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– Hi, good morning, what can I do for you? – Hi guys, where do you want to go? We can schedule your dreams trip. – And even with incredible prices, you totally
can afford it! – We went to Cancun the last holiday; can
you find out information about a different place? – Yes, and It was the funniest vacations ever. – Yes, we can find out information about a
different place. – We are planning the longest trip in history
– We hope visit the most beautiful places on earth.

– Our Agency offers the most appropriate travel
destinations in accordance with your budget. – Only choose a destination and we will book
the best hotel for you, all inclusive. – We thought traveling around Europe, however
we considered that south America is cheaper than Europe. – Last year we had fun in central America,
Cuba is the funniest country, but Costa Rica is better about food.

– There are 3 options to Europe, the first
one is the most expensive, but is the best. – The second one is the longest, but is less
interesting than others, the third option is the busiest, you will visit all countries
in 20 days. – We can't spend much money due to are several
days, perhaps Mr. Farris, our English teacher can lend us some money.

– Hopefully we can pay a 2 stars hotel
or we can share a smaller room. – Then, whats is the best option for you? – I think the third option is the best. – Don't forget the least expensive travel
can be the most exciting. – No, we prefer the third option.

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– Perfect, we have a deal..

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