Travel To Relax – Sydney in Winter Day

Sydney in Winter - DayTravel To Relax – Sydney in Winter Day

Sydney is more than just the harbour and the CBD. The lively inner city neighbourhoods
that surround the city centre are hot spots of creativity.  I’m Joe, I’m a Hotel Club member I’m a lover of Sydney. I’m here to start with some breakfast in Surry Hills.

Reuben Hills is about sustainable coffee roasted in-house and a Latin American
cuisine with a twist. It’s a happy face that we’ve got happening here. What I love about Surry Hills is all the back streets, the laneways. You can find all these hidden gems.

One of the best hidden gems
is the Brett Whiteley Studio.  Brett Whiteley actually lived here… You can almost feel he is here still, can’t you?  Absolutely you can. Head down Crown St, turn right at Oxford, over Taylor Square and you’re in Paddington.

The shopping precinct. And this is the intersection. It’s the only place in Australia where it’s just Australian designers all in
one spot. Rachel Gilbert specialises in evening cocktail wear.

It’s really beautiful. You may have heard of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame?  Well we’ve got the Walk of Style right here in Paddington Village. Another must-see in Paddington is William Street. It’s a really cute
little spot.

Gift shops and boutiques, chocolate shops, fashion. I think I know why it’s called The Corner Shop. Yes, it’s on a corner! We stock a lot of international designers that have like massive cult followings, like Isabel Marant and Kenzo, and we also stock some of the best Australian designers as well, which is great. Did I mention that Paddington Village
has some the best pubs in Sydney? The Four in Hand, The Bellevue, The London and of course, the magnificent Lord Dudley.

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For lunch, I reckon it’s worth popping over to Woollahra, just next to Paddington, to ‘Chissy’ (Chiswick). With our 150m square garden that we’ve got out there I picked some produce this
morning for a dish that we’re going to try today Chiswick’s seasonal menu is designed by co-owner, Matt Moran. Oh, that’s delicious. To get from the villages down to the harbour you come down Oxford street which is
actually an old indigenous pathway down the ridge lines, and you come to Hyde Park, which is the transition from the villages to the harbour.

So you’ve probably heard of that one but across from Circular Quay is the Museum of Contemporary Art. From Circular Quay, hop on a ferry over to Cremorne. This is the Cremorne Point foreshore walk. It’s not as famous as the Bondi to Bronte over on the East But it’s a real local treasure, and you can see why.

The harbour, the harbour pools this is really what sets Sydney apart
from the rest the world.  When you’re on the north side, you come down to Lavendar Bay and The Deck Bar here at Luna Park, and you see the bridge and the city from another whole aspect. Sydney is such a naturally beautiful place and it always has been and always will be. But what I love is that the culture has
caught up to the natural beauty and that is what makes Sydney so
special right now..

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