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TOP 15 THINGS TO DO IN HONG KONG - Travel Guide4KIf you thought Hong Kong was just skyscrapers
and bright lights, guess again. Its a mix of both dazzling cityscapes and
the jaw dropping landscapes that surround it. Here are my top favorite things we did in
Hong Kong. 1.

Buy an Octopus Card before you do any exploring. This handy little card got us around the city
by bus, train, tram, and ferry. We are navigating the streets of Hong Kong. We’re doing good.

I’m proud of us. And when you leave Hong Kong, you can return
the card and get any money back thats left on the card. 2. Hop on the Star Ferry.

Star Ferry boats are a pleasant way to see
Victoria Harbour. Ferry rides in Hong Kong are also a popular
way to get around, but Id consider avoiding the high speed ferriesapparently the increase
in fast ferry traffic has been gravely endangering Hong Kongs pink dolphin population. 3. Take in the view from Victoria Peak.

While this is the more touristy way to see
the Hong Kong skyline, its one you cant leave without experiencing. We rode up by bus, which is the cheaper route,
and rode back down by Peak Tram. At Victoria Peak, you can enjoy the skyline
for free or you can pay to go up further to the Sky Terrace 428 for the highest panoramic
view. It feels like it took forever to get up here
to the Sky Deck but it is so worth it especially at night to see Hong Kong all lit up.

Show them, let them see for themselves. It’s so beautiful. 4. My personal favorite.

Hike Lion Rock! To me, the view is even better than Victoria
Peak, and its free. Its not very popular amongst tourists,
which is why it was so great. I only ran into a few locals and they were
all very friendly, so even though I tackled this hike alone, I never felt unsafe. Wow, oh my gosh.

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Yeah very good. So he said Hong Kong island is over there
and then this is the Kowloon Peninsula. Right? Yes. Hello.

Hello! What’s your name? Look Look. He’s so nice, I ran into him right before
I got to the peak and he offered to come up with me and show me a little bit of what I
was actually looking at over the viewpoint. Thank you so much. You’re welcome.

5. A more posh way to experience a good view,
is to sip a cocktail at a rooftop bar. We went to OZONE, the rooftop sky bar at the
Ritz Carlton. Beware though; they strictly enforce their
dress code after 9pm.

6. Dont just have a cocktail with a good view. Wake up to one! There are plenty of hotels in Hong Kong with
good views, but we chose Hotel Icon. Theyll even pick you up in a Tesla, my
favorite car company, if you book one of their clubs or suites for 2 or more nights.

7. See a Symphony of Lights. Every night at 8pm, youll see colorful
lights and laser beams bursting from the skyline on both sides of Victoria Harbour. 8.

Stroll along the Promenade. For more amazing views, walk along the Tsim
Sha Tsui Promenade where you can enjoy gazing at the architecture right along the water. We’re walking back to our hotel and one thing
that we’ve noticed is that almost everywhere you stop, there’s just a really pretty view
to take in. Yep.

9. Shop for electronics! Although its not as cheap as it was several
years ago, if you go to the right places, you might be able to find some good bargains. You can probably go to Amazon and get this
for cheaper. But I haven’t begun the negotiation process
so I’m pretty sure it can go down lower if you attempt to negotiate with them.

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This place is huge! I’ve never seen so many electronics in my
life. That was just one level. There’s still more to go. 10.

Experience the Street Markets. We went to Temple Street Night Market where
Karl got to practice his negotiation skills. He wants to buy a karaoke microphone just
so that he can annoy me when we get back home. Say something I’m giving up on you.

I never go anywhere without this bag, it always
come in handy for something. So we started out at HK $380 and this guy
was a firm negotiator like he wouldn’t budge for nothing. I had to walk around and act like I saw it
cheaper somewhere else. 11.

If youre feeling adventurous, try some
street food, especially dim sum if you come across it. Fried sweet potato? Mmm, this is really good, you should try it. 12. For a cultural experience, visit Tai O, a
fishing village on stilts located on Lantau Island.

Here you can walk around the village, eat
traditional Cantonese food, and take a boat tour. The boat tours often advertise pink dolphin
sightings, but sadly these beautiful creatures are in danger of becoming extinct due to pollution
and large scale construction. You can help them by following some of the
advice in my Eco-Friendly Travel Tips video, like avoiding plastic and other things that
end up in the ocean like skin products that contain microbeads. You can also contact Hong Kongs ferry companies
to ask them to slow down or sign the petition to reroute ferry traffic.

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13. See the Big Buddha. You can do this during the same excursion
you make to Tai O village since its nearby. I didn’t even realize the Big Buddha was right
behind us as we were walking away from it but look how big that thing is.

14. While visiting the Big Buddha, you can also
explore Ngong Ping village. But, heads up, dont expect a traditional
cultural experience. This is a more commercialized area, complete
with Western familiarities like Starbucks and Subway.

15. And finally, ride on the Ngong Ping Cable
Car for some beautiful scenery. Its best to do this while its still
light out though. Unfortunately, we didnt quite make it before

Also when you leave Hong Kong, dont forget
to turn that Octopus Card in to get refunded for the remaining balance on the card! Want to see more of our adventures in Asia? Check out our entire honeymoon playlist and
dont forget to like this video and subscribe for more. Thanks for watching and Ill catch YOU on
the next flight..

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