Travel To Relax – Taking the train in Germany from Frankfurt to Berlin

Taking the train in Germany from Frankfurt to BerlinHaving just arrived in Germany from Thailand,
we were still dealing with jet lag when we arrived at the train station in Frankfurt. Our time in Asia has officially expired. We
are here in Europe and we’re starting our European adventures. Right now we’re in the
Frankfurt train station taking the train all the way to Berlin.

We can’t wait to get on
board. We are in a fancy little compartment here
en route to Berlin. When we were booking our tickets we saw they had a special and it was
only an additional ten Euros to travel in first class. We figured since it was a pretty
long trip that we would splurge a little.

Now we have this whole compartment to ourselves.
Check it out. Traveling by train really allowed us to see
the contrast between countryside and urban centers. Some of the highlights included passing
by cute little hillside towns, windmills and spotting urban graffiti. What do you have over there? Well, I’m already
enjoying my German baked goods.

I found a pretzel sandwich with salami and cheese and
vegetables. This is my little snack for the trip. The last time we took a train ride was in
Thailand and it was third class. We were sitting on hard metallic seats.

What a difference
this is. This seat I have here you can recline all the way back. It is super comfy. I can’t get over just how quiet this train
ride is.

I’m used to the rattling old Indian and Thai trains. The only other train system
that I’ve taken that is on par with this was the KTX in Korea. This has easily been one of the most comfortable
train rides I’ve ever been on. I can’t wait to do more train travel all around Europe..

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