Travel To Relax – Things to do in China Travel Guide Guangxi Province (Guilin, Yangshuo, Li River, Rice Terraces)

Things to do in China Travel Guide Guangxi Province (Guilin, Yangshuo, Li River, Rice Terraces)Travel To Relax – Things to do in China Travel Guide Guangxi Province (Guilin, Yangshuo, Li River, Rice Terraces)

So tonight is our very last night in Yangshuo,
a charming little town in Southwestern China, so we’re going to show you around the main
strip. Background music playing.
So our first stop is going to be the street food market. I haven’t eaten in maybe two
hours, so it’s time to get a snack. So you’re officially starving.

Starving. Ravenous!
Background music playing. So what are you going to have?
Some meat. Oh la la.

On a stick? Background music playing.
Alright, happy boy with this meat. Let’s see how this tastes. Hot? Very tender. Very smokey.
Well seasoned.

This is good stuff. So I notice that she put lots of spices while she was
cooking this. It’s really spicy! I’m just tasting that now. Oh, it’s hot!
Oh, that’s got some nice kick to it.

Really tasty.
Background music playing. Another favorite of yours. What are you having
this time? We’re getting the ever popular backpacker meal the banana pancake. Oh la

This time Chinese style. Background music playing.
Alright, big bite. Piping hot. I can barely hold this.

This is a different style. They actually smush the banana and put it right in the middle.
As opposed to cutting it into little slices. Is it tasty? Yeah. It’s good.
If I had to choose between Guilin and Yangshuo the two most popular cities in this region
it’s definitely Yangshuo.

It’s a more historic town. It’s a lot more pedestrian friendly
and there are great things to eat here. Background music playing.
Man playing flute. Lady playing flute.
Background music playing.

As we were wandering around the night market
tonight we had lots of people come up to us and ask to take photos beside us. At least
probably four or five times and we finally filmed the last one. It was really cool. We
were like celebrities in China.

Yeah, almost famous.
So, this market had some pretty cool souvenirs. We saw fake Chinese passports if you want
to take one of those home. They also had combs carved out of ox bone. They had these stamps
where you can get your Chinese name carved on them and then you can just sign documents
that way which is pretty cool.

Today we are visiting a local hill tribe that
just lives a few hours outside of Guilin and we’ve come here because this community is
known for the women’s long hair. They grow it out and it’s almost a meter and a half
long and we’re actually going to be watching a performance where they spin their hair and
wrap it up and show us how they wear it. Singing.
Singing and music. Singing with announcer.
Music and singing.

Music playing.
Chinese singing. Drumming.
So that was one of the funniest performances to watch because I guess in this culture the
women show the men they care for them by pinching their butts, so some foreigners got brought
on stage to help demonstrate how things work and they were just having their little buns
pinched and it was quite fun to watch. So Sam, you saw a bit of action today didn’t
you? I can’t remember the last time I had my **** pinched that many times. So as part
of the marriage ceremony the participants had to get up on stage and also sing to their

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Luckily none of them seemed very shy. They did a good job. What if they had chosen
you to go up and sing? Hahahaha. I would have butchered it.

Today we’re in between Guilin and Yangshuo
and we’re doing a special river cruise down the Li River.
So this tour is going to be an hour and a half long and we’re going to get to enjoy
some pretty stunning landscapes, so I’m pretty excited about it.
When I came here two years ago it was hazy and foggy. Now it’s a gorgeous glorious day.
Background music playing. Same same.
Background music playing. Here we are at the Longji Rice Fields which
are located just outside of Guilin.

We’ve had such good luck. Check out the weather
and the views behind. Background music playing.
So we are hiking up to one of the viewing platforms. This is going to be tough because
it’s like forty degrees outside and we’re been told it’ll take 30 minutes to one hour
depending on our pace.

So I’m trying to stay hydrated. Audrey is going to have to workout
today. Awwwww. It’s tired.

It’s so cute. Hello!
Background music playing. I don’t know. Update number two.

Still struggling.
Even sweatier but we’re slowly gaining ground. Watch out! You may die along the way. And
there is someone behind you. Sam over here just met a cat.

Meow. Meow.
Meow. Meow. Who can meow the loudest? Well, thankfully we’ve been training for these
steps at our hostel.

We’re on the fifth floor so we’re used to going up and down the stairs
everyday. And we tend to forget things which means we have to run up and down multiple
times a day. True story. We just went the wrong way so now we have
to go down all of these steps.

And back up. Background music playing.
Well, that concludes our sweat fest. I mean trek. It was great I just wish it could have
been twenty degrees cooler.

Background music playing.
Purrrrr Okay, so it’s early morning here in Yangshuo.
It’s about eight o’clock and the town is still sleepy. There is hardly any people on the
street, so we’re going to go have breakfast at our favorite Israeli restaurant and then
we’re going to bike around the area. Background music playing.
We’ve only been in Yangshuo for three days yet we’ve eaten at this very restaurant seven
times. Cafe Mimosa.

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What is so amazing about it? When it’s good,
it’s good. You come back. So what are we having for breakfast this morning? Let’s see. Well,
my favorite feature here are two things.

We’ve got homemade fresh banana bread. MMMM. It’s
just got so many nuts and different ingredients in it. It’s really tasty.

Really healthy.
And then anytime I can get my hands on hummus in the morning. Oh my. With fresh pita. Fresh,
fresh, fresh.

We have some museli. I got myself some eggs and a nice cup of tea. We’re happy.
Background music playing. One of the best views in Yangshuo is unfortunately
by the Ronald McDonald.

Background music playing.
Chinese music playing in the park. We’ve rented a couple of bikes and we’ve decided
to spend our last morning exploring around the countryside areas of Yangshuo. They were
pretty cheap. Just under two dollars for each bike.
Background music playing.

Hello. Hello.
So we’ve been biking for a while now and we’ve reached the countryside, so we’re just taking
a little break here by this lily pond. Background music playing.
So now after a long bike ride we’re just hanging out on the rooftop of our hostel Monkey Jane
and it has some amazing views. Check it out.

Background music playing. So we finally made it to Guilin. We’ve been
waiting for things to cool down and now that it is evening we’re going to give you a little
tour of the place. Background music playing.
So I’m not sure we want to be walking through that tunnel when it gets a bit later in the
day because it is pretty dark in there and there are no lights.

And people aren’t using
their headlights. Background music playing.
When I was in Guilin two years ago this area right here used to all be traditional homes.
One of my favorite restaurants was here. A. Really good Chinese restaurant.

I used to
love wandering around here. Now it’s just new development.
Background music playing. So this is the Guilin main square. It gets
really busy here at night.

Lots of shops, restaurants, eateries. You can do it all here.
Background music playing. Chinese singing.
Background music playing. So we are now at the lake and the main attraction
are the these two pagodas that light up at night.
Background music playing.

Oh, that mapo tofu looks so good. Really generous
sized portion. Mix it in with my rice a bit.
Please don’t be course. Oh hot! Oh hot!
Too hot to handle? It’s nice and spicy.

Really flavorful. Fresh
tofu. Mmmmmmm.
What are you having over there? Over here I’ve got deep fried taro *****. And as you
can see they have a generous amount of caramel sauce.

Really sweet and delicious.
Really crunchy on the outside, moist and chewy on the inside. Really sweet. Delicious. It’s
almost like a dessert.

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Honking noises.
Well, that’s our first night in Guilin. I. Think we’re both ready to get some rest and
tomorrow we’re going to visit some rice terraces, so we’ll make a video there. Well, it’s hard to believe but our time in
Hong Kong has already expired.

Today we’re taking a train ride. Where are we going? We’re
crossing over into China. Hong Kong, of course, is a part of China but this is a Special Administrative
Region, so we’re actually going through immigration to get into Mainland China today. This is
the first time we’ve taken a train where we’ve had to go through immigration to cross somewhere,
so this should be interesting.

Background music playing.
We are in Guangzho. Apparently there are two train stations. We arrived at the one that
is on the East End of the City and we had to get across town to the other and it was
difficult but we need to keep going. Background music playing.
So right now we are in Guangzho station waiting for our train to Guilin.

And we happen to
be waiting in the VIP room. Background music playing.
There is no tea in this tea room. We’re going to Guilin.
Uh, we’re looking for number ten. Background music playing.
So we’re in the dining cart now getting ready to have dinner.

Let’s see what is on the menu
if we can even read it. We barely got a seat here.
Background music playing. Decision time. So we did manage to find an
English menu which makes things a lot easier.

Background music playing.
Fish one. Tofu with pork. One. Okay.

Rice. One Rice? Okay. Beer. One.

Okay. Ah, green
tea – one. Okay. Background music playing.
So this is the friend fish with a sweet and sour sauce.

It’s got some pineapple on top
And then we have the pork with tofu over here which looks really tasty and some rice to
go along with it. And of course a beer. Sam had to get his beer.
Taking the skin off. Trying to get at the meat.

There it is. Mmmmm. It’s nice and salty.
Well, how are you enjoying that tofu? It’s not bad. It’s really spicy.
Background music playing.

Good morning. We are almost in Guilin. Our
train has been delayed about an hour and a half. So we’re just hanging out in the dining

Breakfast isn’t being served for some reason so we’re just enjoying what is left
over of our snacks from yesterday, so a few salty peanuts. These little hazelnut cakes.
Water chestnut cakes? Yeah. And that’s about it.
Background music playing..

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