THE MOST POPULAR BEACH OF ITALYHey guys, this is Positano town. Along Amalfi Coast. And this area right where I stand is called
Colle Del Ara. Its a small little place that you could stay.

Ahh but, the issue here is you have to go
down if you wanna have dinner all the way to that town there. And this town is very interesting because
there are a few movies that has been made here. One of this movie which my husband found out
is Only YOU a very romantic movie. So try to check it out.

The Vulcan Visu, is that active? But which one os more active? The Etna or
this one? This? Oh. Hello guys, right now we are standing here
in Rimini Italy by the beach side. And its night time here. So I am just doing some videos but tomorrow
I will show you more.

I know where the hotel is.
Ya We have to go back that way. Papi can I have some ice-cream? You are the one who is carrying the wallet
so don’t ask me. It’s Gelato time, Its 2.50? Or? Ah it’s 2.20. Maybe I have a 20 here or not? Yes, Graci.

Hey guys, introducing you the Potong Beach. Here in Rimini Italy. Ohh Ya! Hey guys right here right now, we
are in Villa Luiga, at Rimini Italy. And I want to make a review about this place

Where we stay, ah its a comfortable bed and
its right in the center of Rimini, just walk across there will be a beach which I am going
to show you in awhile. And If you happen to come here, use this hotel. They have a very reasonable price and the
breakfast is amazing. And guess wha? They just made me a very nice egg, really yummy
without asking, its really Italy hee, actually its a egg omelette with a touch of a bacon
and it is perfect combination.

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And the, it’s very very touching for me really,
I feel so loved and I really love Italy and I love Italian people. Guess what? What do normally Asian do? So, asians including Singapore and Philippines,
we go to the mall, but guess the Italian where do they go? Tsadahh, they go to the beach. And look at
this umbrellas, millions, millions of Umbrellas. Potong is nothing compare to Rimini Italy.

There you are. Rimini, Rimenishing! Okay Okay, Ora, abate, time to exercise. Okay! There she walk with a walking stick..

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