Travel To Relax – Travel Guide to Eataly Downtown

Travel To Relax – Travel Guide to Eataly Downtown My rating: 5 out of 5

Travel Guide to Eataly Downtown ! NYC FLOG #7Travel To Relax – Travel Guide to Eataly Downtown

Hey guys, salut ! This is Alex. So today I’m sharing – or should I say tonight – I am sharing a special moment of my New York City Flog. It’s the review of downtown Eataly. So, Eataly is an italian market place.

There are two places like this in New York I think : one in mid Manhattan and one in downtown (the one I went to) But also, there are many in the world like for example Korea, Japan, Turkey, umhhhh …. Many in Eataly but NONE in France ! There might be a business opportunity there … But I hardly see myself, The French Guy Cooking, launching Eataly in Paris. Nah ? Anyway.

Let’s GO !   You just saw it, they have an amazing selection of cheeses and fruits and vegetables, but I was personnaly very impressed by their selection of pasta. SO MANY PASTA ! Like, IT’S CRAZY ! And … OLIVE OIL ! Of course, olive oil ! Olive oil ! Olive oil ! Olive oil ! Oh my GOSH ! I’ve never see that much olive oil ! So also you don’t have to buy only from the shelves, you can also buy from the counters. There are several counters like pasta, panini and sandwiches  or pastries.

So you can buy lots of food in Eataly, that’s a fact 🙂 But you can also eat lots of good food there. There are many restaurants like for example the seafood restaurant, the vegetarian restaurant … There is a special dinning restaurant, there’s a great pizzeria at Eataly. Like really ! I’m a geek when it comes to pizza …

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And I saw theirs and they are SUPER LEGIT ! So YES, at the end I couldn’t resist the urge to just sit, relax and enjoy a glass of wine and a ball of fresh housemade mozarella ! I really like the atmosphere, the ambiance of sitting at the counter, watching the cooks do their stuff. The wine was very good. Pricy. Bu still very good.

The mozarella was fresh, soft ..Uhm, not very strong in terms of flavor, but very FRESH ! So, at the end of the day 3 questions. FIRST : Sould you go there ? I would say, ABSOLUTELY ! It’s a one of a kind experience, it’s beautiful so go there anytime ! SECOND : Should you buy stuff there ? Yes absolutely ! However … (There is a however) I would focus on the premium stuff. Not especially the most expensive stuff but the most uncommon stuff.

The thing you could hardly find somewhere else. Like for example the really specific pasta, or the very intricate olive oils. Third an final question : Sould you EAT there ? Umh, it’s a bit more tricky this one. It really depends of what you think about the place.

So, at the end, I think it’s a very enjoyable experience. A bit pricey but the price is only legitimate considering its scenery, its location, and the access you have to all those premium produces. So guys, that’s it ! I hope you enjoyed this tour of EATALY. If you did, then give it a thumb UP !  And share thare on you social media.

You know the deal spreaditlikebutter!   Share your opinion about this place ! Would it be like in the US or somewhere alse… … Just share you opinion about this place in the comments below. Last : people click subscribe ! ‘Cause I make new videos every week …

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And it’s mostly about sharing my food adventures. Like for example, the second episode of the NY flog where I shared with you my full absolute bagel experience. What a joy it was ! But also, you know : recipes ! As I know that Chrismas is around the corner … Those quick cheats recipes : sauces, salades and sides that I made last year ! Speaking about Christmas, there is a very special video coming this Sunday.

It’s gonna be super french and super EPIC ! In the meantime, take care ! Bye bye, salut !.

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