take a tour of the stadium and go to the museum. For football, soccer fans
from around the world, and especially for Barcelona
football club fans, this is a pilgrimage destination. And again, I pre-booked my tickets online, it was easy to get in, and
we are gonna walk around and explore, I think we'll be
able to get into the museum, and hopefully into the stadium as well. Wow.

That is a lot of trophies! When I was a kid, I
watched a lot of football, a lot of soccer, I was a big
fan, and recently, though, I haven't had a lot of
time to follow football, but I still love to when
I can, and I remember a lot of the names, the
players that I used to follow. Rivaldo was one of my childhood heroes. I am about to view the cabinet
of UEFA Champions League trophies. And at the time of making this video, they have five European championships.

2014 To 15. (Lively electronic music) I'm just getting my
first view of Camp Nou, the whole stadium, it
has a capacity of 99,354, and what really strikes
me as amazing is that, I mean, the field is at the bottom, but there's very little space, there's not a track around the outside, the field is right there,
and so you can imagine if the stadium was full
of people cheering, and the players, they seem so close, because there's so little
space around the field, other than the field itself. And then the final part
of this experience, walking up the steps where the players, the Barcelona players come
to enter the football match. And now entering into the changing room.

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Oh, massage tables! That was definitely an
experience, pretty cool to see, not only does it walk you
through all of the trophies in the museum, but then you
get different perspectives and views of the stadium. If you are a sports
lover, this is a must-do when you visit Barcelona. It never ends. And I did that little
ending a little premature! There's still one more place to see, and that is the gigantic
Barcelona superstore, where you can buy any kind
of jersey, shoes, clothes.

Just look at the size
of the store, it's huge! That took about two hours,
and also, I just wanted to share that, the
reason I originally know about the city of Barcelona
from when I was a kid, is because of their
football team, originally, so that was cool to see,
couldn't compare for me to watching a real match at the stadium, that would've been really amazing, but it was still interesting
to see the museum, and then also get a look at the stadium. We just walked back to the bus stop, and we are taking the bus
back to our area of town. (Upbeat electronic music) I think this afternoon, we're just gonna kinda walk around leisurely, maybe do a little bit of shopping. Right, Ying? And, we're just gonna kinda take it easy, because this is our last day in Barcelona.

– Hola! (Speaking in foreign language) House wine? – [Employee] Yeah, red? – Red. Okay, so, we did a little bit of shopping, and we just happened to
be walking in this area, and I noticed Tapas 24,
and it is about four p.M. In the afternoon, so I thought, this is the perfect time to
have a little afternoon snack, and I know this place
can get extremely busy in a couple of hours, they
have a few tables outside, but then you come downstairs,
kind of in the basement area, and that's where the real tapas bar is. This is a place that many
of you recommended me, so I am happy to be here,
oh, and here comes the first.

Which one is this? – Hi!
– Hello! Is this the– – [Employee] The king crab salad. – Oh, this is the king crab salad, okay. I got a glass of the house red wine. This is a king crab salad with avocado, and it's quite an interesting look to it, I'm not sure what's all in here, but it's served with these
little pieces of toast, there is roe on the bottom.

I'm not where the king
crab, or where the avocado, oh, there's the, oh
there are layers to this. I will add some of this
to this piece of toast. Might need to add a little bit more. Oh, yes, how's that for a first bite? That is a little blob of cream, I think.

Then with the king crab,
with the pureed avocado, and then with the salty
salmon roe in there, just kind of exploding
with salty, fishy juices. One of the most famous tapas here is what they call the ****** sandwich, and it's a little sandwich,
there's cheese in the middle, as well as jamon, and so,
I just had to try this. That's like the ultimate grilled cheese. And I love the ratio of
bread to cheese and ham.

Oh, wow. And what I like is, it's not too salty, but it's filled with cheese,
it's just that one layer of jamon which gives it flavor, and then the crispy, buttery bread. Wow. That is an amazing little snack.

And then I also ordered la bomba, and this is a potato cutlet,
with, I think there's some, some kind of meat in the middle. Oh, that is deep-fried to a crispiness! I'm gonna take a spoon
and just crack it open and see what's inside. Oh yeah, it's filled with meat. Fantastic.

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Oh, wow! That's awesome! It's so crispy around the
crust, around the edges, and then it's so creamy in the middle, and then with that salty mincemeat. Mm! That is extraordinarily tasty and salty. That's a wonderful little tapa. That is a very trendy
tapas bar in Barcelona, the sandwich and the la
bomba, that was delicious, it's a little cozy place,
but I'm if it gets really packed in there, it has
an amazing feeling to it, I'm glad I had a chance to try it, but it is a pretty expensive place.

If you kept on eating, you
could spend a fortune there, it's not cheap. Oh, this one is the cod salad? Okay, gracias. We hung out at the hotel
for a little while, and now have come out for dinner, eating kind of an early
dinner, by Barcelona standards, but we are hungry, and
tomorrow we're leaving, so I wanted to have dinner. Just came to a restaurant
that is very close to where we're staying,
just around the corner.

This is a salad de bacalla, which is cod, and there's tomatoes in
here, there are onions drizzled in a sauce,
and some parsley on top. Oh, this looks fantastic! Oh, so the cod, I think
the cod is just on the top, and then on the top, is that
cod too, or just onions? Let me taste, oh. Mm! I think that's salted cod, and then, that's very refreshing, with
the tomatoes and the onions. And then I also got a plate of bread, this is a beautiful plate of bread which is rubbed in
tomato, maybe some garlic and some olive oil, I'm thinking? Mm! I love how they rub the bread
with a little bit of tomato, to give it a little bit of
an extra taste dimension to the bread.

Gracias. Thank you. That was just the appetizer,
and now the main dishes have arrived. Ying and I are splitting
two different dishes.

This one is hake, which is a type of fish, and look at the size of this
hake steak, or is it stuffed? No, there's just a piece
stuck in the middle of it. But I don't think it's, it's
just a whole piece of fish. And then I also ordered
the beef short ribs. And these are huge as well,
just at the size of this plate, it's like, this is a huge plate of…

Alright. Let me sample this! I think this fish is similar to a cod, I don't know if I've ever had it before. Mm! The texture is very soft, and it has that little rubbery factor when
you press your teeth together, but at the same time, it feels
kind of like a light fish. Mm! Delicious, and then that's just a white, maybe buttery sauce.

Gravy. It's quite plain, but it's
just a good piece of fish! Okay, let me reach over
for the short ribs. There are huge, and two
of them, not just one piece of short rib, but two! Wow. Let me slice right into
the middle of this.

Oh, that's a lot of meat. Okay. Okay, I'm gonna need to
get a little stronger with my cutting. Alright.

Mm! It's a little bit tough, but
I think it's quite plain, maybe just with a little bit
of salt before it's grilled. Maybe with some pepper. Mm! That is good meat, though. Finished with dinner, that food was a little bit on the plain side for me, and the steak was pretty tough, I'm working my jaw right now, but that's, that's a decent little neighborhood place, a lot of people came just to have a drink and to have some tapas
while we were eating there, we're just slowly walking
back to the hotel right now, so I'm gonna end the vlog for today now, this is our last full day in Barcelona, tomorrow, we are flying to Lisbon, so many more vlogs to come.

Please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and also, make sure you subscribe for lots more food and travel videos, thank you again for watching,
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