Travel To Relax – The Very Best Things to do in Brooklyn

The Very Best Things to do in Brooklyn

Welcome to New York When traveling to New York City Many people often only think of the sites
in downtown Manhatten, But there are a lot of exciting neighbourhoods
around the city that are worth a visit too. A lot of people, when they think of New York,
they just think they have to stay downtown in Manhattan
Do you have any recommendations on why they should consider Brooklyn as a place to stay.
Brooklyn really gives you the opportunity to experience really what the true New Yorker
sort of lives like. We took the subway yesterday and it took us
no time it was like literally a couple of stops and we were in Manhattan,
Make sure to get your Metro Card when you are here in New York City,
You get unlimited travel on trains and buses for seven days for only thirty bucks. Prego, from here in Brooklyn.

And do you have any favourite restaurants
that you can suggest that people go to? I have a couple
One of my favourite is called Saraghina They have incredible pizza, but they also
have a real nice rotating menu every day. Octopus salad is the best! Octopus, mmm There's Peaches Hot House it's right around
the corner, It's got some of the best fried chicken in
Brooklyn you know. Peaches Hot House Chicken and man it's good. Brooklyn has some of the best pizza and when you're here, you better go to Grimaldi's The best way to get to Brooklyn, is walk across the Brooklyn Bridge! And behind me is the neighbourhood known as Dumbo One of the hottest neighbourhoods in Brooklyn is Williamsburg.

Come to Coney Island. So when you come to New York City, Make sure
you consider coming to stay in Brooklyn, it's really quiet, we've been sleeping great
and you get a lot more space..

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