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Sydney, AustraliaJaycation Travel GuideThe Rocks & Wanderers GameAlright Guys, so were here hanging out
at Sydney Harbour. Just a short hour and a half journey from Gold Coast Airport, we have
arrived in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We just landed in Sydney, Australia. Been
waiting for this for a long time.

The next three days, were here. Check out a soccer
game tonight, the Wanderers. Meet up with some friends and have a good time. Were
at the airport right now.

Got to figure out a way to get to downtown. Lets do it! We
got the bags, headed over to Sydney Harbour. The YHA Sydney Harbour on the Rocks. Were
here at the Air Train.

It was $17.40 For a one-way to downtown. Were going to get
off at the Circular Quay exit. Its actually pronounced Circular Key you moron not Quuuay.
Jaycation Nation were out here in Sydney, Sydney Harbour. Right in front of me is the
Sydney Harbour Bridge, we got some cruise ships around here.

We got my first look at
right now at the Sydney Opera House. Were here at the Sydney Harbour YHA on the Rocks.
Couldnt check-in because I got here early. Heres my little gripe session right here.
So you cant check-in until 2 oclock and they dont have luggage hold for you
so you have to pay five bucks for a locker. Granted thats not that much but youre
still paying five bucks for a locker.

And the WiFi is not free, if you want fast WiFi.
So I like it, its clean, its a nice hostel, a little expensive but its kind
of annoying. Were walking down the Rocks, a really hilly area. Some music going on,
we got a little street fair, a lot of people roaming around checking out the tents. Were
walking over to the Rocks Caf.So here we are at the Rocks Caf going to try out a
Crocodile Burger.

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Hi! (Hi.) Walking in. (Walking in, Alright.) Just me. (OK, inside and outside
so anywhere you prefer) Lets sit outside. (Please.) Cool, Thank you.

Take my first bite
out of the Crocodile Burger. Lets check it out. Mmmm, Crocodiles good. It almost
taste like, its very creamy, like a little limey taste to it and its almost like a
Turkey Burger but its Crocodile.

Yup. I. Was that hungry and it was that good. In the
mood for some ice cream now.

So Jaycationers were here by the Sydney Harbour. Were
hanging out, right behind me is a cruise ship and the Sydney Opera House. Its a little
grey today, Im waiting for the sky to get a little more blue so we can take some nice
pictures, take some good shots but it looks like its about to start sprinkling so we
got some time. About to go to the Wanderers Game tonight, check out some Soccer, hang
out with Kellie and Phil and soak in the Sydney lifestyle over here.

So remember what Maddy
said back when he dropped me off back at the Airport. Theres one place in downtown Sydney
called Jackson, corner of Jackson and something. They got good Fish and Chips and Ribs. Jacksons
on George, right there.

We are in Sydney at the Starbucks Coffee, its real near Jacksons
on George and the Shangri-La so if youre looking for your mug, come straight here.
Its near the Rocks. So not even the Gold Coast had these Tumblers. After walking around
for like 20 minutes, found it. Gelatissimo.

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Lets check it out. Need some Ice Cream.
Got Pistachio and Salted Caramel. Man, Im tired. Its back to the hostel for a nap!
At the rooftop of my hostel, theres the Opera House and the bridge, this is awesome,
this is really cool.

Were off to the Sydney Wanderers Game with Kellie and Philly. Philly
is about to pick me up and were gonna go to the game. Im here with Philly! (Hey,Hey!)
Cheers, Philly. Where we at buddy? (We are at Downtown Leichhardt, a local pub.

We are
at The Royal. Good food, good beer, good times.) Nice man. We met at the Running of the Bulls
in 2013 and been friends since then. (Thats right.) Were headed to the Sydney Wanderers,
Perth Game.

Go Wanderers! (Thats it.) I. Got FC Barcelona on of course. (Well get
him a jersey!) **** get me a jersey! What are we drinking? (Weve got a Golden Chancer,
James Squires, good beer.) Its good stuff. Well have a couple of these tonight.
Cheers! (Cheers!) So were here with Kellie and Phil! (Hello!) Were at the Wanderers,
whats this stadium called? (Pirtek Stadium, Parramatta, Western Sydney.) Nice! (Yeah.)
Game starts in about half an hour.

(Yes!) Were gonna check it out and have some beers.
(Yes. Many Beers.) I got the jersey on, Phil loaned me the jersey. (Hey, hey! We got the
winning side on here) We got the winning side on. I got an FC Barcelona jersey too so were
both winners tonight.

(Thats it!) Now its time for some pre-game introductions. Ronalds
on the 62nd minute Star Forward Romeo Castelen scored a goal for the home team the Wanderers.
So I got a beef pie, Phil says its **** (it does.) But Ill try it. Well see
how I feel after.

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A few minutes later, the Perth Glory strike back and score a penalty
kick goal to tie the game. Behind their supportive fans, the Wanderers rally back and win the
game 2-1! WINNERS! YEAHH! WANDERERS!! We got pie! Yeah! Hiiii. Newtown Pies. I dont
know what kind of pie I got its like Bacon and something.

(Bacon and meat!) Bacon and
meat? (Bacon and meat.) What do you got? (I. Went a bacon, cheese and avocado.) See, healthy!
Avocado! (Oh la la!) That thats good fat for you. (That is.) See your fat down. (Nothing
like good fat at midnight!) Were here at Coogee Beach.

Right behind us is a great view
of Bondi Beach. We are here at Manly Wharf. Welcome to Manly Beach!.

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