Travel To Relax – Top 10 Places to Visit in Chile

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chile

Hola! Let me introduce you to Chile one of my favorite countries in South America. Due to its long and narrow shape Chile is
one of the most diverse countries on the continent. Therefore backpacking in Chile is very
attractive but also time-consuming in matters covering distances.  I put together this list of the top 10 places to visit in Chile to show you the highlights of the country.

This one shouldn't be missed when in South America as the National Park Torres del Paine
offers so much diversity in a comparably tiny area: glaciers, lagoons, impressive mountain ranges, grasslands and green forests. You've possibly seen those caves in
pictures all over the internet and collections
like "Places to See Before You Die". Actually not many people have
seen those caves in person as they are located at the southern part
of the Carretera Austral inside the second largest lake
of South America. It took me a few days to get there by
hitchhiking but it was worth all the efforts The Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world but it has a lot to offer.

The Moon Valley, flamingos at
colorful lagoons, sand boarding, volcanoes and an amazing view of the night sky. If you like penguins this is the place
to go. Close to Punta Arenas you
are able to go on an excursion to isla magdalena: an island which more
than 50.000 Penguins call home. Hard to access in rural Patagonia it takes a
lot of time to get there.

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Which also means that you
won't find many people visiting this place. I made my way from el Chaltn to
Candelario Mansilla and then to Villa O'Higgins. This river is one of the world's best spots for whitewater rafting. This is what you should do there
to experience the beauty beauty of the Futaleufu river.

Pucan is located between the
lake and the Villarrica Volcano. After the way up I was simply overwhelmed by the view. Another cool volcano is close to
puerto varas and looks pretty much like the little brother of Mount Fuji. Getting up the Osorno volcano is
easier as there is a street which leads to the top.

The view is different but also impressive! I love to wander the streets of the colorful
port city Valparaiso. It is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage. I spend a whole week in Valparaiso photographing the fantastic street art
and enjoying the views from the many hills. If you're up for adventures
the Carretera Austral is your playground! Right at the beginning you have to cross
the many fjords between Puerto Montt and Chaiten.

You will feel like being in Scandinavia. There you have it!  If you're planning a trip to Chile check out the free travel guides on my website. Find more travel videos from
Chile on my channel! Thanks for watching!.

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